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Class of 238010.08 (Date of Graduation)


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:: smiles ::

I did mean my Academy class but the more the merrier. :)

:: takes the cork out of the celebration champagne ::

As no-one else has turned up yet, do you fancy a glass?

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:: pours out a couple more glasses, and eyes the five on the side waiting for the new Ensigns. ::

"Here you go, gentlemen."

:: passes a gladd to both Stevok and McCall. ::


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Alright I guess. Most of my time was spent fixing weapons and shields, monitoring three Cardassian ships and one Zibalian freighter that I found on sensors and giving Rhys my theory (which he said he'd guessed as well) that the Zibalian was probably controlling the whole thing, since we found out that he was masquerading as a Gul Ocett (who is actually a woman). If he wasn't masterminding the whole thing, why in the world was he the one talking to us? Anyway, it was fun, and the way we all put it together was making a really interesting story.

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so you Know Rhys then.

bearing in mind that my training went abit haywire.

lets see if i remember what happened.

ok there was me (HCO) a TAC and an engineer both the others aren't here, (as i said training went haywire)

anyway, we had klingon cult on board who were trying to kill everyone. and thats as far as it got.

by the end even our trainers were gone.

i sent an e-mail to the 'contact us' page about 2 months later and well here i am.

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Wow. Good thing you got here. We actually went through a graduation process. At the end of the sim, we had captured Cardassians that had gotten on board and Rhys was about to collapse from the disease.

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