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  1. ST: V. It was the worst movie ever...I fell asleep while watching it! Mind you when I watched Nemisis for the 24th time I fell asleep to.
  2. SFC111 stopped working as well. I loved that game.
  3. i've got: starfleet command III: pretty good startrek armada I and II: I = good, II = havn't played yet startrek bridge commander: from what i've played pretty good and i've played birth of the federation, i think it a brilliant game
  4. it has alot of info as well as uniforms, insigna and weapons plus a lot more.
  5. go to... http://www.starfleet-ssf.com/~avalon/database.htm
  6. in both VOY and TNG the female oficer's took there Jackets off. or at least un zipped them besides you get really hot in jumpsuits, i should know i wear them.
  7. isn't it the same as the guys. a undershirt, jacket and trousers?
  8. i like the new one, but i agree with reed, the old one was better.
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