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  1. Is it ironic that I don't like the desert?

  2. I like that. I often feel like an outcast, even among my own family. It hurts when I feel like I'm not liked, and I have to remember that I have beliefs that don't line up with theirs. I have things about me that they hate, and I'm constantly worried about stepping on toes or being diplomatic. But why? Why can't I just be me? If they don't like it, who cares? They aren't trying to not step on my toes or be diplomatic, either. Seeking true wisdom, searching out information. I always thought I'd go the way of intelligence, but I got into a rut. Perhaps, I should go that way again. Tha
  3. And that's what I get for not being fully awake. I'm going to pretend that "due" is a fancy spelling for "do" and not an entirely different word.
  4. The sigh passed swiftly and softly over the vast gray bulkheads. The Akira-class vessel listed sideways, her body torn open. A black starlit sky mercilessly ripped tiny hands clutching at her, and she cried out, a moan ripping through her core. Eileen sagged. Twin plumes of fire billowed and rolled, welcoming her tiny charge into its arms, and she felt a surge of power tremble through her torpedo tubes, eager for a small recompense. Energy pulsed through her veins. Eileen heaved her warp nacelles forward without success. Too much internal bleeding. Her bio-neural gel packs dripped slick
  5. But isn't that exactly what your signing on to when you agree to marry anyone in a military service even in this day and age. I'm not saying being faithful would be easy in that situation but marriage isn't about convenience. Just another side note on this point, in the case of deep space missions wouldn't it be possible to have your spouse posted on the same ship as yourself. Just as you would take your family aboard with you depending on the ship and captain's preference. Gotta agree with you there, Arden. In sickness and in health. In good times and in bad. But yes, you should be able t
  6. Loving these. Last one is my favorite, as well. Yeah, don't like the stripe either. I'm guessing that by this time, new variations on technology, uniforms, etc., would be very cool. A lot of the technology on the new Star Trek seems more advanced than even on our latest Next Generation movie. New uniforms would be a good start.
  7. Agreed. Being that I don't really believe in the possibility of a utopian future, at least from a Star Trek concept, I would definitely love to see a grittier Star Trek. I want to see war and disease and planet-wide evacuations. I want to see floating hospitals and refuge colonies. I want to see more hand to hand combat, and I would really love to stop seeing every species in outfits that aren't that varied from one another. How come we've never seen a species that wears tutus with combat boots? JK. It would be nice to see clothing, buildings, etc. that fall more into the lines of what
  8. I think it's a way to have marriage without the responsibility, love as a verb, and oneness that is supposed to come along with it. Unfortunately. Call me old-fashioned. Thank you.
  9. Right? And after the requested alotment of time, you can just say you want a divorce because the honeymoon phase is over, reality set in, and you realized marriage is HARD!
  10. (( Main Bridge, USS CRAZY HORSE)) :: Having received a distress call from the USS PROSPERO, their former adversary in a simulated war game, everything on the Bridge suddenly took a serious turn. The over-confident air vanished into a flurry of professionalism. :: Rocar: Ensign Obsidian, disengage all modified beams. Obsidian: Aye, Sir bringing weapons systems to full ready, might I also recommend Red or at least Yellow alert at this point? Rocar: Indeed, yellow alert and make it clear that this is no longer a drill. :: The tall Ktarian sat and watched the nebula ahead of them. 2 seconds passed
  11. (( Space, the Final Frontier )) ::The crew had gone and the Prospero had been tossed aside by an alien civilisation that for once, perhaps truly embodied the meaning of the word alien. Alone, she tumbled through the nebula on a careless trajectory. With no one to stop it, fire took hold in her innards. Flames licked up bulkheads and through conduits, explosions feeding the inferno, systems failing in a cascade of vibrant colours. Alarms screamed in vain, begging for an answer, until they too were silenced by the blaze. ::The gases parted like liquid gold washing over the hull when she finally
  12. ((Crazyhorse Corridor)) ::He chimed at her quarters, nervously shifting back and force. Pace away, pace back. No response, so he chimed again. Paced away. Paced back. A third chime.:: SHELA: Alright, already. Come in. ::The door slid open, and he came face to face with Petty Officer SHELA, clad in a white bathrobe with a towel wrapped around her hair.:: SHELA: Hello, Ash. What is it? ASH: You're ... you're gorgeous. SHELA: Goodbye, Ash. ::She stepped away and let the door slide shut; Ash caught it with his hand, stopping the door from closing.:: ASH: No, that's ... that's not what I'm here for
  13. ((Corridor)) ::Kyros made it part way back to his quarters .... well. Back in the direction that he assumed his quarters were, as far as he could tell. Midway, he came across someone watching a news broadcast on one of the hallway panels. He stopped for a moment out of curiosity.:: MARG: Askade Cha'par was murdered on the Federation Starbase 118, on stage in the middle of a performance after an explosion of the plasma conduits that fed the pyrotechnics. Two Starfleet Officers were caught backstage, moments after they had activated the device that caused the explosion. ::The image changed, show
  14. ((Solok's Personal Quarters, USS Tiger)) Solok: Computer, begin personal message number 77-X-010-Alpha. ::The computer chirped acknowledgment. :: Solok: Major Reed ... Sakorra ... It is me. Solok. Your husband. ::Break.:: I communicate to you from my personal quarters aboard the USS Tiger, under the command of Captain Sidney Riley. I am uncertain what information pertaining to my new assignment you already possess, and ask pardon for any unnecessary repetition. I have been posted to the Tiger as Chief Medical Officer and, after my extended and officially unexplained absence from duty, have bee
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