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Found 10 results

  1. WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT For this year, we tasked all our artists with representing what they, or their characters, consider being "Home", and to do so within the confines of the Star Trek universe. "Home" We have two submission categories: Digital and Non-Digital. Our judges have pondered and deliberated over the beautifully crafted entries submitted for the StarBase 118: Graphic Contest 2022, and we can now reveal the winners are... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Digital Winner Kivik smashed it out of the park with their rendition of what home means to an officer onboard Amity Station. Not only did Kivik achieve this with some showstopping pizzaz (check out that Defiant-class!) but also managed to make it feel like everyone is welcomed into the chaotic party. Fantastic presentation for the contest and an astounding well done! Our judges had this to say: Non-Digital Winner A really surprising non-digital entry from Ikaia Wong has clinched the top spot for this category! Themes of home come through not only in the jigsaw representation of Wong's home city but also peeking through the underlayer of stars is the outline of Amity Outpost. This imaginative and creative piece if beautifully put together and throughout deserves the accolades! Our judges had this to say: All our fantastic entries will be displayed on the contest gallery page, with special features of the winners on our DeviantArt social media. You can find all of the entries on our forums here including all of the non-competing entries submitted for fun and stretching those creative muscles. Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest this year! Roll on 2023!
  2. We are proud to present you a brand new... StarBase 118: Graphic Contest! After a long hiatus, we are back on a yearly basis! In this contest, we recognize the amazingly talented artists we have among our membership. Anyone can join, no matter the level of artistry. The theme of this round is: "Home" Home is where the heart is. What does home mean to your character and you? Is it a location, a person, a feeling or an activity? None or all of the above? Show us through your art! We have two submission categories: Digital and Non-Digital. Both categories will have a winner and runner up who will receive a badge. You could participate in any of them, but not in both. Entries will be displayed on the contest gallery page of all entries, with special features of the winners on our DeviantArt social media. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES The theme must be included, it's the challenge. The submitted work has to be done by you and created for this contest (no previous works). You can use stock images and the like and put them together, but the final work must have your stamp on it and should be clearly derivative from the stock used. Any kind of graphic style is allowed. You can paint, use 3D renders, mix different source images, make collages, animations, draw, manipulate photos, make a video, cross stitch etc. as long as the final work is yours and originally created for the contest. If you do a non-digital piece, make sure to photograph/scan it to display it in the forum. Everyone can submit one piece of work. You don’t need to be part of the Image Collective or any other taskforce to participate: everybody is welcome to do so! The image must be recognisably within the Star Trek universe, yet, please do not use canon characters of the Star Trek series. Please add your name (your primary character which we identify you with) in the lower corner as a signature. Image size: At least 1200x630 pixels (either horizontal or vertical, by your choice, but images bigger than this minimum are encouraged) To submit the image, start a new thread in this contest forum with your primary character name, that way we do not have to dig for it and tag it with 'graphics contest 2022' Eager to get started? Your mind full of images that want out? Well then ready, set, GO! Submission deadline is February 28th 2022 If you have any questions, please post them here. Who knows, someone else might have the same!
  3. Deck 05 - RM 0207 - Home Sweet Home *Edited title per contest rules. Sorry about that.
  4. Representing Team Traditional mediums is well ME! (It's making me upload pics one at a time here so bear with me.) Anyways, the medium in use in this mixed media piece are as follows: - Pencil and paper - Black and white paint - Exactly one puzzle (Springbok's "Aloha, Honolulu!") - Far too many space ship meeples (Tiny Epic Galaxies) - A perfectly unreasonable amount of special dice (Star Trek Adventures Challenge Dice both Fed and Klingon) - One itty bitty gob of Utack While Ikaia always considers Honolulu his home, he also considers his crew, his Starfleet family, as part of his Ohana (family in the Hawaiian sense). He has been willing to follow them wherever they may go including the jump from the USS Veritas in the Shoals to Amity Outpost in the Delta Quadrant.
  5. YouCut_20220301_094752760.mp4 J wanted to share it, not my best work however. (Twas rushed, ect.) And its a video so i could dial back the photo quality to fit :S
  6. This entry is just for fun and not competing. Consisting of different parts of 8 different pictures and snippets. It was a lot of fun. Excited to see all the entries!
  7. "Omne solum forti patria est, ut piscibus aequor,ut volucri vacuo quicquid in orbe patet." (Every land is a homeland for the courageous man, as water is a homeland for the fish, as everything that lies open in the airy circle of the sky is a homeland for the bird.) -Ovid, the Fasti
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