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  1. So as a somewhat younger member to the Trek fandom. My opinions may be different than others, as I didn’t start watching the show till I was older. I should state I’m in my early twenties. I have seen everything but all of the Star Trek Enterprise series so I have a good grasp on the universe. That being said I have talked to a lot of people that have negative things to say about the newest shows Discovery and Picard. And this is where my discussion begins. As a huge fan of Star Wars for example I see the hatred of the newest movies. I understand some of it was disappointing, but if your a true fan you still find something to love the show/movie by in my honest opinion. So when it come to Discovery I remember the biggest complaint I heard being “It’s just not the Trek I know.” True it wasn’t like the shows from years ago. It had a modern look. Or to quote someone “It looked to advanced.” Uhhh wait I’m sorry, but this is the future and from what I know things are supposed to be advanced. Yes, back in the day the LCARS DisplayFusion was considered futuristic, but now with the graphics they have people say it’s too much? I truly don’t get it. There’s more reasons I heard such as “Section 31 shouldn’t have been implemented, that ship is ridiculous, the whole story is stupid. Those are just a few reasons I heard. Picard even more so. I personally found highs and lows about the shows, but that’s the same with the ones everyone knows. So I guess my real question is why have people lost their love for the show just because things have changed? Some of it to reflect the universe as it should be and of course some that we could live without. As I stated above though if your a true fan shouldn’t you be able to find something that you love regardless? The shows can’t truly be so bad that it would make you not still love the franchise of old. So why can’t people find things about the new shows to like?
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