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  1. Time for a Dag edition. I like the idea that you can tell how long someone has been in engineering by how beaten down their spirit is. I can't decide if this reminds me more of Laurel and Hardy, the Mark Brothers or the Three Stooges. I choose to believe it's not actually supposed to be a "potted" plant, and a lot of things have just been explained. Yup, confirmed.
  2. I love that Saveron emulates emotions according to a set of instructions.
  3. I can't articulate why this makes me so happy, but it does.
  4. Karl Urban does a near spot-on impression of DeForest Kelley, which is really what I want from anyone playing McCoy.
  5. ((Corridors just outside the Intel offices)) ::Outside the intel office sector, officers and crew members alike were roaming the corridors, weaving past each other as they tried to reach their destination. Akoni was surprised that she had yet to bump into anyone as officers zipped past her in speeds that could be considered reckless. As she rounded a corner, she found that most of the holodecks were unoccupied, as determined by the green light that hung above most of the sliding doors. The final door at the end of the hallway would do, since people would probably avoid accidentally
  6. ((Charlotte Farnsworth's New Quarters - Deck 4, Cabin 46J, USS Constitution-B)) =/\= Charlotte Farnsworth's Personal Log: Stardate: 239305.26 Having visited Doctor Foster and obtained my prescribed treatment, for the barbarism suffered by the hand of untrained Starfleet meddler's, I find my body to be healing at a most acceptable rate. I have taken the time now to settle in to my new quarters. Though it will be several days before I am medical fit to return to duty as the schools literature teacher, I find that I am actually hating the down time. I have never managed vo
  7. Welcome! Hope you enjoy training. How'd you hear about us? One of your current players told me about the game and I thought it sounded like fun.
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