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  1. Unfortunately I'm in the ' what was that ???' Camp. It would take to long and no doubt would bore to many people to start putting down what I didnt like. So instead I'll just put down what i did like. - The scenes with Riker and Troi That about sums it up.
  2. While i cant add much to the Santiago Cabreras debate of needing three rather than one, i would have to say that at them moment he is the best actor on the show, im excluding Riker and Troi as their guests rather than full time cast. However so far the scenes with Picard/Riker/Troi to me have been the best in the whole series. I am left wondering if the people that wrote the script had ever scene any Trek before, for me the show hasn't got any better, which is such a shame.
  3. I think I may be the only one on here that didnt like them, but I'm waiting to see what the future episodes hold.
  4. If Logan knew what you meant Raga he'd probably agree lol seriously to all those mentioned your example is what the rest of us look up to and keep going forward with our own writing Congratulations and Thank you all
  5. congratulations and mahosive three cheers to each and every one of your for all the work that you do for all of us and the us to come
  6. I cant add much to the discussion as i've found the whole show from season 1 episode one to be annoying and badly written I cant think of a single story that i've been a part of or have read that Discovery would be above Don't know if its just me but i've lost any real interest in watching any more of it, sadly
  7. Problem is they only care about it due to the money it makes. But they cant see that any/all fan made films wont detract from Films at all Ahhhh...money
  8. Congratulations to everyone awarded and nominated. To see the spread of these and all the other awards across all the 'ships' shows how fortunate we all are to have people such as these to look to. But then I am biased woo hoo Darwin lol
  9. Well done, congratulations and thank you for the work you put in that we don't see but benefit from daily. 'Given to a command officer who shows great diplomatic ability in working with members and staff.' I can vouch for that when first aboard the Darwin and on the receiving end of such ability :-)
  10. A year already .... Congratulations to all who have stayed around to guide all of us young and raw recruits
  11. Being on the Darwin i count myself extremely fortunate to have both Captain Renos and Commander Traenor to learn from, and can vouch for the ability and grace even when being tested (whoops). To everyone else the strength in depth clearly shows how good this group really is Congratulations to all
  12. Congratulations to all those that won the awards, but also to all those that were nominated its combined standards that push everyone to be better how and what they write. Other than the Darwin crew :-) I've only simmed with Captain Waltas briefly but to be placed in such high company is an honour indeed thank you Woo Hoo to the Darwin :-)
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