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  1. I couldn't decide. I loved all the ideas. Although Star Trek: The Musical would be the best.
  2. I've always wanted to check out Argelia. Supposedly the 2nd most popular vacation site after Risa.
  3. Kudos to all of you. You all do a wonderful job a playing a fun well rounded character.
  4. Congratulations! Without you, this place would not be the place it is. It certainly wouldn't be the place I stayed for so long. You all rock it.
  5. The ultimate crime. They are going to regret that.
  6. Nice job everyone. It's great to see my nominees get what they deserve. A good thing. Really.
  7. Thanks for that. Had to hover all over the thing until the bottom right corner. Hopefully I'll remember for next time.
  8. So that is who we have to blame for this?
  9. Very tricky question. Was the copy created on the other ship or the original? Both are alive. But who has the right to continue the life path. Particularly if there is no way to determine who the copy is.
  10. Actually the entire post had me in stitches. And I get a reminder of how hilarious Ryan was right from the beginning.
  11. What really happened when Joseph got to the bridge:
  12. I realize that this was a lot more labor intensive for the staff, but I actually enjoyed it this year. In the past I'd see the announcement, read the wiki page with a "that's nice" and move on. This inspired much more interest from me enough to make sure I dropped into the forums every day. Being able to throw in congrats on the different sections was kinda fun. We got a little cross-ship interactions. Even the Red carpet thread was kinda fun.
  13. I think I would have loved to have been visiting for the Tribble Mission.
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