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  1. I know what you mean. I wish they'd make non-shooting based Trek games again, as I am an old, old man who fondly remembers being introduced to Star Trek through Star Trek: 25th Anniversary and Judgment Rites for the PC. Soon enough, Star Trek will be celebrating its 50th anniversary which just blows my senile mind (when I remember to worry about it). I was hoping they'd make something for the Wii, and latterly Kinect360 and PS3Move, where I could use the Wiimote (or whatever) as a tricorder-control and point-and-shoot phaser (when rarely required) along those same exploration-adventure game lines. Alas... P.S. Yes I did also play A Final Unity but my copy was insanely bugged.
  2. Initial trailer here: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2011-06-10-star-trek-preview
  3. Tanjar-Ongra

    MAY/JUN fire of the heart

    Think it still needs a little polish, Mac.
  4. Nope, nothing to do with TANJ - just serendipitous. :)

  5. I am curious: Is the first part of your name a reference to TANJ?


  6. You can use this thread to put your questions more widely too:

  7. As for technobabble, think about what makes Top Gear watchable. If I tell you a car has a multitonic transmission linked directly to 4 torque computers in each wheel, does that make you want to drive it? Or is seeing it do a tight turn really sweetly, with accompanying narration the important thing?

    Treknobabble by itself is usually a bad idea, unless its something everyone easily un...

  8. Hi - I think you need a separate wiki-login (as opposed to the forum login) to use the wiki and amend your page, but I use the same account details.

  9. As for the Engineering part, still reading through the SB 118 Wiki and learning, however, what is better? techno babble when things are supposed to sound difficult or complex or lighter explainations so it doesn't get to heavy on the reader?

  10. Hi,

    I wanted to ask a few things. If I want to edit my Wiki Bio, do I have to create an account or may automatically login with my sb 118 name and PW.

  11. What? Work? You didn't tell me about work!?!

  12. Now the real work begins.

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