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  1. HAVE YOUR SAY: The Candidates at the Caucus The Issue: At the recent Berengaria Caucus, three of the four Presidential Candidates joined by newcomer Anari Kthria participated in the noted Presidential Panel, giving the Federation a snapshot of their views on many different issues. With domestic issues like the Federation Transport Union Strike and Starfleet reform taking precedence alongside foreign policy debates like hypothetical Klingon expansion and just what direction the Federation should take as it approaches the 25th century. While some candidates agreed on some issues, they often d
  2. Berengaria Caucus ends, presidential candidates speak By Lara Senekal Stardate 239210.08 This year's Berengaria Caucus closed with a Presidential Panel attended by four candidates, with Anari Kthria, the Chief of Staff of Trill, making her surprise announcement for her own bid for the presidency. BERENGARIA VII – The main event of the Berengaria Caucus took place earlier today with the Presidential Panel featuring three of the four established major candidates thus far and a surprise announcement of a fifth candidate, Anari Kthria of Trill. "As we approach the 25th century, now is a good
  3. No actual timechange and yet I'm mysteriously hit by jet lag...

  4. *tries not to show her linguaphile nature* I've already picked up as much Rihannsu and Vulcan as one can so I chose Bajoran, which sounds wonderfully liturgical from what we've heard from it.
  5. Anen


    I just finished watching it and other than falling victim to the postmodern "dark, gritty, everything is morally grey" clichés, the film spends way, way too much time explaining things instead of delivering narrative and emotion which is often a symptom of some fan productions. It spends too much time laying down a fanon than telling an actual Star Trek story.
  6. Shake-up in FNS leadership as editor-in-chief steps down By Tellaria D'Sol Stardate 239204.05 Following weeks of protest and backlash from the publication of Maquis Reborn leader Nikael Kalre's open letter, FNS editor-in-chief Reza Kardgar has stepped down. PARIS, EARTH — After weeks of protests, letter campaigns, and vilification in the media, Reza Kardgar, the editor-in-chief of the Federation News Service, announced today that he is stepping down. The change in leadership follows Kardgar's controversial decision to publish a letter by Maquis Reborn leader and terrorist Nikael Kalre
  7. HAVE YOUR SAY: Nikael Kalre's Open Letter The Issue: Two weeks ago the Federation New Service received an open letter from known terrorist and leader of the Maquis Reborn Nikael Kalre which spured a hot debate in the offices. Eventually Editor in Chief Reza Kardgar made the decision the publish the article with a short foreword from himself, over the strong objections of many staffers including notable columnist Maronida Shiir. Since that time Mr. Kardgar has been personally vilified in the press and media, despite framing the action as an exercise in free speech. Protestors have gathered out
  8. Protests continue outside FNS offices By Tellaria D'Sol Stardate 239203.12 The Federation News Service and its editor-in-chief Reza Kardgar have received strong backlash for the publication of an open letter by Maquis Reborn leader Nikael Kalre on the anniversary of the attack on Ohmallera, Betazed. PARIS, EARTH — Protests outside the Paris offices of the Federation News Service continued today, as protestors continue to demand the resignation of editor-in-chief Reza Kardgar and a formal apology from the news organization following their publication of Nikael Kalre’s open letter to the Fe
  9. ((Capitol City Heralokk, Mercadia III)) ::The cool night air swirled around her as she walked further away from the lights of the city with the rest of the group. Members of her family, along with other people from around the grouping who had come to Heralokk for the launch, moved further from the few lights that were left on so that their view of the sky would be better. Above them, the stars twinkled in the clear protective layer of their atmosphere.:: ::And all around, wonder danced from young to old. It was the dawn of the space age here on Le'wei; no one was willing to miss out on the f
  10. ((USS Excalibur - Deck 1 - Briefing Room)) Nicholotti: If there are any other questions, I will field them now. Otherwise, let's get to work. :: Cory got up quick got up and headed for the door. He wanted to get back to the helm and look over the information that was on his PADD. Since the ship was already on course and the ride is smooth, he could look it over at his leisure. :: oO Hmmmm, the Afehirr sector, the Mercadian system. Not much there. Something that can destroy a planet? It would take every starship in the galaxy. I will definitely have to get sometime in the holodeck to
  11. The Pen and The Sword: Maronida Shiir on Nikael Kalre Editorial by Maronida Shiir Stardate 239202.22 It would seem, that in the battle for free speech, my editors have found it prudent (against my strong objections) to publish an open letter by a known terrorist who has assassinated both foreign nationals and good Starfleet officers. In recognition of their sacrifices, the Federation News Service published an article by the madman who claimed their lives, giving him an open forum and aiding and abetting his crimes by trying to rationalize them. Since this is all about ‘free speech’ I found it
  12. President embattled and candidates emboldened By Lara Senekal Stardate 239202.18 Federation President Nan Bacco's approval rating has fallen in recent weeks, especially in regards to her handling of the Federation Transport Union strike. PARIS, EARTH — It seems the superlative 'Most Popular' has been stripped from President Nanietta Bacco. In a detailed poll released this week, only 11% approved of her handling of the current Federation Transport Union crisis, with 55% disapproving and 33% undecided. While her overall poll numbers remain high, the polls on the individual issues and current cr
  13. Startrek.com just released a list of the greatest Star Trek novels for a new reader, I'll dig it up... Here! http://www.startrek.com/article/ten-for-ward-ten-star-trek-novels-for-the-new-star-trek-novel-reader
  14. Terraformers seek foreign alliance By Lara Senekal Stardate 239202.10 The legendary city of Matok, the capital of Ellussia and the Ahl Republic, rarely seen by outsiders. MATOK, ELLUSSIA — The Ahl, famous for not only their neutrality and terraforming prowess but also their steep decline as a galactic power after the rise of the Federation, have made a surprising announcement this morning as their empress declared that her people's former neutrality was no more and that they would welcome an alliance with a foreign power. "Today we stand at the dawn of a new age for the Republic," said the E
  15. I like the classic TOS Enterprise. I mean have you seen that thing in CGI or in more recent Star Trek art? AMAZING! I love the classics...
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