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  1. HAVE YOUR SAY: The Candidates at the Caucus The Issue: At the recent Berengaria Caucus, three of the four Presidential Candidates joined by newcomer Anari Kthria participated in the noted Presidential Panel, giving the Federation a snapshot of their views on many different issues. With domestic issues like the Federation Transport Union Strike and Starfleet reform taking precedence alongside foreign policy debates like hypothetical Klingon expansion and just what direction the Federation should take as it approaches the 25th century. While some candidates agreed on some issues, they often diverged and the FNS would like to know which candidate you feel you could support in the wake of the Caucus. The Poll will be closed and your vote will remain anonymous, but you are free to comment on why you support your chosen candidate. In the spirit of the caucus, please keep all comments respectful. Read more about the Election & The Berengaria Caucus:Berengaria Caucus ends, candidates speakBajoran author Pela Zhor speaks at opening of Berengaria Caucus For more on the course of the election, please refer to the FNS' dedicated election coverage Election 2392: The Road to ParisAs with all FNS stories, your comments on the current situation are welcome below. FNS Home FNS Forum FNS Data Feed FNS on FB Join the FNS Team
  2. Berengaria Caucus ends, presidential candidates speak By Lara Senekal Stardate 239210.08 This year's Berengaria Caucus closed with a Presidential Panel attended by four candidates, with Anari Kthria, the Chief of Staff of Trill, making her surprise announcement for her own bid for the presidency. BERENGARIA VII – The main event of the Berengaria Caucus took place earlier today with the Presidential Panel featuring three of the four established major candidates thus far and a surprise announcement of a fifth candidate, Anari Kthria of Trill. "As we approach the 25th century, now is a good time for us to consider new ways to make sure we can continue our mandate of exploration of the galaxy while upholding the ideals of the Federation," said Kthria during her announcement speech. Excellency Kthria has served as Trill's Chief of Staff since 2377. She along with Ambassador Lily Ventu, Governor Adellia Vor and Councilor Kevin Steiner all participated in a debate on issues concerning the Federation and beyond. For nearly two hundred years the Berengaria Caucus has been an arena for the exchange of ideas and the discussion of the most important issues of the day. During election years, the Presidential Panel is held at the close of the Caucus and is the first event where all major candidates are presented to the Federation at large on an equal footing.This year’s panel was moderated by the legendary Maronida Shiir, who took the various candidates to task in her usual style, asking hard hitting questions on a wide variety of topics from holographic rights to Cardassian foreign policy. The Ambassador, The Visionary Lily Ventu, former Starfleet Officer and Federation Ambassador Ambassador Lily Ventu is a woman with impressive credentials. A former Starfleet Officer with a background in both the mental and physical sciences with several decorations therein. Also a Command-level officer and former Captain of Starbase 118, Ambassador Ventu first emerged on the interstellar stage when she resigned her commission to play a role in the formation of the Thracian Alliance. Afterwards, Ventu ran to replace Kasumi Shakaturi as Earth’s junior Councilor after she died in office and was narrowly defeated by Malcom von Tesch. Since then she has been something of a celebrity in diplomatic and foreign policy circles. In three years she has handled over thirty first contact situations and her influence as Ambassador-at-Large to the Galactic West is widely felt in the Menthar Corridor. Astrofori One, while coming to a rocky start, has proven a success thus far. Future prospect for Federation development in the region, along with continuing peaceful relations with the neighboring powers, are largely thanks to her. Having a Starfleet and foreign policy background is certainly an unusual combination in a Presidential Candidate and many have been wondering if Ambassador Ventu can bring the same type of vision that helped her form two major interstellar initiatives to the Federation proper. During the Panel, Ambassador Ventu highlighted her accomplishments, but did not rely on them and voiced her opinions on every topic raised. Having spent several years along the Federation-Klingon border, Ambassador Ventu offered a unique, hands-on experience on Federation-Klingon relations: "Since the Khitomer Accords, the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire have been staunch allies, the evidence of which is plentiful in the decades since -- from Ambassador, then Captain, Jean-Luc Picard serving as the Empire's Arbiter of Succession to our wartime alliance in opposing the Dominion. The way forward, then, is neither to respond to rattling sabers nor by rattling our own. Only peaceful dialogue and diplomatic congeniality can sustain our long friendship, as they have since the Accords and as they will continue to do as the Federation and the Empire learn and grow together." More a dove than a hawk, Ambassador Ventu continued her diplomatic language when speaking on the possibility of renewed Tholian expansion. "Never has the time been more ripe for productive conversations between the Tholian Assembly and the United Federation of Planets. The recently reopened diplomatic missions to Earth, Vulcan, and Andor, as well as the Tholian Embassy currently serving Astrofori One, demonstrate for us that the Assembly, or at least some within it, are as interested in discourse as we are. We must appeal to these elements as we encounter the Tholians, as their expansion marks an exciting time for the Assembly, a sign that the political factions that favored insularity may have been supplanted by other, more liberal voices." While if anyone could finally bring the Tholians into the fold, it would be Ambassador Ventu, many wonder if the Assembly’s knee-jerk expansionist tendencies and isolationist mantras can be curbed. Ambassador Ventu did not shy away from criticizing President Bacco on her deal to end the Federation Transport Union strike and her strong words and tone surprised many. "Privatization to please the interests of individual corporations and commercial entities flies very much in the face of the nationalized, egalitarian framework that have successfully supported the United Federation of Planets for two centuries. While President Bacco must be commended for her part in amicably ending the Federation Transport Union strike, I feel very strongly that she used the wrong methods to do so. I do not cling to our ideology hollowly, either; the openness and equality that have been rooted so deeply in the running of bodies like the Federation Transport Union must remain so if we are to have a Federation that we recognize and can continue to cherish." With her reputation as a deal-maker, a forger of alliances, but also someone with the right Starfleet background, Ambassador Ventu certainly has appeal to a wide variety of voters though many question if she is ready to take on the monumental task of leading the Federation without any previous administrative experience. With the Alpha Quadrant showing some signs of instability though, a great diplomat, a great peacemaker, may be just what the Federation needs. One thing is for sure though, Ambassador Ventu is a visionary with several success stories behind her and a keen eye for the flow of history that is not to be underestimated. The Governor, The Builder Adellia Vor, Governor of the planet Axanar Young, beautiful and immensely popular on her homeworld of Axanar and throughout the Federation core worlds, Governor Adellia Vor is a symbol to many of the Federation’s youngest citizens about what can be achieved at any age if one has the will. Elected to the governorship of the economically important Federation world at the age of 30, Vor is both the youngest and first Human governor elected. Running on a progressive and politically asymmetrical platform of multi-culturalism, economic growth and job creation, Governor Vor has exceeded even her own mandates in just two years in office. Axanar’s economic growth has been in the double digits for two years, replicating the startling economic growth she instigated in the polities where her electoral list Patash Molok was in government. The woefully lopsided growth compared to other areas of Axanar was noted and four years later, she and her party washed over Axanar in an election known as the Blue Wave. During her time in office, Governor Vor has “pruned” the Axanari government and its institutions of ineffective policies, inept administrators and cut a swath through the bureaucracy for a lean and efficient political machine that has allowed a river of credits to flow into the system. Her most controversial decision, but now regarded as a success story, was the partial nationalization of the Axanar Fleet Yards. Streamlining the administration of the Fleet Yards, growth has been tremendous since the Yards started fulfilling private contracts, even more so than during Axanar’s heyday from 2250-2350. Using these new funds and resources, Governor Vor has expanded the building and reform program begun in Varia-Nueva Alajuela to the entire planet, building vast amounts of infrastructure and reforming the education system. With a strong economic and administrative background, Governor Vor is certainly a natural choice but in an election where foreign policy is taking a lead and experience is key, Governor Vor has tried to present herself as wise beyond her years. Speaking on her own experiences with nationalization and privatization, while highlighting her own successes, Governor Vor refused to criticize President Bacco’s deal. "Nationalization and privatization are two very powerful tools in any government's tool set. On Axanar, I instituted several initiatives that mixed both processes to maximize efficiency along with job and economic growth. The nationalization of the fleet yards was a very arduous process though and the process of privatizing mining contracts opened up a lot of unknowns. It is the duty of any administrator, any government, any leader, to foster cooperation between the concerned parties and reassure the electorate that they are still in control of the situation. This deal took a very long time to iron out and I think any deal that stopped this destructive strike is a good deal.” Governor Vor also spoke on Klingon Expansion and the general expansion of any other power, voicing opinions on foreign policy issues she has not had to face on Axanar. "For the past twenty years there have been policy experts saying that the mentality among the Klingon leadership is 'expand or die' as a response to perceived cultural and military stagnation. Since the Klingons rarely integrate planets peacefully any expansion should be treated as a worrisome development but the reaction must be tempered. The President of the Federation needs to leverage the diplomatic, economic and cultural capital that the Khitomer Accords have afforded our two great interstellar bodies to see that Klingon expansion does not threaten the relationship we have worked so hard to build.” Like Ambassador Ventu, Governor Vor favors keeping the peace, but puts more emphasis on political and economic ties than pure diplomacy, though many wonder if economic ties matter to the Klingons or anyone else. When pressed on the issue of imperialism and whether she would go to war to prevent it, she had only this to say. "That would depend on the nature of the situation." A woman noted for her grand plans, Governor Vor also spoke plainly about her vision for the 25th century. "Vision is a word we should talk about a lot in this election, and the elections to come. After nearly fourteen years of a Bacco Presidency I think many of us are yearning for a fresh take on politics, on our democracy, our values, a lot of things. I'm not saying President Bacco did a bad job but I think the past four years have definitely felt stagnant for a lot of people and stagnation breeds all kinds of ills. I would like to see a grand enlargement of the Federation. I would like to see the fostering of new ideas and new interpretations of old ones. I think the 25th century could be just as great a time for the Federation as the 22nd. Advances in warp technology have been few and the frontier has shrunk because of it. Now with new territories opening up, we would be fools not to cease the initiative out there, while promoting growth and an intellectual Renaissance at home. And we should build! Build roads, build buildings, build ships, build cities, build institutions, build things people haven’t yet conceived of yet. I think the people of the Federation need to feel a sense of accomplishment and fight the feeling of stagnation by showing them that the task of building our great civilization is not yet done. We should constantly have a hammer in hand building new things, if not improving old ones. Just because something is the way it is now, does not mean must always be this way.” The Councilor, The Hawk Kevin Steiner, the senior Federation Councilor from Terra Nova Long time Federation Councilor for Terra Nova, Kevin Steiner has been a fixture of Federation politics for decades. Conservative and hawkish on foreign policy, Councilor Steiner is often quoted in the media when Federation interests are threatened or relations between other powers break down. His famous "crows" speech in 2373 on the Council floor where he passionately declared that "the crows have come home to roost" as the Dominion War broke out made him a household name and is still quoted by others to express the political naiveté some in the Federation have about the galaxy we live in. Like many other candidates, Councilor Steiner has also put a strong emphasis on service and responsibility and has used these past assertions against “baseless” accusations that he is an isolationist. Councilor Steiner himself served in the Peace Corps for six years before returning to his homeworld of Terra Nova and says he has a deep appreciation for other cultures, though says that we must not be blind to the ambitions of other powers. He has also fought for the admission of several of the more controversial recent member worlds, including Bajor and has repeated time and again that diversity is the Federation’s greatest strength and continued cultural diffusion is the only way that the Federation grows and becomes greater. Councilor Steiner is also a noted supporter of Starfleet and other service organizations. Many accuse him of being militant and overly aggressive but he maintains that “exploration” should not be an excuse not to defend the Federation’s borders. He has long been a critic of President Bacco and President Inyo before her over their perceived weaknesses in dealing with other powers. With some of his words prophetic in the wake of the Dominion War, the Hobus Incident and the Klingon Invasion, it appears that his once “reactionary” and “extreme” views now have a base in the electorate that is to some degree tired of non-starter shows of strength. While he says the right things, the experienced legislator is known for being a bit long winded and not carrying the same dynamic presence his competitors have. Painting himself as a sort of different politician however, Councilor Steiner says his use of “real words for real policies” should be taken as a positive. Such as when he spoke at the Panel on President Bacco’s handling of the Transport Union strike. "I'm not about to pat the President on the back for this supposed solution, especially when it's been her poor stewardship of our Starfleet that has led us to this act of desperation. I and other concerned councilors have been saying for years now that we simply do not have enough ships for Starfleet's mandate. Some have accused me of being a militant, but I'm not just talking about defense. Starfleet's exploratory division is a fraction of what it was even five years ago. It's simple math: if you have to reassign ships back to patrol duties, that's fewer ships out on the frontier." He also spoke on his chosen cause of foreign policy, giving harsh words for those who think that peace is an easy thing to maintain. "Whether it's the Klingons, Tholians, or Romulans, whoever takes office next year in Paris must understand that both our enemies and allies ultimately respect one thing: strength. Let's take the Tholians, for instance. The layman's analysis is that their xenophobia means that if we stay out of their space, they'll stay out of ours. And yet this ignores history, where time after time, the "isolated" Tholians have gone out and annexed surrounding territory. They are opportunists, and if we're not careful, they'll continue to encroach on our interests." Councilor Steiner ended with a side of him few people get to see or remember, a man who is deeply appreciative and supportive of the Federation’s diversity. Speaking on his vision for the 25th century, he had this to say. "I talk so often about foreign policy and defense that I think sometimes people forget that's not only why I'm running. This election is about the soul of our Federation as we move towards the next century. Just in the last one hundred years, we have seen countless challenges our forefathers would have never imagined. We faced total annihilation from the Borg and the Dominion. Thankfully, the solid foundation laid in place in government by those past leaders--and the sacrifice of so many in Starfleet--enabled us to weather those crises. Yet despite the numerous innovations and cultural achievements across all our member worlds, I'd argue the advances in technology and society from 2161 to 2261 were a lot greater than from 2261 to 2361. I think part of that has been the centralization and homogenization of many Federation agencies. As President, I will encourage greater cultural exchanges among our members and allies. Our strength has always been in our diversity, that we are greater than one solar system and one species." The Administrator, The Crusader Narala, the Chief Administrator of Nimbus III While declining to be at the Caucus, citing her commitment to both her own world of Nimbus III and “action, rather than words”, Chief Administrator Narala is still very much in the running for the Presidency. A woman with firm convictions and an unquenchable drive to get things done, Chief Administrator Narala turned the infamously lawless and failed colony of Nimbus III into something its people could be proud of. Once the poster child of a failed planetary society, muttered in the same breath as Turkana IV, Nimbus III is now thriving, if in the early stages of development. Fighting corruption at every level, the road has been long and hard for once the only honest politician on the planet but Chief Administrator Narala has taken it in stride. She has worked tirelessly to transform her planet at every level and it appears to be working. It hasn’t been without its hiccups however, the Chief Administrator’s legal decisions were notably called into question several months ago but she has brushed off these allegations just like she brushed off the allegations that she is unable to run for President. Out of all the candidates, Chief Administrator Narala has had to work the hardest to get people to trust her. Virtually unknown, half-Romulan and leader of a planet that most people are unaware has changed for the better, Narala has had to fight an upward battle throughout the entire election cycle. She maintains that this is just another battle among many and she remains undaunted by the challenges stacked against her. A lifetime of service to the people, fighting gangsters, corrupt officials and pirates has given her a thick skin and she has rolled with the punches. The Negogiator, The Federalist Anari Kthria, the Chief of Staff of Trill When Anari Kthria, the Chief of Staff for Trill, asked to join the Presidential Panel, no one suspected this would be a prelude to making her own bid for the office. While a Candidate declaring late in the race and at the Caucus no less, has been done before (most notably by Chelia of Catia in the early 24th century), Anari Kthria was not the woman pollsters picked as a dark horse candidate. For the past fifteen years, Anari Kthria has served as the Chief of Staff for Trill's government, a non-partisan position amongst Trill's sometime factious parliamentary politics. Akin to a non-executive or ceremonial President, the only mandate the Chief of Staff has is serving as a national unifying figure and is often the one to conduct negotiations with other powers, be they Federation members or not. Most of these dealings were conducted with fellow Federation members in the Kalandra Sector, a diverse grouping of polities that has been in flux since the Dominion War. When she started serving as Chief of Staff, Excellency Kthria tried to be a voice in the storm amongst many worlds who desired preferential treatment in reconstruction resources. To facilitate a better allocation of resources, she established the Kalandra Reconstruction Authority, a Sector agency which controlled the flow of reconstruction materials into the sector. It was perhaps here, where Excellency Kthria formed her opinions on Federalism and the need for a more centralized administration in the Federation. Proposing sweeping reforms of the Federation and on Starfleet, Excellency Kthria proposes setting up Sector governments and more sector versus planetary commands, designed to facilitate rapid response and a more cohesive Federation government. Some see her proposed reforms as too extreme a reaction to recent crises and say that this would defeat the purpose of the Federation by marginalizing the various polities that it consists of. Excellency Kthria does not see it this way however and maintains that this would be a necessary evolution of the Federation and perhaps the first steps in establishing a common Sector or even Federation identity. While it is contested that these reforms are putting the cart before the horse, they are quite ambitious. As a woman who calls for unity, Excellency Kthria has taken a dim but somewhat sympathetic view of the Colonial Coalition. "It is regrettable that they feel the need to discuss remonstrance's with us. It may be us, it may be them, but I can imagine with the recent need of Starfleet to have to hire outside help - and one sincerely hopes that it's properly overseen - that we've began to outpace our ability to administrate and properly see to the safety and prosperity of our outlying colonies. " While remembering the Prime Directive, Excellency Kthria did express hope for the future of Inox in the wake of the recent revolution which has overthrown the allegedly corrupt central administration. "While I do not wish to overly comment on what is an Inoxian internal affair, I just hope that in their zeal, the new revolutionaries do not create a government worse than the old one." She has also been wary of the Klingon Empire, much more so than many of her fellow candidates. "I hope the accords we have reached with them start smoothing out the difficult relationship we have had since the fall of Romulus. I can't help but imagine something is going on behind the scenes." A woman with much to prove and little enough time to do it, time will tell if Excellency Kthria will add flavor to the election or go down in history as a candidate who was late to the start and last to the finish line. With the end of the panel, the election season is seen to have officially begun and the next three months will be a torrent of campaign events, speeches and press opportunities as the five candidates jockey for votes. Read More: Exclusive Election 2392 Coverage FNS Home • FNS Data Feed • FNS on FB
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  4. *tries not to show her linguaphile nature* I've already picked up as much Rihannsu and Vulcan as one can so I chose Bajoran, which sounds wonderfully liturgical from what we've heard from it.
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    I just finished watching it and other than falling victim to the postmodern "dark, gritty, everything is morally grey" clichés, the film spends way, way too much time explaining things instead of delivering narrative and emotion which is often a symptom of some fan productions. It spends too much time laying down a fanon than telling an actual Star Trek story.
  6. Shake-up in FNS leadership as editor-in-chief steps down By Tellaria D'Sol Stardate 239204.05 Following weeks of protest and backlash from the publication of Maquis Reborn leader Nikael Kalre's open letter, FNS editor-in-chief Reza Kardgar has stepped down. PARIS, EARTH — After weeks of protests, letter campaigns, and vilification in the media, Reza Kardgar, the editor-in-chief of the Federation News Service, announced today that he is stepping down. The change in leadership follows Kardgar's controversial decision to publish a letter by Maquis Reborn leader and terrorist Nikael Kalre on the fourth anniversary of the Ohmallera attack on Betazed. Veteran FNS reporter Lara Senekal will serve as interim editor-in-chief until a permanent replacement can be found. "I want to thank my family, my colleagues, and our readers who have expressed their support during this difficult time," said Kardgar from his office in Paris. "However, I've decided that both the FNS and I have become the center of attention, which is a sign that I can no longer lead the organization in its mission: to report the news, not become it." Kardgar responded to critics who had called the publication of Kalre's letter an insult both to those who had been killed by the Maquis Reborn and to members of Starfleet currently engaged in anti-terrorism operations. "Anyone who's followed my career or truly knows who I am knows I have the utmost respect for those who wear the uniform," he said. "Five years ago, my life and those of others left behind on Deep Space 17 during the Vaadwaur invasion were saved by the sacrifices of these brave men and women—sacrifices I witnessed firsthand. I am fortunate to count many members of Starfleet among my closest friends, and I have always admired the humility with which they serve. It has driven me to ensure their stories are told and their sacrifices never forgotten." "It has also driven me to stand by my own principles and convictions. Freedom of the press has always been integral to a free society, and I have never wavered from allowing our readers to have access to all voices and opinions, no matter how firmly we may disagree with them. To censor ourselves is to change who we are and tarnish the sacrifice of those who've fought to preserve our way of life, what we hold dear." A New Direction During his four year tenure as editor-in-chief, Kardgar was known for being objective but progressive and independently minded in his leadership of the news organization. Politics and the Federation at large were scrutinized, and no issue was off limits. This stands in stark contrast to his predecessor, Aimea Vostinael, who was widely criticized for censoring or tabling the stories of reporters she deemed too ‘sensitive’ or ‘damaging’. When Vostinael resigned in disgrace after the full extent of her censorship of FNS coverage during the Dominion War era that continued into the early 2380s was revealed, Reza Kardgar was unilaterally chosen by the board of the Federation News Service, to fill her place and restore trust in the organization, both among readers and journalists. A lack of consultation with many of the prominent journalists and editors from the Vostinael era led many to resign and split into two camps, the liberal Federation Dispatch and the conservative Citizen’s Post. Eventually most journalists and editors returned upon seeing that Kardgar was committed to an independent and multi-partisan FNS, where opinions from all sides of the issue were published. Once criticized as disjointed, this style of coverage later earned the FNS a number of honors and increased its readership dramatically after a lull in subscriptions following a widely held belief that it was no longer reporting the hard news. Changing of the Guard It would seem that reporting the ‘hard news’ and not subscribing to self-censorship got the better of the Kardgar era FNS in the end though. With the appointment of noted literary tour de force Lara Senekal as the interim editor-in-chief, many see that little is going to change in the way the FNS does things, and it might even become more committed to calling the galaxy to account. Whether Senekal’s appointment is permanent remains to be seen, but analysts say she’s certainly in the running, along with two other women: former Palais de la Concorde correspondent and politics editor Isabella Coronado, and entertainment editor Elvira van der Loop. All three women represent very different styles of reporting and personal journalistic philosophies, and many FNS readers are watching on the edge of their seats as the issue continues to be debated and analyzed on news shows and late night panels. FNS Home • FNS Forum • FNS Data Feed• FNS on FB • Join the FNS Team
  7. HAVE YOUR SAY: Nikael Kalre's Open Letter The Issue: Two weeks ago the Federation New Service received an open letter from known terrorist and leader of the Maquis Reborn Nikael Kalre which spured a hot debate in the offices. Eventually Editor in Chief Reza Kardgar made the decision the publish the article with a short foreword from himself, over the strong objections of many staffers including notable columnist Maronida Shiir. Since that time Mr. Kardgar has been personally vilified in the press and media, despite framing the action as an exercise in free speech. Protestors have gathered outside the FNS headquarters in Paris, which publishes the Core Edition, and have demanded a formal apology from the FNS and the resignation of Reza Kardgar. No official statement has been made by either Mr. Kardgar or the FNS but the topic continues to be debated across not only Federation News Service publications and broadcast, but the Federation media at large. Many in the Federation see the publication of a terrorist's open letter where he seeks to justify his actions as ghoulish and in poor taste, but Reza Kardgar and his supporters say they were only doing their duty as journalists and respecting the right to free speech and a free and open press. Read more about the crisis: To My Beloved: Heart Of OhmalleraEditorial: The Pen and The Sword: Maronida Shiir on Nikael KalreProtests continue outside FNS officesAs with all FNS stories, your comments on the current situation are welcome below. FNS Home • FNS Forum • FNS Data Feed• FNS on FB • Join the FNS Team
  8. Protests continue outside FNS offices By Tellaria D'Sol Stardate 239203.12 The Federation News Service and its editor-in-chief Reza Kardgar have received strong backlash for the publication of an open letter by Maquis Reborn leader Nikael Kalre on the anniversary of the attack on Ohmallera, Betazed. PARIS, EARTH — Protests outside the Paris offices of the Federation News Service continued today, as protestors continue to demand the resignation of editor-in-chief Reza Kardgar and a formal apology from the news organization following their publication of Nikael Kalre’s open letter to the Federation. Survivors of those killed in the Maquis Reborn’s campaign of terror were prominent fixtures today, making emotional speeches to the assembled masses. “My father’s voice was silenced and now his killer not only gets to go free, but gets his propaganda printed in the FNS,” Sallia Moore, daughter of Chief Warrant Officer Jacob Moore, said, fighting back tears. “It’s not right and it’s a spit in the face to everything my father believed in.” Not all reactions have been as emotional or explicitly negative, but the vast majority of public opinion puts the FNS’s decision to publish the letter in a negative light. Many have given tepid support to the principle under which it was published, that of free speech, but decry the publishing of a, some would say ‘one sided’, letter from an admitted terrorist to be ghoulish and in poor taste. Noted FNS columnist Maronida Shiir wrote an accompanying editorial decrying the decision to publish the letter and its contents. This action has once again cemented her place as the darling of the Federation media in the face of this backlash against her employers. "Nikael Kalre is a terrorist, a madman, who will go on killing with his merry band of thugs regardless of our own sympathies for him, regardless of how eloquent we find his letters of grief," wrote Shiir in her scathing response. "What should have been a footnote in history at best, is now an article to be laid bare for the entire Federation to see. He has tricked us, manipulated us, into false sympathy so that we may second guess our resolve." In the weeks since the letter’s publication there has been no direct or explicit word from Reza Kardgar over the decision to publish the letter, considered to be a grave misstep by many. “It’s absolutely unthinkable that he hasn’t grabbed a mic and made a speech of his own to at least defend his actions,” said Admiral Ashi T’Jiia on the FNS program Illuminating the City of Light earlier this week. “He’s got every tool available to him to make a statement and there’s been nothing, zip, zero. I wonder if that’s a sign he’s on the way out?” Protestors have remained ardent in their commitment to protest outside the FNS headquarters until Reza Kardgar has resigned and a formal apology has been issued. FNS insiders state that the most likely successor to Mr. Kardgar, should he resign, would be Lara Senekal, former protégé of Maronida Shiir and noted correspondent. Famous for her take no prisoner’s style of reporting, Ms. Senekal is noted for her verbose public opinions but for always getting her facts straight and getting the proper context. While certainly ideological and not without controversy, she has not been tainted by scandal but would continue a some would say, anti-authority, anti-power style of reporting that has dominated the FNS since the 2360s. FNS Home • FNS Forum • FNS Data Feed• FNS on FB • Join the FNS Team
  9. ((Capitol City Heralokk, Mercadia III)) ::The cool night air swirled around her as she walked further away from the lights of the city with the rest of the group. Members of her family, along with other people from around the grouping who had come to Heralokk for the launch, moved further from the few lights that were left on so that their view of the sky would be better. Above them, the stars twinkled in the clear protective layer of their atmosphere.:: ::And all around, wonder danced from young to old. It was the dawn of the space age here on Le'wei; no one was willing to miss out on the fun. As the crowd slowed, a voice filtered back from the front of the group.:: Voice: Here is good. Looking up, you'll want to find the drawing of Malak, the Guardian of Le'wei. The stars of his sash will point the way to where our hero will fly by. ::A small capsule housing only one man had been sent to the heavens. It was only the fifth launch of the current era, but in such a small amount of time they had come such a distance. The moons were closer to them than ever before. Plans were already in the works for visits there, and to the other planets of their space system. Every bit of creative energy was being put into the program and the whole of the population ran rampant with excitement.:: ::The future was out there. All they had to do now was grab it.:: Kai'la: One day I'll be up there. ::It was a statement whispered to her twin brother who nodded in return. He was well aware of the newfound obsession his sister had for the space program.:: Herolt: We know Kai. ::He grinned and found a place on the cool grass to lay back and look upwards. Kai dropped beside him and into a similar position. Together, they found themselves transfixed on the sky above them. In the distance, she could hear the voice of the one who had lead the out here, but she already knew most of what he was saying so she tuned it out. Instead, he leaned her head a bit closer to her brother and whispered again.:: Kai'la: I wonder what's out there. ::It was a statement more than a question. She did wonder, but she also knew that in her not far off future, she planned to find out.:: Herolt: I guess you'll have to just wait. ::He knew the time would be problematic for her, as she always was one to just jump in with two feet, but he didn't know how to pass it along faster. Instead he'd chosen just to pick on her instead.:: Herolt: Besides, it's probably some big scary space monster playing with marbles or something. ::His sister snorted, having fielded a number of his crazy space and universe origin theories.:: Kai'la: Well then one day I will play with him. ::The teenager grinned, never taking her eyes from the stars above. This was magical, and it was something she swore she'd be a part of.:: TBC -- Kai'la and Herolt Civilian Citizens of Le'wei (Mercadia III) As simmed by Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti Commanding Officer USS Excalibur A
  10. ((USS Excalibur - Deck 1 - Briefing Room)) Nicholotti: If there are any other questions, I will field them now. Otherwise, let's get to work. :: Cory got up quick got up and headed for the door. He wanted to get back to the helm and look over the information that was on his PADD. Since the ship was already on course and the ride is smooth, he could look it over at his leisure. :: oO Hmmmm, the Afehirr sector, the Mercadian system. Not much there. Something that can destroy a planet? It would take every starship in the galaxy. I will definitely have to get sometime in the holodeck to get a feel for maneuvering the Excalibur. I do not want to get hit by anything that powerful. Oo =/\=You are invited to come help Lt.JG Aurora James and Major Irina Pavlova celebrate their new Engagement at a private party in Irina’s quarter sat....2000 hours. If you don’t know what to bring, bring Vodka for drinking games! Major Irina Pavlova, Chief of Marines=/\= oO What in the world is this? A party? Well, a party might mean there is someone I could meet there. I really didn’t get a chance to meet anyone on the Conny. I know Alex was getting chummy with that new science officer before we left. Oo :: Cory sat back and continued to monitor the Conn station watching the warp field around the Excalibur. He sent a query to the Hanger Bay to see the status of the fighters and shuttles. He is learning that the Captain and XO like to know what is going on and ask a lot of questions. He wanted to stay on top of everything. Cory’s mind started drifting to where everything started. :: (( Flashback, Stardate 238703.2, U.S.S. Shiloh NCC-95201)) :: The Main Hanger onboard the Shiloh was a burnt mess. Parts of shuttles and equipment were scattered everywhere. The acrid smell of burn plastic and even the faint smell of burnt fresh still hung in the air. Petty Officer Second Class Stoyer stood and looked around to see where his crew should begin to start the cleanup and repairs to the bay. :: oO What a darn mess! The guys I have with me are lucky to be alive. Too many of our friends are in bags in the morgue. Now, we have to get this place put back in order. I have no idea where to start. Oo :: Cory looked about picking a nearby corner and pointed. :: oO As good a spot to start as any. Oo Stoyer: Let start there. Let’s get the serviceable equipment in one pile so Engineering, when they ever show up can go over it. Let’s start with a wash down and then we will know exactly what needs to be repaired. :: His crew started over to the indicated corner and started moving everything. One crewman got a hose and was ready to start washing the bulkheads and deck of the soot and other debris. Cory was watching and directing when he noticed someone walking over to him. :: oO Darn, it’s the Captain. Oo :: Cory stood at attention when the Captain and the XO walked up to him. :: Captain Wynne: Petty Officer Stoyer, you and your team are to be commended. You help save the ship from further damage. I am hereby promoting to Petty Officer First Class. Since Lieutenant Davis is still in Medical and you do not have a Hanger Chief, I am making you the acting Hanger Chief. oO What??? I must be hearing things. I was just promoted to Second Class. Oo Stoyer: Thank you, skipper. :: Cory shook the offered hand. :: Captain Wynne: I want you to come by my ready room at 1600. I have something I want to discuss with you. Stoyer: Aye aye sir. ::With that the Captain and XO left. He noticed that some Engineering folks entered his Hanger. :: oO Let’s get this over with. Oo (( Captain’s Ready Room, U.S.S. Shiloh )) :: Cory freshly showered and in a clean uniform pressed the buzzer to the Captain’s ready room. After hearing the Captain bellow “enter”, he went in. :: oO What did I do wrong? It is never good for an enlisted man to go see the skipper. Oo :: Cory stopped 12 inches from the Captain desk and stood at attention. :: Stoyer: Petty Officer Stoyer reporting as ordered Captain. Captain Wynne: Stand at ease. :: Cory relaxed a bit and waited for the other shoe to drop. :: Captain Wynne: I have here a completed application to the Academy for you. After your performance yesterday, and with Lieutenant Davis’ recommendation, I approved it and will send it to the Academy. I think you will make a good officer, Petty Officer Stoyer. oO Again, I am not hearing him correctly. I barely graduated school. Well, they was mostly due to me not caring about the homework. Oo Stoyer: Yes, sir. Captain Wynne: Is that all you have to say? Stoyer: Skipper, it is all sudden. Sir, I barely graduated. I don’t think I could make it through it. Captain Wynne: Stoyer, you have brains and leadership skills. You do not quit either. Those are qualities that are needed in the Academy. They have tutors to help you with the more interesting subjects. Besides, Lieutenant Davis, the XO and I think you will make a pretty good officer. Stoyer: Thank you, Cap’n Captain Wynne: We will see orders for you in a couple of months. Thank you again for your efforts yesterday. You are dismissed. Stoyer: Aye, sir. :: With that Stoyer left the Captain’s ready room and the rest as they say is history:: ((End flashback)) :: Cory came back to the present to see his relief looking at him. Sheepishly he started his turn over. After that he headed to his quarters to start unpacking. :: (( Stoyer’s Quarters, Deck 4, U.S.S. Excalibur-A)) :: Cory was about to open his door when he saw a beautiful blond lady wearing command red coming out of her quarters a few doors down. He stared unabashedly for a few second until he realized that she was starting at him in return. Blushing he hurriedly entered his quarters. :: oO Who was that? She is gorgeous. Real smooth Mr. Slick. You probably scared her off. Oo Lieutenant JG Cory Stoyer Helm Officer U.S.S. Excalibur-A
  11. The Pen and The Sword: Maronida Shiir on Nikael Kalre Editorial by Maronida Shiir Stardate 239202.22 It would seem, that in the battle for free speech, my editors have found it prudent (against my strong objections) to publish an open letter by a known terrorist who has assassinated both foreign nationals and good Starfleet officers. In recognition of their sacrifices, the Federation News Service published an article by the madman who claimed their lives, giving him an open forum and aiding and abetting his crimes by trying to rationalize them. Since this is all about ‘free speech’ I found it prudent to exercise my own rights and pen a letter of my own. Nikael Kalre is a murderer, a butcher, a terrorist. He is not some misunderstood, melancholic anti-hero fighting against an impossible cause in remembrance for those lost in a tragic incident. The 1.2 million people of Ohmallera are dead, and in some sick orgy of violence and hate, Mr. Kalre seeks to add to the body count. Kill more people. Destroy more families. Forge more people like him. I would hate to be him when the families of his victims hunt him down like the mad dog he is, committing murders and acts of treason, all in the name of some great cause, when all it is just the insanity of misplaced grief. I covered Setlik III, one of the many incidents that defined the brutality of the Cardassian Wars, and no doubt led to the eventual development of the Maquis. I cannot tell you how many letters I received; now many outpourings of grief and anger I had to read from hundreds, if not thousands of people. Some of them weren’t even related or connected to the colony, and others had nothing to say to me specifically, or about the reporting I had done. They were angry, they were enraged that such acts could still occur in an age, in a nation, defined as ‘paradise’. At the end of the Wars, a group of people still had a bitter taste in their mouths about it all. Years later, they still hadn’t let go, and were willing to drag everyone else down with them. The Humans say an eye for an eye makes the world blind, and that’s what the Maquis ‘struggle’ really was. Unable to conceive of a world where people make sacrifices for the greater good, they decided to resist the Cardassians. No one knows how many Cardassian soldiers they killed, how many ‘Cardies’ they collected neck bones from. And no one knows how many Starfleet Officers died in the intervention to stop their madness from endangering the entire Alpha Quadrant. It didn’t matter to the members of the original Maquis though. Blinded by hate, consumed by rage they lashed out again and again, using trite and clichéd rationalizations for their behavior and constructing a grand cause to make the deaths around them seem justified and logical, in contrast to the senseless takings of their loved ones. Everyone who has lost somebody wants revenge on someone, and will go to any lengths to get it. That’s who Nikael Kalre really is. He’s a man who has lost his family to a heartbreaking, inconceivable tragedy, and as he struggles to make sense of what he cannot change, the anger has built within him. As a mother, as a decent woman, my compassion ends there. Just because one’s motives can be contrived, or understood, it does not excuse the conscious decision to take lives. Nikael Kalre is a terrorist, a madman, who will go on killing with his merry band of thugs regardless of our own sympathies for him, regardless of how eloquent we find his letters of grief. What should have been a foot note in history at best, is now an article to be laid bare for the entire Federation to see. He has tricked us, manipulated us, into false sympathy so that we may second guess our resolve. No matter how bittersweet his words for his wife and dead children are, they are spewed with the venom of an enemy of the Federation and its citizens. He wants to see our way of life burn, never forget that. He talks of reform, but is unwilling to do in an arena of ideas or an open forum. To him, actions speak louder than words, the bloodier the better. He claims that he wants to preserve the soul of the Federation against those who are corrupt and in power, and yet he fails to tell us who they are in specific terms, or how they might be dealt with. No, his calls for reform are flimsy attempts to distract us and rationalize his violent methods. As a woman who has exposed corruption of the highest order with just words I tell you Nikael Kalre is wrong, misguided and the bane of all decent and civilized worlds. He is not a man to be admired, he is not a man to be sympathized with and he is not a man who deserves to be published in the premier news service of the greatest society this galaxy has yet known, which is always, always reaching for greater epochs of rights, freedoms and civilization. In the wake of this gross miscarriage of justice and common decency, I was prepared to tender my resignation after my concerns and protests were blatantly ignored. But that would be giving up. That would be giving in to intimidation. Citizens of the Federation, as I have done for decades I will continue to write my opinions on the events of the day. I will continue to sit at my desk, writing my opinion pieces. And I will not rest until my pen and my paper have convinced those that must be convinced, we do not negotiate with terrorists, and we do not print their transparent and flimsy attempts to weaken our resolve. We must never give in, and we must never doubt. “The gunfire around us makes it hard to hear. But the human voice is different from other sounds. It can be heard over noises that bury everything else. Even when it's not shouting. Even when it's just a whisper. Even the lowest whisper can be heard - -over armies... when it's telling the truth.” FNS Home • FNS Data Feed• FNS on FB
  12. President embattled and candidates emboldened By Lara Senekal Stardate 239202.18 Federation President Nan Bacco's approval rating has fallen in recent weeks, especially in regards to her handling of the Federation Transport Union strike. PARIS, EARTH — It seems the superlative 'Most Popular' has been stripped from President Nanietta Bacco. In a detailed poll released this week, only 11% approved of her handling of the current Federation Transport Union crisis, with 55% disapproving and 33% undecided. While her overall poll numbers remain high, the polls on the individual issues and current crises are abysmal.Trust in Starfleet is also in flux, with the subspace rifts caused by a Starfleet experiment wreaking havoc across the quadrant and public opinion wishing for more controls and oversight of the fleet. While President Bacco and Starfleet Command have ordered a full investigation into the incident, the Federation Council has moved to create an independent committee to investigate just what went wrong and what steps can be taken to make sure this never happens again. Public opinion on the rapid response from Starfleet is positive, though the numbers fail to reflect the full spectrum of emotions in the wake of this latest misstep by Starfleet. As the presidential campaign season is beginning to hit its stride, many are anxious to hear from their favored candidates, and many more are still trying to make up their minds about this eclectic and unusual field of candidates. While the field has been widened recently with Governor Adellia Vor of Axanar and Primal Kp'shaiel of Xyrillia declaring their candidacy, it has hardly brought stability to the poll numbers which show that the majority of Federation citizens would like more candidates, or at least more high profile ones. Governor Adellia Vor of Axanar has officially joined the race for the presidency along with Primal Kp'shaiel of Xyrillia."I mean we all love Governor Vor and she's pretty popular in the Core Worlds, but I think we know that she's not precisely serious about running this time around. Shame, too, I don't think I like the other candidates," said Lindiwe Masambe, mother of three. "I didn't vote for Ambassador Ventu three years ago, and I'm not going to now. Steiner's a stingy little man and that Narala... have they decided if she can run?" It's turning into an incredible if lackluster election, and Mrs. Masambe's sentiments are being echoed everywhere, but that hasn't stopped the various candidates from trying to turn their public perceptions around. On The Trail Terra Novan Councilor Kevin Steiner spoke on Mars yesterday, while touring the recently expanded Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, an expansion he championed as a way to increase Federation stability and security in these trying times. His miraculous fundraising initiative helped his poll numbers last year and now in light of recent events, many find Councilor Steiner's message of security and looking inward to be rather enthralling. Terra Novan Councilor Kevin Steiner toured the newly expanded Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards yesterday, a staple of his agenda for an expanded Starfleet. "Starfleet Command has my full support in using all of our resources to deal with this crisis," said Steiner, as he stood in front of a Horizon class starship, the USS Darwin-A, set to be relaunched next week as part of Starfleet's response. "I'm also calling for a full investigation into what happened, and I urge the President to join me in doing so. Now is not the time to play politics. We need to know the truth about what caused this disaster, including whether or not it was because of mismanagement from the top," said the veteran councilor in a somewhat candid moment from his podium at the unveiling. Chief Administrator Narala also set out from Nimbus III early last week to begin her campaign in earnest, though many are still apprehensive and cautious about her candidacy, especially the issue raised by the ambiguity of her fulfillment of the residency requirements for the Presidency. While the Federation Supreme Court has taken up the matter and has promised to rule soon, Administrator Narala is starting to belay everyone's fears and sweeping away their caution. Earlier this week, the Administrator addressed her supporters when asked about what action should be taken in light of the now so-called 'Prometheus Incident'. Chief Administrator Narala of Nimbus III continues to face questions regarding her eligibility to run."Until such time the relevant information has been provided to the general public—of not only the Federation, but those who have been or can be affected by this incident—I cannot give a worthwhile response," said Narala, speaking from Archer IV. "That said, it is my understanding that Starfleet is involved, both with causing the incident and now trying to rectify it. I don't believe Starfleet leading the investigation is the correct course of action. The investigation of the Prometheus Incident should be handed over to a Federation agency unaffiliated with Starfleet to minimize the chance of Starfleet covering up mistakes that may have been made." Coming from a world that was once rife with corruption, the Administrator is perhaps justifiably cautious about Starfleet and the Presidency investigating themselves. The public is aligned with her it seems, and when two candidates agree on an issue so early in the election cycle, you'd best believe it's a reflection on the President and her ability to govern and handle a crisis. But when questioned about her eligibility to run, the Administrator brushed off her detractors. "To people saying Nimbus III isn't Federation, maybe they need to double check their facts before they start making assumptions," she said. "A bit hurtful, don't you think? The Federation was a founding member of this world, and though many have tried to forget about that responsibility, we certainly haven't." Meanwhile, Ambassador Lily Ventu has not issued a formal statement but continues to be the tepid frontrunner of this election, though she holds that title by the thread of a needle. A Starfleet veteran, Ambassador Ventu is most likely staying 'strategically silent' on the issue, not wanting to alienate the massive Starfleet swing vote or open herself up to allegations of hypocrisy considering her former occupation, no matter how ill-connected and ill-conceived they may be. Reporting for the Federation News Service from the FNS Paris Bureau, with additional reporting from Sol Sector FNS correspondent T'Vas. FNS Home • FNS Data Feed• FNS on FB
  13. Startrek.com just released a list of the greatest Star Trek novels for a new reader, I'll dig it up... Here! http://www.startrek.com/article/ten-for-ward-ten-star-trek-novels-for-the-new-star-trek-novel-reader
  14. Terraformers seek foreign alliance By Lara Senekal Stardate 239202.10 The legendary city of Matok, the capital of Ellussia and the Ahl Republic, rarely seen by outsiders. MATOK, ELLUSSIA — The Ahl, famous for not only their neutrality and terraforming prowess but also their steep decline as a galactic power after the rise of the Federation, have made a surprising announcement this morning as their empress declared that her people's former neutrality was no more and that they would welcome an alliance with a foreign power. "Today we stand at the dawn of a new age for the Republic," said the Empress Chandali xevenir Vok Mathaie XII, Sovereign of the Ahl, Grand Chancellor of Matok, Queen of All Under The Sky, Holy Regent of Xhir. "Our glory remains unmatched, our accomplishments unparalleled, but the time has come to take a more proactive role in galactic politics, which the Grand Council believes cannot be done from our former position of neutrality." "As of this moment, we, for the first time in our history, welcome a treaty of alliance and cooperation with a foreign power, may they prove worthy of the honor," she said from the grand concourse of the Grand Plaza. The Ahl were first cast aside from enforcing galactic peace and interstellar treaties with the rise of the Federation over two hundred years ago. Then, in the late 23rd century, the Federation became the patron of most terraforming projects. With the Ahl's economy allegedly faltering and slipping into galactic irrelevance, many commentators see this move as a way to preserve some glimmer of Ahl glory and prevent their total decline as a civilization. Many born in this generation are barely aware of the Ahl, other than their notoriously opulent and over the top fashion and way of life. Their insular nature and hawkishness about their own neutrality has all but closed the Ahl Republic to outsiders in the past ten years. "The Ahl were on top for a while," said Professor Alix von Meck of the University of Bremen. "Now that the Federation has nearly completely put them out of business, they find themselves in the unusual position of asking for help. It's a desperate attempt by a dying race." Harsh words, but not everyone is convinced the Ahl are on their last leg. "They have one of the most advanced militaries in the quadrant," said Dr. Elivil Shagrar of the Tri-Planetary Academy over subspace this morning. "They have mass drivers, dreadnoughts that blow everything else out of the sky in war games, and they use a completely different form of faster-than-light travel!" "The only thing that has stopped them from taking over this part of space is their insular nature, and now they want to hand over this technology to the highest bidder? It's unacceptable!" Indeed, similar concerns were echoed by the Palais de la Concorde earlier today, with leading interstellar experts alarmed by this sudden change in policy. Many had assumed that the highly democratic and philosophical Ahl would eventually join the Federation upon their abolishment of the death penalty, which came last year. Empress Chandali of the Ahl. Despite being a highly democratic society and labeled as a Republic, the Ahl are led by an Empress whose role fluctuates from figurehead to strong executive.The Original Players Using the Alcubierre drive, the Ahl employ a completely different form of FTL travel, which is much faster than the rest of the Alpha Quadrant. This allowed them to make first contact with a variety of species very early in their interstellar development. They gained incredible technology, including weapons and ways to power their ships, and jumped their technology lightyears ahead of their contemporaries like the Vulcans. Among the most prized of these early technologies was the ability to turn lifeless worlds into verdant paradises in record time. Using their variety of technologies, the Ahl went on a crusade to establish interstellar peace and cooperation. Their treaty, the Axia Conventions, have been ratified by every major power, but their enforceability has been knee-jerk and suspect for at least the past three centuries. The penalties of economic sanctions and military intervention ring hollow when the Ahl are faced with galactic powers many times larger than their own, a gap of power not even their advanced technology can close. Their failure to keep the peace between the Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites in the decades before the founding the Federation was well-noted, as were their unsuccessful attempts to mitigate the escalation of the Federation-Klingon Cold War, which had the adverse effect of precipitating the Battle of Axanar. In the face of their failures as interstellar peacekeepers, the Federation stepped in, but the Ahl's assistance and consult was still sought as wise interstellar elders, though this advice has been seldom heeded in the last few decades. Faced with irrelevancy in one arena, the Ahl attempted to revitalize their terraforming contracts. While initially successful, by the 2280s, the Federation was seeking an alternative to their methods, wishing to cut out the middleman. These attempts indirectly led to the development of the Genesis Device. After that interstellar debacle, the Ahl experienced a resurgence and cornered a monopoly on terraforming. By the 2340s though, this era was over and the Federation found other ways to terraform planets to their will. Dying or Merely Sleeping? While some say the Ahl are irrelevant, that statement is only true in the context of their former role as a small—if technologically advanced—power. They control but a group of five star systems, but they could easily expand. And what if they do? What if the Ahl attempt to regain respect on the galactic stage by building an Empire? Some say this is the purpose of seeking an alliance with one of the great powers: not to bow out gracefully but to gain a partner in an exercise in imperial expansion. Klingon, Tholian, Breen, Cardassian, Federation, and even Ferengi and Romulan envoys have already arrived in the capital city of Matok to court the favor of the Ahl Republic. Many are wondering who will come out on top in a series of negotiations that could vault one of them to the highest echelon of galactic power. Some dismiss the Ahl as a dying, declining race, but it appears they still have one card yet to play and intend to exploit it for all its worth. They seek to upset the balance of power as greatly as humans did when they founded the Federation and put them out of business. Whatever the outcome of these negotiations, one can't help but shudder at the thought of someone other than the Federation gaining control of Ahl technology. FNS Home • FNS Data Feed• FNS on FB
  15. I like the classic TOS Enterprise. I mean have you seen that thing in CGI or in more recent Star Trek art? AMAZING! I love the classics...
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