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  1. Bugger!! I didn't meant to vote to my sim....Please, have my vote to "Stinging Truths".
  2. NOTE: English is a second language to me. ((Near San Francisco State University, Earth)) :: After leaving Nena’s office, Emilio and Nena found a secluded area. :: AGUINALDO: What was that all about? :: Emilio was very concern. :: Who was that man, Eric Reinhard? NENA: Is in it obvious? He came to my office unannounced. :: Facing away from Emilio. :: He asked me to do some research. :: She turned to face his brother. :: AGUINALDO: :: Emilio didn’t buy it. :: When did you start take research to someone, especially, to someone like him? NENA: WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN? :: She was offended, a little. :: AGUINALDO: You know darn well what I mean. :: He shaking his head. :: Oh my God! :: He stepped back. :: You are one of them, aren’t you? Are you? NENA: You won’t even understand if I tell you. AGUINALDO: How could you? :: He breathed deeply. :: They are a cult. Kidnappers, murderers, and ... NENA: Is that what you think of me now? AGUINALDO: Is that what you are now? NENA: The Brotherhood gave me things that I can’t even attempt to get. They gave me unlimited supplies for me and my job. :: A man in the shadow was approaching. Emilio tried to hide. :: GRIMSHAWE: What part of go, you two, don’t understand? AGUINALDO: She is one of them. :: Grimshawe raised the hand phaser towards Nena. :: AGUINALDO: Don’t! :: Putting his hand to Grimshawe’s hand. :: She is still my sister. GRIMSHAWE: Fine. But, I’m taking this. :: Grabbed the PADDs from Nena. :: NENA: You are fool, Robert. :: She picked up a tiny device from his coat pocket and pressed it. :: Goodbye, brother. :: Nena’s body dematerialized. Emilio was hurt and felt betrayed. :: GRIMSHAWE: She probably went to their headquarters. AGUINALDO: What now? GRIMSHAWE: You need to contact your command. Give this to Commander Turner. It’s location of Scarlet Brotherhood’s hideout on Sol system and their ship’s systems. :: He was feeling sorry for Emilio. :: I’m sorry about your sister. AGUINALDO: I didn’t know. :: He was on tears. :: If I knew this wouldn’t have happened. GRIMSHAWE: It is inevitable. :: He placed his hand on Emilio’s shoulder. :: She chose that path. :: Smiled. :: Do you remember the passwords I told you? AGUINALDO: Yes. “Nathaniel Hawthorne” and “Grim Doctor”. GRIMSHAWE: You going to need it to access to view this. :: He handed another PADD to Emilio. :: In the meantime, you have to go now. :: Emilio nodded and Grimshawe walked away. :: ::Emilio felt an itch just above his ear and scratched it. :: AGUINALDO: < I need to find a place to trash for tonight. > :: Emilio found a small Inn in Embarcadero district. He asked for a specific room with a secured computer terminal. His first priority was to contact his command and then to join them. Before sending the information on the PADD to his command, Emilio checked it to authenticate. After a few minutes, he was satisfied. He turned-on the computer to contact USS PEREGRINE. :: Ensign Emilio Aguinaldo Science Officer USS CHALLENGER
  3. The next one comes out on November I think.
  4. Wait till you finished the book.
  5. The book is so far so good.
  6. Titan, Book One : Taking Wing (Star Trek: The Next Generation) is out in circulation. I got my copy.
  7. A REMINDER! Enterprise Season 4 will be on Friday, 8pm, UPN cable channel. Don't Miss It.
  8. Give it a rest. We all know what the poll says of who is the best Captain.
  9. Understandable, but why asked for suggest from Chakotay if she isn't going to listen to it anyway.
  10. That's right and I wll say it again. Captain Jean-Luc Picard is the best Captain ever and the poll says it all. ::Made An Evil Laugh:: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. That's your view, but we all know that Picard is the coolest and the best Captain. It's said so on the Poll. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. Oh Yeah, like Picard didn't same thw universe. Remember - All Good Things and All Good Things Part 2. Not to mention going back on time stopping the Borg assimilated the Earth. Also, the Parasite that took over most of the Starfleet Admirals.
  13. When is the 4th Season will be aired?
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