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  1. ((Personal Quarters, USS Gorkon)) ::She was exhausted. Not just from the minor matter of a serious head injury that was still healing, but the emotional fallout from the earlier, repeated threats to confine her to sickbay, and the twists and turns of her present conversation with Jaxton. And so he had asked him to leave, so that she might get some rest. ::Jaxton stood, making his way toward the door. His mood had taken a nosedive, but she couldn't tell if he was disappointed or angry. Vee (Alt): Just remember one thing Quinn. That woman has had every advanta
  2. Hello, My name is David "Luke" Morton. Please call me "Luke". the air quotes when you say may name are not necessary but I can appreciate the humor of it. I live in Springhill Louisiana. If you are not familiar with the area let's just say and i can step out my back door and be in Arkansas. I discovered UFOP by simply doing some google searches. I have been wanting to join a Good PBEM since my last one ended approximately ten years ago. Things to know about me: I play Jaxton Vee newest recruit and an El-Aurian Doctor. I'm a horrible speller. Yes i know, thank god for spell check right?!!!!. I
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