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  1. Happy Birthday, Chief. Hope you have a great day.

  2. Just as a side thought, from reading the posts here, there seems to be a lot of UK residents here, I just wondered how many of us there are?
  3. Nice to have another Brit in the 'team'. Good luck with the academy and see you around the fleet
  4. (( Cargo Bay, USS Apollo )) ::What was this place he was in now? Max looked up and all around him at the worried and hurried humanoids stomping their massive feet in his direction. He sat on the floor, looking at the ceiling, the cargo bay doors, the machinery that was working tirelessly and the Officers in their uniforms taking a role call from the Nelson's manifest.:: ::Agent 505 wasn't entirely sure how he'd managed to stumble on board the Nelson, nor was he quite sure how he managed to find himself on board the Apollo either. A ship was a ship. The last place he remembered being was on Dee
  5. (( Graveyard near the USS Avandar )) :: It was dusk now, the twilight spilling over the graveyard and bathing it in the sun's last vestigial yellow rays. The jungle warmth washed over the gathered crowd, which to Tan's mind was a good omen. On Byroni, where he was born, they say that to bury the dead during the cold would send them to the Trill equivalent of Hell. Instead, the honoured dead were to be buried during the heat of the day so that their bodies would be warm at night and they would find comfort and solace in the Earth's loving grip. :: Tan: We are gathered here today to pay tribute
  6. ((USS Aurora, CO’s Quarters)) :: There was something about a Vulcan milk bath that relaxed all the senses. Aroma therapy played a part, T’Lea was sure of that because it smelled like honeysuckle -- sweet and romantic. The texture was unforgettable as well -- like warm silk hugging her body. But one of the biggest claims to fame was how therapeutic the natural plant extract was for the skin. “Replenishing nourishment”, the bottle read. “Powerful antioxidant”, and, “a completely organic experience,” also made the label. The only warning was not to fall asleep in the stuff, which T’Lea had
  7. Happy Happy Birthday to you!

  8. Happy Happy Birthday to you!

  9. PSSST. It's very quiet in here.... Hewwo! ;)

  10. Hugh Barnes

    MAY/JUN fire of the heart

    What gave it away It is work in progress. I got that far and had a brain f**t
  11. Hi

    This writing challenge thing. How do I go about entering??

  12. Hugh Barnes

    MAY/JUN fire of the heart

    Williams walked down the corridor of Starbase 19 in a world of his own. The 29 year old human male had just come back from a date with
  13. Okay now to set the cat amongs the pigeons. Does it really matter who submitted the sim, it should only matter if it's good quality. Does it matter it I nominate my own sim, as long as I don't vote for it. I've seen too many good sims voted down because it wasn't sent 'by my ship' which to me is stupid, too many good writers are loosing out to politics
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