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  1. Lol, I know where you're coming from Nimue... It is progressing VERY fast! Very is a mild expression here - you had first kiss and next get to bed, lol! I know it was just sleeping but... ::scratch, scratch... snif::
  2. OK, I'm reading this third time, and still cannot figure out what it was supposed to say to me... to anyone - sorry?! Can you, please explain? Hey not fair - sentence was so cutely strange, I loved it - no editing... - now I get it, OK! JUST A NOTE - this sim have in a posted version one open TAG, but it is there accidentally, that is not a tag, it is just simply removed in final version.
  3. Well kids - I really love how you're writing your relationship, but let me tell you something - SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!!! Let me point you to one thing I recently had a chance to read - Reporter 42 which was focused on relationships - slow down and enjoy it.
  4. ((Cooper's Quarters USS Victory)) ::James wakes up to his beloved Tressa next to him. Shelooks even more beautiful when she is sleeping. He marvels at her angelic facewith her pale blonde hair. She stirs a little as he gently tries to not wakeher.:: :: Tressa's eyes opened slowly, she had slept well andwas reluctant to wake. She stirred, becoming aware of James next to her, shelooked to him smiling.:: Cooper: I'm sorry Nihopeca, I did not mean to wake you. Tressa: :: Stretching a little and cuddling closer to him:: You didn't. Cooper: ::He leans over to kiss her gently on hercheek.:: Good Morning my beautiful one. Tressa: :: Resting herself up on her elbows :: Goodmorning handsome. :: She grinned before kissing him :: Cooper: :Blushing.:: Would you like something to eat? Iwill make it for you. Tressa: Sure. I like icoberry juice. Cooper: Anything else? ::Touching her face gently.:: Tressa: Just some fruit... :: Kissing him again :: Andthat. :: She grinned :: Cooper: ::Smiling, and giving her another kiss on hersoft lips.:: You shall have it. :: Tressa blushed slightly. She smiled, wrapping her armsaround him and giving him a gentle squeeze. She sighed contentedly :: Cooper: There is something that I must give to you. Myfather gave one to my mother. It is a family tradition. All of the Cooper men,give something to the lady that they have chosen. :: Tressa tilted her head curiously. Both, at the mentionof receiving something, and the mention of being 'chosen' stirred a feeling inher she couldn't identify. :: Cooper: Let me rephrase that. I saw in you a beauty thatI could not escape, and I had to tell you how I felt. So if I offended you bysaying chosen forgive me. ::Tressa grinned broadly, she couldn't help it. He wasdoing it again. The nervous tripping over himself... She found it amusing howthe tall, strong man would be reduced to a worried mess if she lingered just amoment longer than comfortable.:: Tressa: :: Gently placing a finger on his lips :: James,you worry too much... :: She giggled :: Cooper: Well in the days of my ancestors, the warrior'schose what woman they wanted. In a way I chose you, because you touched myheart with your beauty, inward and outward. Tressa: :: Frowning slightly as she processed what Jameswas saying :: Like a kind of spiritual connection? Cooper: No, like a man very attracted to a woman, It hadnothing to do with a spirit. It was just you Tressa. :: He paused for aheartbeat.:: I just had to tell you what and how I felt around you. Tressa: :: Smiling :: So it's about me being 'pretty'. Cooper: And more. :: James stopped and looked at her witha puzzled expression.:: Yes, that was the first attraction! In an old Terranslang, You are so Hot. :: Tressa laughed :: Tressa: So if prettiness was the first attraction... Whatis it now? Cooper: Being near you and leaning more about you andbeing able to touch you. :: Tressa maintained the playful, coy smile she hadthroughout their chat... He had said what she wanted to hear. It was about her...as a person, not about how she looked. James had talked endlessly about her'beauty', but hadn't mentioned anything else. She needed to know he wanted herfor more than that... :: Cooper: My father is going to love you. Tressa: :: Giggling :: I think mine will like you too! Cooper: I am an only child, so my mother is anothermatter all together. ::Reaching over to the bedside table, showing her thepicture of his mother, and father.:: Tressa: :: Smiling as she looked at the photo :: I canunderstand that... My mother is... : She paused... Her face fell slightly :: Cooper: Oh god she is like mine. Tressa: :: Laughing :: I doubt it your mother is likemine... :: Cooper: Well at least we can laugh about it. Tressa: :: Sighing :: A little... My mother... she...she's afraid... she'll never admit it, but she's terrified... Cooper: Of? Tressa: :: A pained expression on her face :: Theuniverse... Of the unknown. She's not alone either... Most Gideons are... Eversince the introduction of Vegan Choriomeningitis... Oh it helped the planet...But it terrified people that we can't regenerate everything... that we mightdie before our time... They fear what else is out here, that can effect us... :: She frowned staring at a loose thread on the blanket.:: Tressa: ... Mother didn't want me to leave... for StarFleet Cooper: ::Touching her face, tilting his head to look inher eyes.:: I hope she will understand, that when you are with me she will havenothing to fear. Nor will you. Tressa: :: Smiling at him :: You can't protect me fromeverything... Cooper: All I can, is do my best, and that is whatmatters. ::Looking deeply into her eyes.:: I promise, that I will do my best toalways be there for you. :: Tressa's face softened, she looked back into his eyes...smiling. Touching his face softly, she gently stroked it, before kissing him,lingering in the moment :: ::Kissing her back with the passion in his heart.:: Cooper: Now for what I have to give you. Tressa: :: Smiling :: Okay ::James stands, taking off his tunic, to reveal aroundhis neck, a talisman, give to him by his grandfather on his father's side ofthe family. It is a circle with a diamond held in the center. He takes it off,and sits back down on the bed. Placing it over her head and around her neck.Tressa sat up as he stood, and watched him remove his tunic and a type ofnecklace... when he placed it around her neck she lifted the pendant, tiltingit, watching the light bounce off the gem :: Tressa: :: Smiling :: It's beautiful. Cooper: This is warriors talisman, of my family. Sinceyou are my lady, you have become part of the Cooper family. :: He smiled gently.:: If that is alright with you? :: Tressa tilted her head as she looked at thetalisman... A part of his family? Wow... :: Cooper: ::Looking to her, noticing her unease.:: You okbeautiful one? Tressa: :: Smiling :: Yes. I am. :: She touched his face:: Cooper: Really? This was given to me to protect me inbattle. I now give it to you to protect you, and to show my heart to you. Tressa: I'm alright. :: She looked back down at thetalisman :: Thank you. Cooper: ::Smiling.:: Your welcome, Nihopeca. Tressa: :: Smiling :: I should start getting ready... OrLieutenant MacKenna might come looking for me :: She giggled :: Cooper: ::James standing, and walking to the replicator,to get the juice, and the fruit. taking it back to her.:: Eat first. Tressa: :: Popping a piece of fruit in her mouth :: Youtoo :: She passed a small, green, rounded fruit to James. Cooper: ::Taking it and placing it in his mouth.:: Thankyou. :: Tressa continued her little meal, passing every secondpiece of fruit to James. There were a thousand thoughts running through herhead, but she pushed them aside for the moment, simple enjoying the moment.:: Cooper: Looking to her.:: What is on your mind, beautifulone? Tressa: :: Sliding from the bed, grinning at him ::You.:: She leaned back towards him and planted a kiss on his lips :: Mind if Iborrow your shower? Cooper: Not at all. What's mine is yours! :: She smiled at him. Crossing to the replicator to graba clean uniform and headed for the bathroom, she paused at the door :: Tressa: :: Winking at James :: No peeking Cooper: But… but… :: James sniffed jokingly then winkback.:: I am a gentleman. ::Turning his head to the wall.:: :: Tressa laughed and stepped through the doors :: Cooper: ::James, got off the bed to get a drink from thereplicator.:: Green Tea, hot. ::Cooper, also replicated a new uniform.:: :: Tressa crossed to one of the benches and sat her cleanuniform down. Removing the talisman and placing it on top of the clean clothingshe undressed and stepped into the shower. She leaned against the walls and letthe thoughts from before rise up... Part of his family? He made it sound like theywere Life Partners already... There was no doubt the relationship was movingquickly, very quickly. She ran a handthrough her hair... he was Terran though... They were a short lived species.For him this might be normal... She frowned... What was normal? :: :: She shrugged... Did it matter? ... Did it reallymatter? James adored her... wanted to be with her, was attracted to her... Andshe... she loved they way he made her feel... loved the soft curve of his jaw,his green eyes, his tattoo, long pony tail, his little quirks that she wasstarting to notice... the way he made her smile... Stopping the shower shedressed and placed the talisman around her neck, pausing to look at it again...her mouth twitched into a smile... Tressa collected the unclean uniform andexited the bathroom, smiling at James as she placed the unclean uniform backinto the replicator to be reclaimed. :: ((should be recycled!)) Cooper: Feel better? Tressa: :: Smiling :: Very much. :: She crossed over tohim wrapping her arms around him she hugged him, holding him close to her :: Cooper: ::Holding her in his arms.:: Tressa are you sureyou are comfortable with what has been said, and what you mean to me? What I'm trying to say is that we don't needto rush things, but there is this feeling that it is right for us. Don't ask mehow or why. :: Tressa looked up at him... Was she that transparent?She smiled... yes, she was. Tressa was always easy to read... :: Tressa: :: Holding him close :: I don't know what tosay... But I know when I am with you I relax, you make me laugh, smile, I loveyour company... I don't know whether it's a short term thing, or a long lastingendeavor... but I feel something for you... and I love it. We may be moving too fast, but our timetogether will be short... James, I will live for nearly 350, perhaps 400,years... judging by the average life expectancy of Terrans you will be aroundfor a third of that time; perhaps even less... So whether we are moving toofast or not. I intend to enjoy what we have right now :: She smiled at him :: Cooper: My father did the same thing when he met mymother. He said to me, James you will meet the one, and it will capture you,and you will make the right decision. What do you want to do? I would ratherspend that time with you and be happy, than unhappy, in those years withoutyou. Tressa: :: Smiling :: As I said. I love this feeling; andso I intend to enjoy what we have while we have it. You are a good man James. Cooper: Being a Terran can be a pain in the [...]. Tressa: :: Laughing :: trust me being Gideon is harder! Cooper: I look at it as we have feelings for each other,and it is growing by the day, so let us enjoy it. Tressa: :: Smiling :: Exactly... Now go shower :: Shegave him a playful push :: We have jobs to do! :: She laughed :: Cooper: ::Walking to the shower.:: No peeking. Tressa: :: Laughing :: I promise :: She winked :: Cooper: ::Entering the shower after taking off the dirtyuniform pants, starting the shower letting the water run over him. Thinking ofwhat his father told him. ::His mind wanders to her, and let's it pass, he will letthings flow as they are. She has feeling for him, and he for her. Let it flow,my son. You mother had some misgivings at first, But she felt the same for himas Tressa does for James.:: Cooper: ::He dries off, puts on the uniform, and walksout to her:: Ready to start the day? Tressa: :: Grinning :: After the morning I've had I cantake on the Delta Quadrant! Cooper: What kindof morning did you have Nihopeca? Tressa: Wrapping her arms around him :: A very good one;and I got to share it with someone I care very much about... Cooper: And I the same beautiful one. ::Touching herface, kissing her softly, and deeply.:: :: Tressa leaned into the kiss, tightening her holdaround James... She lingered, not wanting to part from him...:: ::Holding her tightly, not wanting to let her go. Heloved the feeling of her heartbeat next to his. Tressa let her eyes driftclose, loosing herself in his kiss, his arms around her, his heartbeat next tohers... One of her hands stroked his face... her body shivered... She letherself drifted away from him, stealing kisses as the distance between themgrew... :: Tressa: :: Reluctantly :: We should go. Cooper: ::Hating that time with her has limits.:: Yes Iguess duty calls. See you later tonight? Tressa: Of course. We might be able to catch that nebulathis time ::She winked.:: Cooper: Nice, Shall I make a dinner? Tressa: If you like... Perhaps a light picnic? :: Shepaused :: .... James? .... Would you like to see me dance sometime? Cooper: Dance? Tressa: :: Blushing :: I love dancing... You have shownme your home... I would like you to see something that is personal for me...I've been dancing since I was about 10... I know many styles... I would like toshow you.. if you want to see... Cooper: I would love too, anything that is a personalthing that you want to share with me is wonderful. ::Smiling.:: Tressa: :: Giving him a squeeze :: Okay. Now we shouldgo! Cooper: Alright beautiful one. You can call me Hawkeye,if you like. Not many people do. It's just for my loved ones. Tressa: :: Tracing around his tattoo with her fingers ::I can see how you got that name... Cooper: Yes, how did you guess? ::Laughing.:: Tressa: ::Laughing :: Just a hunch! :: She smiled warmly :: Now! No more distractions! ::She grabbed his hand and headed out of his quarters :: Come on Ensign, we haveduties to attend to! :: She laughed again :: Cooper: Ok, let's go. ::James and Tressa exit his quarters, and walk to theturbolift.:: JP by Ensign James Cooper Chief Tactical Officer USS Victory NCC-362447 & Ensign Tressa Science Officer USS Victory
  5. What you've done there is you've revealed your evil and nefarious scheme before actually doing it. You're not by any chance a Bond villain, are you? Don't share our secrets! That's not nice, you know!
  6. Throughout the sim there was some strange signs, one of them was not recognized by my Word when I copied the document in it, so I had to replace it myself. The sign is €¦ and in some cases seem like comma and in some like full stop. I'd like authors to check the sim as is posted here and see is it correct as they posted it, if not to repost it with correct signs. The sim is two parter and is posted on a group here: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/sb118-victory/message/12882 http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/sb118-victory/message/12883
  7. (( TacticalOffice USS Victory )) ::James was sitting in his office dreamingabout the forthcoming evening with Tressa when his commbadge chirped.:: Tressa: =/\= Ensign Tressa to EnsignCooper... =/\= Cooper: ::Tapping the commbadge:: =/\=Cooper here,go ahead.=/\= ::Her call brought a wide smile to his face, as always.:: Tressa: =/\= Heya, it's me, still up forsome lunch? =/\= Cooper:=/\=Hi, yes I can meet you, and make yousomething if you like?=/\= Tressa: =/\=Sounds good! :: she paused :: Wouldyou like to meet my tribble, Fang? =/\= Cooper:=/\= Sure, I would like to meet Fang. I canmake some white rice, with vegetables. =/\= Tressa: =/\= Perfect! Meet you at my quarters in,say, 20 minutes? =/\= Cooper: ::Smiling.:: =/\=See you in twenty. Cooperout.=/\= ::James stands and walks out of the office to theturbolift and to deck four to his quarters.:: ((Deck Four, USS Victory)) ::James rushed into his quarters and took a quickshower. He needed it after the busy day he had, fast changed into a cleanuniform and exited his quarters turning left toward the Tressa's quarters tomeet her for lunch.:: ::Tressa jumped off the turbo lift, and headed forher quarters a big smile on her face. She slowed as her door came into view...James wasn't here yet.:: ::Heading toward her quarters James spots herwalking down the passageway with her pale blonde hair, like an angel's. As hegets closer the smell of her perfume reminds him of the day in the garden. Hesmiles widely, walks up behind her silently trying not to scare her.:: Cooper: Hello, pretty one. ::He takes her lefthand gently into his and kisses it softly.:: :: Tressa spun at the sound of James' voice hemust have been right behind her. She smiled softly as he took her hand andkissed it. She felt a shiver course through her; his lips were so very soft onher hand. She smiled up him softly, temporarily lost for words.:: Cooper: How has your day been so far? :: He askedwith a gentle smile.:: Tressa: Good. Quiet. I suspect we'll be a lotbusier once we're out of dock again. How has your day been? Cooper: Yeah I had interesting day so far, so isthe white rice, and vegetables ok? :: She laughed softly, remembering his insistencethat he would remember her 'no meat diet'.:: Tressa: It's perfect. Come on, I'll find Fang foryou. :: She reached out and gently took James' hand,and headed into her quarters, with the tactical officer in tow. She cast an eyearound for the room for the tan colored ball of fuzz. Finally finding him inthe replicator. James follows her in to her quarters, and walks over to meetFang.:: Tressa: :: Laughing as she picked up the tribbleand passed it to James:: He's pretty smart for a tribble, he knows that foodcomes from the replicator.:: Cooper: Hello Fang, ::James holds the Tribble inhis hands, and pets it.:: I just wanted to ask did he tried to order some food?::The tribble cooed as it sniffed the new individual.:: Tressa: ::Laughingagain.:: Fortunately, replicators don't understand Tribble, otherwise I wouldhave a big problem, or more specifically, lots of little ones. ::Smilingat James.:: Would you like something to drink? ::She moved back over tothe replicator.:: Cooper: Green tea for me please. Tressa: One icoberry juice and Green tea. :: She took the drinks and wandered back to James,handing his drink to him with a soft smile, pausing a moment, smiling up at himand taking a sip of her juice. Tressa looked into his green eyes, and memoriesof the garden came back to her. She was so... 'aware' of his presence, in theroom at that moment; in the silence which was only broken by the sound of Fangcooing softly from his perch in James' spare hand. It was like the room wasspace, large, quiet... and James a sun, making everything else around dull bycomparison... She was blissfully caught in his gravitational pull, not afraidof being burnt, more anticipating it... :: Tressa: ::smiling:: Did you want to cook, orshall we settle with replicated meals? Cooper: I happen to like cooking real food; it isone of my passions. But since I can only get the replicated things for rightnow, is that ok? Tressa: Of course. ::James gives Fang to her and walks over to thereplicator, processes the white cooked rice, carrots, mushrooms, and broccoli.He walks over to the small cooker that she has and replicates a pot full ofwater. Adding the mixture into the pot he starts it to boil. He looks over tosee Tressa holding Fang, drinking her juice. He looks down to see that the foodis cooking and moving along nicely. He walks over to her, and gazes into hereyes.:: :: Tressa watched James move around the room,smiling over the rim of her cup. In her hand Fang trembled at the smell of thecooking vegetables and rice. The tribble squealed impatiently, before settlinginto contented cooing as Tressa cuddled him. When James moved over to her shelooked up, directly into his eyes. :: Cooper: Tressa, would you like to go out on adate, with me? ::He looks over to check the simmering food then looks back toher. He takes his left hand and touches her face gently.:: :: Between the invitation to go on an €˜official'date, the look in his eyes and the gentle touch of his hand, Tressa could feelherself melting. Smiling, she tilted her head into his touch, lifting her handto cup his, pressing it against her face.:: Tressa: :: Looking back into his eyes,keeping her hand on his :: I would love to. Cooper: ::Smiles.:: After the nebula, would youlike to go riding with me on Necromancer tonight? Tressa: ::Blinking in surprise.:: I've neverdone horse riding. Is it hard? Cooper: Not really, I will be right behind you aswe ride. Once you get used to riding with me, I will let you ride Stardust. Mymother's horse, she is gentle, and the best to learn on. Tressa: ::smiling:: I'll try nearlyanything once. I'm sure it'll be fun. Cooper: ::Smiling.:: Yes it will, because we willbe together. Like it was destined to be. :: Tressa's face softened... Her heart skipped abeat... :: ::Jameswalks back to the replicator, to order plates, and forks for the both of them.He walks over to the small cooker, and portions out the food for them. Carryingthe food over to the small table, placing them down. He pulls out a chair forher, and helps her get closer to the table.:: ::Tressalooked at the generous serving of food in front of her, glancing up at Jameswith a smile.:: Tressa: Shall we? Cooper: ::Looking at her beauty that radiates likea exploding sun.:: Yes. :: Dipping her fork into the delicious smellingmeal she eagerly popped it into her mouth, savoring the taste. The man couldcertainly cook! She had just taken her second mouthful when her commbadgechirped. :: MacKenna: =/\= Lieutenant MacKenna to EnsignTressa. =/\= :: Hurriedly swallowing her rice she hit hercommbadge; she had a bad feeling about the Lieutenants sudden call.:: Tressa: =/\= Ensign Tressa here; everythingalright Lieutenant? =/\= MacKenna: =/\=Looks like I'm going to have to cutyour lunch short. We have a big job that needs to get done now. =/\= :: Her face fell as her suspicion was confirmed.Though at the same time she was aware of the urgency in the Lieutenantsvoice.:: Tressa: =/\= Understood. =/\= MacKenna: =/\= I'm on my way to the lab now. I'llsee you there.=/\= Tressa: =/\= I'm on my way. Ensign Tressaout. =/\= :: She lingered a moment, before standing andlooking over at James :: Tressa: ::Her voice tinged with regret.:: I'msorry James, I have to go€¦ Cooper: Duty calls. We will have time soon. Tressa: ::Lowering her head, shaking itslightly.:: So far it would seem anytime we manage to get alone, I have to runsomewhere. :: She thought back to the Mess Hall and laughed slightly.:: Cooper: It's ok. We are in Starfleet, remember? :: She looked at the beautiful meal, barelytouched, and sighed. She picked it up and placed it in the replicator, watchingit disappear :: Tressa: ::Looking back at James.:: I'm sorry I can'tfinish it, I can't leave it lying around with Fang waiting to pounce on it,either. Cooper: That's fine, I will get some real food tocook next time. Tressa: We have a little more time... we can headto the turbolift together, and there's tonight :: She smiled.:: Cooper: ::Smiling.:: Yes there is always tonight. :: With a final glance around her quarters to makesure there wasn't any food lying around, Tressa left with James, walking justclose enough to him to allow her hand to brush his occasionally. Arriving atthe lift she stepped in and called out her destination as James called outhis.:: Tressa: Deck Eight Cooper: Deck 6 Tressa: ::As the lift arrived at James'stop.:: I'm sorry, again. It sounds important. ::She grinned at him.:: Weare, after all, Starfleet Officers and we have jobs to do. Cooper: Yes, and it is the life we wanted or wewould not have entered. :: Her face softened as she looked at him :: Tressa: :: As he was leaving the lift :: James? Cooper: ::Turning to her.:: Yes? :: She paused, feeling suddenly very nervous;pushing the feeling aside she smiled at him.:: Tressa: ::Holding out her hand.:: Come here for asecond :: Tressa waited until he took her hand, thenstepped forward so she was closer to him. She gently placed his hand on herlower back and let her hand trace along his arm, over his shoulder finallyresting it behind his neck. Tressa used her hand to guide him toward her, herheart pounding with nervousness. Once he was close enough, she stood on hertoes and placed a quick, gentle kiss on his lips. She lowered herself slightly,lingering close to him, wanting to wrap her arms around him, hold him close and kiss him€¦really kiss him.:: Tressa: ::Her voice barely above awhisper.:: Just wanted to give you that. Cooper: ::Taking her in his arms gently, andlifting her off her feet, giving her a soft, meaningful kiss. Then placing herback on her feet.:: I have been wanting to do that since I first saw you.Tressa, you are beautiful. :: Tressa's heart was beating so fast her chestfelt numb. The feeling quickly spread to the rest of her body. She looked upinto his green eyes, lost for words for the second time that day. She feltsomething, a new feeling as she looked at him.. it was overwhelming... Reachingup, she touched his face, tracing around his tattoo with her finger.:: Tressa: :: softly :: Thank you, James. :: Shewanted to say something more, something sweet, meaningful... but found she wasat a loss for words.:: Cooper: ::Leaving the Turbolift smiling.:: See youlater tonight if you can make the nebula let me know. If not that I will takeyou for that ride. Tressa: :: smiling :: I look forward to it. :: Without either of them blocking the doors, theturbo lift closed and rushed toward its next destination. Tressa leaned againstthe wall of the turbolift with a contented sigh, her heart still beating amillion light years a minute.:: JP By: Ensign James Cooper Chief Tactical Officer USS Victory and Ensign Tressa Science Officer USS Victory
  8. I just read a two part sim - Joint post between two ensigns, great work. Problem is that the sim works really good only as ONE story. As one post it's really long and it's the only explanation I can see for posting it as two parter, cannot say it is a reason, but I presume it is! Since I never encountered similar situation, want to ask - should I post it as two entries or to post as one, despite being posted on a group as two entries?
  9. The board is set up to not allow any deleting of posts. Everything goes to an invisible holding area. But normally, all the stories in this area just get moved to their respective archive folder. Is it this one?: http://www.starbase1...-civilisations/ - it was in the May/June archive. I just moved it back into Mar/Apr. Thank you, thank you, thank you... I thought it's lost! Strange that I have all other stories except that one!
  10. Can anyone tell me where those old stories are stored now - I misplaced mine and cannot find it anywhere. So tried to find it here and it's not in Mar/Apr '10 and cannot find it in Beta Antares Shipyard. Hope it's not just deleted
  11. Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional. SO Let me be childish, don't condemn me for that!

  12. Think anyone will realize if I repost my Trill creation myth story? cannot wait to see your version - I started a myth-buster type of story, maybe this time I actually finish it. This last round kicked me in a head, I had more than a half of the story finished and started to work on finishing it.... a day too late! It was about a young man who was kidnapped as a little child and spent whole life in a "family" that kidnapped him and have a problem integrating back into his real family and community and is asking his right to choose - and his choice is to return to family he loves and care for. The whole story is a scene between him and a lawyer supposed to help him with his case and when they set everything and lawyer ask about both families he told him he's Liberated Borg. I wrote intro and end and had a part of conversation, but needed more discussion, it was too dry. ::shrug::
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  17. Thank you! When saw message and found out I'm second I was so sad I couldn't write, couldn't "think" of writing for days... but you see English is not my first language, and I know how "disabled" I'm because of it. Being considered as a possible winner in this competition is a winning for me! What I'm trying to say is that I'm not lacking in ideas, but in delivering. In lot of cases I want to say something, but cannot find a words or cannot form thought in a way I'm able in my own language. But, I'm learning!
  18. Kar and Rawena were from neighboring tribes. As kids from the families of leaders, they were both promised from the day they were born, but fate played with them, making them meet and fall in love. Both encountered the same response from their families when they asked to be allowed to get together. “What are you talking about?”, “What feelings?”, ”Who made you think of that wrong and strange thing?” “Forget her/him”, “It’s just illusion”. They listened, and tried to forget, but mind and heart were telling them different things so they ran away from their families and went to seek their life away from their tribes. After traveling for a few months they were finally far enough away from home to feel safe to approach a tribe that lived in tree-houses on the edge of a big forest. There they encountered friendship and acceptance and they made their own house in the one of the suburb trees. After three years of life together they were finally blessed with a child... ... but happiness didn’t last long. The child, beautiful girl had strange markings along her body. As strange and unusual as they were there was nothing wrong with the child, but still local people started to talk that it was a curse and if they stayed it would hit the rest of the tribe, so they were forced to leave their home all over again. Since it was cold they decided to go into the forest. It was frightening and really dark in the places, but they finally passed through it and ended on the edge of it again. Now really deep into the winter they decided to make a treehouse here since they had a spring with fresh water nearby, and a hot spring a few hours walk toward the mountain on the north, and pastures with lot of animals in between. They lived there for a three years, being blessed by another child, a son who was “normal”. But at the end of their fourth winter there, people from the tribe who had exiled them when found out about their new home, still being afraid of the “curse”, decided to attack them again and chase them away from their forest. Again Kar and Rawena were forced to leave their home and seek new life away from the place they knew. They were aware that best they could do is to go over the mountain and seek a new home far from this place. With little Wan and just a year older Sah it was a long, and at moments, seemingly impossible enterprise. They spent the whole summer passing over the mountain. The first snow caught them completely unprepared close to the bottom of the mountain, but it was obvious there was no way they would get too far through the blizzard. Fortunately on the second day they found a warm and spacious cavern and it was, unbelievably, empty. While Kar went to hunt for food, Rawena left Sah to “take care” of Wan – leaving them to play in fast built-up parapet while she took a torch and went to check the cavern more thoroughly. It was not just one cavern, but soon she found it was a braid of caverns connected by several short corridors. It was a perfect place for a family to grow in safety, but Rawena’s happiness with finding it was short. In one of the more secluded back caverns she found strange basin with warm mud and lot of bones in the corner. First she couldn’t say for sure, but checking it more thoroughly she was able to say for sure that those bones were humanoid. Frightened she returned to her family and when Kar returned she told him about the finding. Since they were all tired, he promised her that they would investigate it the very next day after eat and get some so needed sleep. And they did, and really wanted to leave that place, but the snow didn’t allow them to leave until the summer. Till summer they got used to the fact that the mud pool and bones were there and decided to stay. Just when it was warm enough to dig, they gathered all the bones and buried them with respect, cleaning the room. They lived there for two years when Rawena gave birth to another boy... a boy who was “cursed”, the same as Sah. As happy as they both were for having another child, they both now started to question their conduct and their life, almost believing that the curse was real. They talked about what to do, discussing even killing the second “cursed” child when a scream from deep inside the caverns attracted their attention. When they reached the strange room they found Sah standing in a basin screaming while something was protruding from her belly. The girl screamed one more time and collapsed. When they asked her what happened, Wan told them that she often played in that mud, saying that “they” were talking to her. “They, who are they?” Asked Kar, and little Wan only sighed not knowing what to say, or how to explain. Kar took his daughter and carried her to the front room they used for living. The girl’s breathing was shallow and she was coughing. He tried to pull at the thing that was protruding from her stomach, but every time he tried, Sah started to scream and cough harder. Sah was hot and trembling, obviously in a fever. They did everything they could to get the temperature down but could only watch as their child suffered while the strange thing in her stomach moved deeper and deeper inside her. What was strange, was that the girl was not bleeding and the wound was closing around the thing, naturally and clean. After a three days of fear and tears, Sah got up from her bed and looked at her parents with a smile. “I have to explain a few things to you, but let me start with introduction. From now I’m Sah Rotha, and we are Trill...”
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