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  1. Msgrv32

    MAY/JUN fire of the heart

    You've captured my attention, I wonder who/what he went on a date with...
  2. Msgrv32

    MAR/APR Who is your father?

    OOC: Was going to take this round off because my stories weren't doing it for me... but I shall enter this one for fun! Background Information and goals: Classified Personal Character Development: Classified Editors Name: Classified ------------------------------------------------ We the people... in compliance with the terms of the treaty... to hereby and forever cede all land, right and property... of the people, by the people, and for the people... ((Planet Caranthian-VII / Outer Province Landing Zone)) They scanned the ID card getting on the shuttle. They scanned the ID card getting off th
  3. Msgrv32

    JAN/FEB "Controversial Titles"

    ((Act 1 / Scene 1)) ((Bridge / USS Ennock / 12 Hours Ago)) The bridge of the USS Ennock was awash with amazement and astonishment as the piece finished. The Captain had brought back with him the most interesting thing: ‘a piece of music’ long since thought lost in the vastness of the Earth catalogue. Captain Jenkins explained the music concisely. “It’s called ‘4’33’.” Lt. Marcum stood against the wall by the Tactical station and muttered. “It’s called BS, because that’s what it is.” The crowd of officers looked his way and Captain Jenkins strutted confidently over to Tactical. When he arrived
  4. I have an entry underway. I'll give you all three hints as to my interpretation of 'Song and Silence': 1) John Cage's composition "4'33" 2) Jean-Paul Sartre's play "No Exit" 3) ZOMBIES!
  5. "The Truth Shall Set You Free" A JP by Lt. Commander Thomas Gregory and Marine Captain Miles Unum ((USS Ronin - Deck 15 - Security Conference Room)) ::After remotely listening to the conversation between LtCmdr. Gregory and Nurse Bradley, Miles left the Security Chief's Office, and he found LtCmdr. Gregory walking toward him. Miles carefully placed his hand on the Operations chief's arm and walked with him into the Security Conference Room.:: Unum: ::putting a little distance between them:: We need to talk. Gregory: I expected as much since you've placed your hands on my person. ::Straightenin
  6. Alleran will you send me that Kanye photoshopped support pic... it made the year for me. Literally the funniest thing I've seen in a while. I laughed in a very geeky way.... it doesn't happen that often.
  7. Bus and Jet lag... Lt Cmdr sounds scary!

  8. Kanye West, FTW. Made me laugh! DARN YOU KANYE!
  9. Working Title: “My Last Words” ((Cargo Bay / Freighter Sixarp / Leaving Luna on a course for Earth)) Ryan had been in a terrible mood the entire morning. He walked into the Cargo Bay and turned around. The Cargo Bay doors stayed open and Christine stood angrily before him. Ryan loved her with all his heart, but the last few days he had strugged not to answer her every question with cynicism and frustration. Living as Ryan did - with a companion at all times, lest he be overcome by his condition - was a carefully managed practice and he was desperate to keep his current plight hidden f
  10. Great stories all around. Congratulations are most olive-branchely extended! Let's do it again!
  11. I read it and thought the headline would read 'Ensign can't post story, gets creative' yay 5 stories!
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