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  1. Perhaps @Saveron knows someone who would chat with him about this curiously logical new assistant.
  2. As Commander Oddas says, the end of the posts with tags/tbs/NT/end is a ship to ship convention. Why do you not see this in the academy? We try to clean up the formatting of the academy to the most basic formatting possible. This means that cadets can concentrate on narration, tags and getting used to script style. Once you get to a ship, you may find that ships use additional formatting for specific reasons or for tradition or player comfort. Why do some ships use this? Partially it's habit for some players, a good way to end off sims. But some ships put some more meaning behind the endplate. For me, I use the following definitions: tags = there are tags for someone in this sim tbc = There may not be tags for someone in this sim, but there is the invitation to continue the scene if the other player wishes nt = no tags, for whatever reason fao = "for the attention of" - there are no tags for a character in this sim, but I'm calling attention to the fact that action in this sim affects other characters end (I use 'fin' because I'm a dork) = this scene is finished. =========================== IMHO, the difference between tbc and end: If you are writing a scene, there are basically two possibilities for what happens as the scene comes to a close: 1. It could seamlessly move to another scene (this happens frequently in missions. We just fixed the antimatter converter, now we're going to move to main engineering and make sure the warp drive in online in time to make a dramatic escape!) - I, personally, love the tbc end for this to let people know "hey, we're moving onwards!" 2. The scene could end there. It's a wrap. Time to start a completely different scene. - this could use tbc or end. tbc means "well I'm not sure if this scene is done, does anyone have anything else to add?" and end means "Ok, this scene has gone on long enough, time to end." Yes, most frequently 'end' will be used by command characters, or team leaders, but it can be used by players, too. Say you start up a conversation duringt shore leave with another character for a specific reason. Say that reason is "hey will you play the piano at my party?" You might choose to continue the scene after the answer to that question is figured out or you might end the scene because you have that answer. The endplate just tells the other player 'hey, let's continue" or "hey let's end, I'll see you at the party" =========================== That said check with your CO, because he or she might view things differently - your best contact for specific ship formatting questions is your mentor, you CO and your FO Good luck, happy writing and may there be many tbcs in your future!
  3. Sal got to know Starfleet after the civilian research lab he was working for could not contain a sentient alien AI and a lot of people got hurt (including Sal). He had never had a great opinion of Starfleet before because of his mother's ill will towards them, but this changed his mind and he was impressed by how well they handled things and kept everyone safe. So after a period of recovery he decided that he would join up! Funny, it became a *really* good career move for him ~*~ Wyn on the other hand pretty much knew he was going into Starfleet from a young age - his Dad's a retired Starfleet officer and he grew up on a starship. So Starfleet feels more like home than anywhere else.
  4. I love this whole scene, but felt particularly bad (and amused!) when poor Kalara fell in the water!
  5. ((Aitas’ Home - Shi’Kahr District - Starbase 118)) ((OOC - Takes place during shore leave just prior to current mission.)) ::Sakon had been absorbed in his reading on a particular Bajoran predator, nearly extinct in these times, when he heard the doorbell ring. It seemed that Aurelio and Antero Flynn were back from their excursion just a few minutes early. Better that way. Antero had more than enough to make up for already. Sakon opened the door before the bell rang again, and looked down to his grandson with a warm smile.:: Sakon: He looks like he enjoyed the excursion. ::Antero smiled up at the Vulcan and gave Aurelio a gentle graze of the forehead, the child strapped comfortably to his chest in the finest baby carrier he could find. Only the finest Risian material for his son, the older shopkeep had told him it had a silk like quality that was both flexible and durable. Perfect for a warm day at the beach.:: Flynn: I hope so. He really seemed at peace. ::He began to unstrap Aurelio.:: We had a nice time sitting on the beach and letting the waves wash over us, feeling the vitality of the water. Sakon: Do come in, it will be easier for Aurelio if you stay a little while. ::He took his grandson from Antero, gently running a hand across Aurelio’s chin. The Risian smiled, pleased at the somewhat unexpected invitation. Antero always felt like he had formed a bond of sorts with Sakon considering what they had been through together when they met, but as one might expect, it was hard to tell if the sentiment was shared. It turned out Vulcans were hard to read..:: Flynn: Oh, thanks. I would like that. Sakon: I will admit that I’m curious to hear about how you met Aitas. There’s so much of her life I’ve missed out on. ::He adopted a sympathetic smile and set down his bag full of equal parts beach and baby supplies before plopping himself into a chair..:: Flynn: Ah yes, Ensign Aitas. ::He smirked:: She really threw herself at me you know. ::Sakon carefully raised one eyebrow at that.:: Sakon: While my information is somewhat out of date, such behavior does not sound like my daughter. Flynn: ::He laughed softly.:: Your intuition is accurate. Aitas isn’t so easily impressed. ::He sat back, gazing up at the ceiling lazily as he thought back with nostalgia.:: We met upon her assignment to the Starbase, but the spark came during a mission when she was jolted from her seat during a nasty firefight, landing on yours truly. Sakon: That must have been some firefight indeed, unless Starfleet’s standards have degraded much from before. Flynn: ::Nodding:: Her straps failed and she was tossed around on an already busted up rib cage. When the warp core blew and the inertial dampeners failed I had no choice but to..well...take matters into my own hands. Sakon: At which point she became aware of your interest, I presume. Flynn: It wasn’t long after that. ::His head bobbed agreement.:: I found myself compelled to be at her side as she recovered, and our relationship blossomed quickly from there. The mutual interest was made clear early on. Sakon: Ah, so she does take after her mother. Jissela was never shy about asking for what she wanted. ::He smiled slightly, shaking his head.:: Or about disagreeing with her parents. Flynn: She definitely has a knack for getting to the point. Efficiency even in communication. ::He perked up a bit and smiled at Sakon with a touch of mischief in his eyes.:: How about some young Aitas stories? Flynn: Hey little guy. ::He picked him up and gave him a wide smile.:: You want your dad? ::Sakon smiled, the expression brief and fleeting.:: Sakon: Don’t forget that you’ve much to teach him as well. He needs people to talk to him as much as though who understand his feelings, and I’m hardly an expert on Risa. ::Antero found himself somewhat intrigued at the mans openness in regards to teaching Aurelio about Risian culture. He supposed it was all those Vulcan academy teachers he had never meshed well with. The young pilot had a few Risian ways that were NOT well received by his logic and sophistication based superiors. The receptive nature of Sakon was certainly appreciated.:: Flynn: What do you think Aurelio, should I teach you some things about being a Risian? ::He took on a brief look of contemplation toward his son before a thought struck him like a lightning bolt. He looked to the Vulcan with only a hint of mischief in his eyes:: Ooohhh, I could teach him fire dancing! ::That made Sakon lean forward, raising an eyebrow as he looked between Antero and Aurelio.:: Sakon: I will presume that such statements are a form of Risian humor, rather than a threat. ::Okay, so perhaps the Risian was starting off a little strong.:: Flynn: ::Laughing softly.:: Not to worry, he is much too young for fire dancing. ::He looked to Aurelio and placed a finger in his tiny hand.:: We won’t start that until you’re at least five or six years old. Sakon: That sounds like something you should discuss with Aitas. Among...well, I think she had a list. She mentioned surfing lessons? Flynn: Of course. ::Smirking:: Surfing lessons will be another delayed adventure. Better to start with general water acclimation and then swimming. ::He gently tickled Aurelio’s belly with his fingers.:: We can get you some lil’ swimmy trunks, huh? Now just need to decide where to take you. ::That earned another brief smile.:: Sakon: I’m sure you’ll manage to figure it out. I’ve already put together a few recommendations for logic classes. Flynn: Logic classes, of course. ::He looked up with a humored smile that faded as soon as he met a completely serious expression and realized the man wasn’t joking. Right. Vulcan. He supposed an open mind went both ways.:: Where does one go for those sorts of lessons? Sakon: There’s a few schools in this district that would suffice. But, ::He paused, glancing about the room.:: I believe Aitas should be home soon. Perhaps you could stay for dinner? It’d give the both of you more time to discuss matters. Flynn: I would like that, thank you. ::A warm genuine smile:: You know Sakon, if you’re not careful I’m going to start thinking you like having me around. ::That earned noncommittal shrug from Sakon.:: Sakon: Aurelio enjoys your presence. I would not deprive him of that. ::He paused, turning toward the door.:: Ah, it seems that Aitas has returned. We can continue this discussion later. ~Fin~ ---------------------------------------------- Antero Flynn Civilian Pilot Starbase 118 Ops C239205AF0 & Sakon Xenobiologist ~Written by~ Lt. Commander Aitas Chief Intelligence Officer Second Officer Starbase 118 Ops O239307A10
  6. Flynn: Well then, I will be there. Not even a teacup targ could stand in my way. YASSS
  7. ((StarBase 118 – Deck 1040, section 3, Adler’s Quarters)) :: Adler’s quarters were not far from the Dungeon he was just in, only a few decks up really. He had programmed the computer to play music upon his arrival, so when the doors opened, he was greeted by a waltz, “An Der Schonen, Blauen Donau” by Johan Strauss II. :: :: After his first whiskey down at the Playhouse, Conrad had switched to hot coffees instead, and now he was just about ready to hit the sack. He leered at the mirror on the wall near the door and decided his hair didn’t need refitting before bed. He opened his jacket and unzipped the gold tunic about halfway on his way to the bed chamber. When he got there, he did an about face toward the exit and let himself fall backwards onto the oh-so-comfortable mattress. :: oO Nice quarters they have here. Not at all like on a starship. Unless I was an admiral. That’ll be the day. Oo Adler: Computer, decrease playback volume 50 %. :: The computer obeyed, and the music quieted a little. Conrad let the mixed excitement and frustration of the day escape his lips as he closed his eyes and let the computer waltz him to sleep. :: Computer: Incoming transmission from cargo freighter Tilma. :: Adler’s eyelids slowly reopened themselves. Adler: :: Quietly, to himself. :: What? Computer: Incoming transmission from the cargo freighter ... Adler: Yes, yes, I heard the first time. :: Conrad sat up in bed, sighing. :: Let’s hear it, Computer. Computer: Text only. oO Of course. Oo :: Conrad rubbed his eyes, smacked the back of his head a couple times, lightly, and got up and went to sit down at the computer terminal on the coffee table in the middle of the main room. When he activated the monitor, there were all sorts of promotional messages about station amenities he decided to deal with later. He opened the message from his family’s cargo ship. Essentially it told him that everyone was doing well, except that their space cat, Munkwitz, had passed on. :: oO Oh, that’s a shame. Oo :: It also told him he had a new baby niece and expressed hope he would be able to see her before she graduated college. :: oO We’ll see. Oo :: The letter concluded with well wishes and some kind of allusion to his mother’s most recent success in the freighter’s tiny kitchen, something about making a blood pie that didn’t sicken the crew. :: oO Oh, that’s a plus. Nice work, Mom. Oo :: Adler rose from the couch he’d sat on and stood looking out the window at the stars. An unbeatable view, always similar and dissimilar to other views from space, always home. In the morning, he would report for duty, but for this moment was his to take in as another waltz finished off in the background. :: ((Time Passes, undetermined)) ((Adler’s Quarters)) :: Aboard the freighter Tilma, things were getting hot. Conrad’s parents had been unable to afford the upkeep of their fine vessel’s gold toilet fixtures, so they’d been smuggling various contraband to keep up. Conrad had warned them time and again that Starfleet would eventually take notice and send him out to catch them. So, that must be why he was aboard right the Tilma now. Yes, that must have been it. Now they were under heavy fire from an unidentified pirate ship and had taken damage. His father was yelling something about never giving up. He said He’d blow up his own ship first. Amid Conrad’s pleas that he take no such extreme steps, the com system rang him awake and out of his dream. :: Silveira/or other Senior Officer: =/\=???=/\ oO What? I just went to bed. Oo Adler: What do you want! Crazy! :: Adler opened his eyes. :: Oh, I mean ... =/\= Adler. What can I do for you, sir? =/\= Silveira/or other Senior Officer: =/\=???=/\= :: Adler sighed and looked up at the ceiling. :: Adler: Computer, cancel playback. :: The music stopped. :: =/\= I’m sorry about that, sir. I had just gone to bed. What are your orders, sir? =/\= Silveira/or other Senior Officer: =/\=???=/\= Adler: =/\= Thank you for your concern, sir, but I assure you I am ready for duty. =/\= :: As an afterthought, Conrad double checked the uniform he was still wearing. It seemed okay. :: Silveira/or other Senior Officer: =/\=???=/\= :: As the Chief of Operations filled him in, Conrad got up and walked to the replicator. :: Adler: =/\= I’ll get right on that, Commander. :: Barking at the replicator :: Double espresso, one sugar, hot! =/\= Silveira/or other Senior Officer: =/\=???=/\= Adler: =/\= Sorry, Commander. I was just getting coffee. I’ll get right to work, Sir. =/\= :: Conrad took a sip before the channel closed, then set the cup on the nearby table. :: Silveira/or other Senior Officer: =/\=???=/\= :: Conrad went to the toilet, straightened up, zipped up the tunic and jacket, and rechecked his appearance in the mirror there. Running his fingers through his longish hair and running a hand across his neckline, he decided he could use a trim under the beard but let it pass for now. He had bigger fish to fry. Hopefully no one would put him on report this first time. He went to retrieve his personal tool case from under his bed, left the bed chamber, picked up his coffee, and left his quarters. Ensign Conrad R. Adler Com/Ops Officer StarBase 118 Ops O2395O7CA0
  8. Congratulations to all our duty post award winners! Thank you all for making this fleet such a special place to play! @Arturo Maxwell it has been such a pleasure watching you grow as a writer and a character this past year. I'm so happy to have you as part of my crew! ❤️ @Ishani Kasun thank you for all your help as a staff member and all the wonderful writing you do as part of Ops. You are a gem and I am so proud of you! Congratulations to @Edward Spears - you are such a joy to write with! So many congratulations to you, and this award is evry well deserved! I look forward to many awesome missions together! @Mirra Ezo - I'm so glad you have found a new niche to let your sassy flag fly. You are such a wonderful player, I'm so glad you're back with us! @Rune Jolara I'm so happy to see your writing recognized. You've been such a wonderful writer and character through so many ships and so many years. While I only got to play with you for a short time, I'm always happy to read your posts on the appreciations forums and see you on the Discord chat - Congratulations! @Randal Shayne - Trivia master and duty post master?! You are truly a Trek Fan extraordinaire! Congratulations! @Oddas Aria it is a pleasure working with you in the Academy and I'm so happy to see your recognized for all your hard work on the Embassy! And to everyone else - I hope to get to know you better over the next year. Congratulations and thank you for being such amazing writers! Keep it up!
  9. Sal is easy: anywhere with drinks and a beach. Risa works! Wyn is also easy: anywhere with drinks and snow. Is there a snow beach on Risa?
  10. Congratulations to all the length of service players! Wow, look at how many wonderful experienced players we have! And going on 25 years for @FltAdml. Wolf! WOW! Your dedication to this game is truly amazing! Congratulations to @Jarred Thoran, I'm so impressed by your work on the training team, and all you do both OOC and IC. You're a great writer, a strong leader and I'm so happy that you're such a supportive member of this group! Congratulations! Three cheers for our Rising Star @Maxwell Traenor! You've done such a great job this year and I know you have big things ahead! I'm having so much fun watching you grow into a leader! Congratulations to @Aitas who has an uncanny eye for detail and a desire to make everything better. Thank you so much for all the hard work you have done! Congratulations to @Rustyy_Hael, I'm so happy that we could recognize your relentless positive attitude and commitment to making sure everyone is enjoying this game both IC and OOC. Thank you for all the hard work you put in! I'm so happy to recognize @Trel'lis, you've improved so much and worked so hard over the past years to grow into a department head and good friend. I know this year has been difficult for you, but thank you so much for pushing through and staying creative and focused. I'm so glad you're a part of our community! And Congratulations to @Renos! You're an inspiration to us all and an incredible point of outreach to the gaming community at large. Thank you so much for all you have done, I'm so happy to see you honored for your role in so many online conventions and planning outside events! Congratulations everyone! Thank you for all the memories, fun times and great writing - and here's to another year ahead!
  11. Congratulations to all our general award winners! Thank you all for all the amazing writers you do on your ships! You are the players who make this game a great place to play! Congratulations to @Jalana for a well deserved Sarek Star! I've watched your ship grow and get stronger throughout the past year and I'm so happy that you could be recognized for all the hard work you have done! Congratulations to @Maxwell Traenor for the Chief's Citation! You've done such good work in the past year and I'm so glad you were able to be recognized! Congratulations! Congratulations to Captain @Brell! We're so proud of you - you stepped into a very difficult situation and came out leading an incredibly strong ship! You have done a great job in the past year! I'd also like to give a shout out to our newest Captain @Theo Whittaker - I know that your name isn't on the staff awards list this year, but that's only because you ended up in the awkward phase of having a fairly new ship. Your crew was so supportive of you, and I wanted to pass on my own personal encouragement that you are also doing a great job and I fully expect you to be up here next year! Also congratulations to @Quinn Reynolds for all the recognition of your hard work! I'm so happy that you've been such a strong member of the staff for the past years, and thank you for all your hard work! And last but certainly not least congratulations to @Renos! Thank you so much for being a great mentor and a tireless champion for this game! I'm so happy to see you recognized for all your great work! Awesome work everyone!!
  12. (( USS Nerandra, Sickbay)) ::No plan survives contact with the enemy. At least not in its original form, because there is always that imponderal that reality shoves up on your face. But Vitor was never much fan from Moltke the Elder. In fact he always considered the Prussians generals a little over rated, mostly because he was never a fan of Clausewitz and always thought his book was not the broader military manual most considered. However now was not the time to bring in war theory considerations, it was time to adapt the plan to the detail the Devil has put in front of him. And there were at least 4 or 5 details, in the form of the Romulans that beamed in to Sickbay. In the second he realized it, he went for his phaser and shouted again.:: Silveira: SEAL THE MORGUE. INCOMING… ::Not waiting for the replies from the rest of the team, as the Romulans materialized he fired his phaser up in their general direction and shut the door to the morgue. He jumped for cover. Raising his phaser from behind the biobed he was now kneeling behind he fired again, as disruptor fire blasted around him. He was pinned down and he only hoped the others reacted quickly. In a second he made a decision. In the next he almost changed his mind, when he realized he would never consider this. He was always the first to step in and ready to sacrifice himself. Always ready to make the last stand. Not this time.:: Silveira: I surrender... ::It was time to change the plan. His mind returned to military strategists, and the one, and Vitor didn’t cared about the discussions surrounding the real authorship of the book, he considered the real master of war. The one that put on the principles that were truly “The Art of War”, over 3000 Earth years ago. And as Sun Tzu wrote, “To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill”.:: Vrerik: Yes, I’m sure you do… ::Vitor threw his phaser over the biobed, before slowly raising behind the biobed with his hands above his head. He avoided looking to the Morgue door and firmly kept his eyes on who appeared to be the leader of the team.:: Silveira: Lieutenant Commander Vitor Stone Silveira, Starfleet number O238907VS0. Vrerik: Well, Lieutenant-Commander Silveira. ::Motioning with his pistol.:: Why don’t you have a seat? ::He walked slowly to the bench the Romulan pointed to him. With relief he saw him motioned for three of the guards to leave and secure the hallway outside. Besides the leader there was just another gard. He hoped the others on the morgue could listen to them and were taking what little time he was buying them.:: Vrerik: I have some questions for you, Commander. ::Stepping closer, the Romulan promptly back-handed Vitor with his pistol.:: How many others have you brought aboard? ::Vitor managed to remain seated as he was struck. It was a good blow and he felt the blood inside his mouth. It hurt, but he had taken worse blows. Vitor raised his head and smirked at his captor, with his best teasing expression, in spite the sore cheek.:: Silveira: Just a few. We don’t need much to take back what is ours. ::Then the alarms sounded around them. Quarantine fields were raised and Vitor smiled realizing the plan was in motion and the others managed to beam out the canisters..:: Vrerik: I asked you ::Another backhand:: how many!? ::Vitor nearly fell off this time and now it really hurt. His left side felt warm and he lost sight for a moment. He felt something else on his brow, but now he couldn’t tell if it was the bruise or a cut. Knowing it was a matter of time he kept the defying expression, forcing himself to a wide smile, and hopping Max could hear him.:: Silveira: Shirley. You can’t expect me to tell you. ::That looked like it worked. He wondered if the Romulan knew that classic humor gag. He pressed his pistol into Vitor’s forehead, with a cruel smile on his face. It wasn’t the first time he was on a hot spot like this one. But there is always something about having a gun in you head, and an enemy ready to use it. Vitor kept his posture, but he couldn’t help it as the thoughts of the two most important persons in his life rose from the back of his head. Jonathan and Fai. And again time, but not really about the form, or the fact it had been just a few seconds that feel like hours. But of future and present. Because that was what Jonathan and Fai meant to him right now, and for them he would risk it all.:: Silveira: Like the klingons say, today is a good day to die. Vrerik: As you wish it, Starfleet. ::The Romulan pressed harder the pistol and Vitor closed his eyes. Perhaps he overplayed his bluff. Could it be that the final moment really come? After all the years on the edge, sometimes ready to leap, was it now? Even closed, his eyes began to burn, as he felt tears forming in them. He was losing the future, Jonathan. Seeing his son grow, proud of his heritage, half Human half Andorian, in a Federation that although it wasn’t perfect it would allow him to live free, and work with others, boldly going where ever he wanted. And the present, with Fai. More than anything else he feared for how she would suffer from his loss. In that second, that relative second that felt like an hour, his thoughts were to them. He barely realized the pressure from the pistol eased, until it was gone, and he only opened his eyes when the Romulan spoke.:: Vrerik: What…. ::A growl.:: Starfleet tricke- tric- ery…. ::His enemy began to collapse, losing his pistol and fighting to keep himself straight. The tears in his eyes fell as he smiled. He felt them burn when they pass by the side of his face that was hurt, but he kept smiling. Forcing himself up he spoke, uncertain if the Romulan could hear him.:: Silveira: We learn it from the Romulans. ::He pushed himself forward and walked to the nearest console, tapping it to open a line to the morgue. To his surprise it was already open, and his smile widen as he spoke.:: Silveira: Sorry about that, Shirley here wanted to spoil our party. Zel,Elspeth,McLaren,EMH,Maxwell: ? ::Vitor nodded even if they couldn’t see him.:: Silveira: It worked, thankfully it worked… Zel,Elspeth,McLaren,EMH,Maxwell: ? ::Vitor’s head began to hurt and he had to lean down.:: Silveira: So… Who is going to give me a hand here? Shirley gave me a couple of slaps with his pop gun and it’s hurting like hell. Zel,Elspeth,McLaren,EMH,Maxwell: ? ::Vitor tried to answer them, but his legs gave in and he stumbled to the ground. He felt dizzy, hurt and couldn’t think straight.:: Silveira: oO Dammit… Don’t let me die on the beach… Oo TAG/TBC Lt. Cmd. Vitor S. Silveira Chief of Operations Starbase 118 Ops O238907VS0 --
  13. Well, if you're going to be confused, it's best to be proper about it!
  14. It was either that... or promise not to laugh at you >.>
  15. Please tell me I wasn't the only person waiting for the guy with ram's horns to headbutt someone?! Elspeth... I think that's a challenge...
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