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  1. Welcome to the Forums and the fleet, hope you enjoy it as much as I do :-)

  2. Nice 1st post on the Ronin, I love your message to Evanna. :-)

  3. welcome to the club, great to have you with us :-)

  4. ((Surgical Bay - USS Braveheart)) ::As he marched towards the surgical bay, Eliaan Deron thought about the worst part of being a Starfleet medical officer: knowing that at any moment the lives of those around him may end up in his hands. His father, a civilian medic throughout his career, had given long lectures at the dinnertable over the importance of maintaining professional distance from one's patients.:: ::That was easy in a civilian setting, Eliaan argued in his head to his father. Being a Starfleet officer meant being thrown together with a small group of people, wrapped in several to
  5. how do you get you banner in the about me thing

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