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  1. The Next Gen is, I think the Aegis is still the best ship. The Aegis' stealth ability is a huge boost. My gamer tag on PSN is BQUIDI feel free to add me.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm Brandon, I live in the Chicago area. I used to write as Jack Shepard back in my late teens and tried to get back in the swing of things as Scott. It just didn't work out with military. I have been out of the Navy for a few years and drill in the National Guard one weekend a month. My full time job is a police officer in a decent sized town. I'm looking forward to get the creative juices going again with a totally new character. Hope to sim with you all again soon.
  3. Hello Everyone! Looks like I'm slated for the next academy class. I'm looking forward to it. Here is a small intro. ((Shuttlecraft Free Flight) Alex was not a stranger to space flight. He was a Starfleet brat and had been aboard a few ships in his lifetime. His family tried to give him a stable childhood, but the life of Starfleet officer was an adventurous one. His father, an accomplished science officer, always wanted Alex to fit into his shoes as a scientist. Alex was more like his mother and had a knack for piloting and weapons. Alex did not lack a scientific aptitude, but i
  4. Just waiting for the welcome letter. Excited to start simming with them again :)

  5. How you getting on pal?

  6. How you getting on pal?

  7. fill reg's? I'm having too much fun. Try something new, this is where we can step out and learn... and have fun at it. FUN is the Prime directive here. :o)

  8. Oh and thanks Evanna! :)

  9. Whenever this class ends. lol I actually need one more post to fill the requirement. We haven't posted Bios yet, ugh!

  10. when you reporting back to station buddy

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