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  1. Ezo: "Oh Baylen arranged for all this did he. And when is the "move in" date...?"
  2. Flynn: “I understand, and thanks.” ::He stood and offered another smile. He knew it would be strange for a while, especially with Baylen being such a large part of both of their lives. Thankfully, Antero had already come to terms with where they stood, and had no plans of standing outside Theo's quarters with a boom box.::
  3. Whittaker: "I'll... adjust." :: with a smile :: "Just don't go swapping notes about me."
  4. Flynn: ::Under his breath:: Like a big pile of squishy potatoes... In reply to hairless Tribbles
  5. Lt. JG Antero Flynn - Mischief Managed anything Harry Potter is awesome lol
  6. Ezo: Want to tell me what's going on here...? Or should I just get the smelling salts...
  7. Ezo: My-My Theo, step out in your dress whites and you have them falling at your feet.
  8. Ezo: Commander Yum Y-I mean, Commander Whittaker will be fine, let's worry about you for the moment...
  9. MSNPC Boris Malinov: In Deep Tribble (Lt. Commadner Theo Whittaker)
  10. Flynn: Tribbles did what? ::He couldn't suppress a chuckle.:: Come on, is Baylen behind this? ::He looked around again, expecting him to pop out and give up the joke.::
  11. well that is "THE TROUBLE WITH TRANSFERS" we have some minor fails lol
  13. ::Mirra blinked in surprise at the comment oO Unpack later? The hell does he think I'm doing?? Sorting through my shoe collection...? Oo::
  14. Taybrin --- The crashing waves of emotion pouring off Anders were interesting to say the least. Heightened, as if the man had huffed some sort of chemical that made his reactions similar to a hamster on methamphetamines.
  15. This one was so good it was used twice lol, First by Theo and then Flynn and Mirra, I guess Great minds and all lol
  16. Ezo: ::looking puzzled:: Wait...don't you have fish? Flynn: ::avoiding eye contact:: I don't want to talk about it.
  17. Ezo: ...With their unwavering and shameless breeding activities..? ::grinning:: Maybe they'll let you adopt one.
  18. Flynn:: ::brightening:: Ooh tribbles! I've always felt a special kinship with tribbles.
  19. Flynn: Hey don't be mocking the tropical shirts. These are not only a symbol of the island life, but of a mindset of relaxation and simplicity.
  20. 1st Lt Raisillius -- Like Shooting Tribbles In A Convention Centre
  21. LtJG Mirra Ezo and LtJG Antero Flynn - Tribble in Paradise Got to love Jimmy Buffet lol... and I was sad that he died in Jurassic World lol
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