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  1. Diplomacy is currently purple... I wish it wasn't, but it is.
  2. I agree with Brek. Love the dark red for Command and also agree with the white for diplomacy. Purple just isn't my color lol
  3. Found this and this it looks amazing. Sounds like a very promising story-line. https://youtu.be/wBZotCpkzXg
  4. Someone is paying attention to our site.... I found this very interesting. I guess they ran out of ideas so they nicked Tracey's. http://www.startrek.com/article/poll-says-you-want-this-security-officer-as-your-bodyguard
  5. I do not want to be the Ambassador who tries.
  6. Already gave my review in the Apollo thread... excellent fan production.
  7. I would love to get it but yeah at that price it won't happen.
  8. I had to pick one from each series. Garak... well he was such a wonderfully complex character. Both bad and good. I just loved him. Neelix was my fav from Voyager. Funny and smarter than given credit. And a true survivor. Guinan... Who can't like a soft spoken, wise woman who put the fear of god into Q? Seriously though, I wish they would have done much more with her and the El-Aurians. T'Pol... I suppose I liked the struggle they showed most of all between her being a good little Vulcan and fighting those pesky little emotions that would break through. Again, I think there was so much more they could have done with her. I think the thing with all of these are, they are actually complex characters if you look beyond what's on the surface.
  9. It was a love/hate kinda thing. Some episodes were just too stupid in my opinion while others were great.
  10. I absolutely love Prelude to Axanar. Very well done. I think it would be an awesome full length film. Renegades looks kind of interesting but I haven't really seen enough of it to really decide if I would like it.
  11. I can't remember specifically which episodes it mentioned in but I do remember hearing them use "credits".
  12. He touched so many lives well beyond Star Trek. Now he lives forever among the stars. RIP Leonard, you shall be missed.
  13. Well I grew up watching TOS with my uncle. I've seen every episode at least a dozen times. But it wasn't until TNG came around when I was in high school that I became really hooked on it.
  14. I saw this a while ago. Very nicely done. It would be awesome if they can get the funding to do a full movie.
  15. Very disappointing for sure. I wish I had been able to participate more. As Clayas said, it gave us the opportunity to do things with our characters we never really get the chance to do while simming and hit on topics we may never have thought of on our own. Just very sad to see the challenges end.
  16. I was going to do this one but things happened that ruined it for me so it's not happening now. Maybe next time.
  17. ((Unknown)) ::There was everything, and then there was nothing. Both concepts described the circumstances, yet neither did it any justice. All that could be said was that nothing was as it should have been. Everything, even the laws thought unbreakable, were turned on their ends. Time dripped down into the nether itself flowing forward, and backwards, and in on itself.:: ::Darkness fell all around, suffocating, despite the blinding light that ignited a fire so cold it froze one to the core. Or was it all just a lie? There was nothing that could be seen, and yet everything lay out before everyone all at one point in time. It made perfect sense, and no sense, all in one neatly chaotic little package.:: ::A voice echoed in the space around her.:: Hellooooo....hellooo....helloo... ::Like the river of time, the voice faded and amplified, turning in on itself and disappearing from the very existence it once encompassed. What was this place? Faded memories like old newspaper clippings washed around what could be described as a mind, yet in this universe, was no more than electrical impulse. Transcendence, one could claim, would take humanity and all other species to a place where only pure energy existed. Bodies, thoughts, differences, pain, suffering, joy, hate, camaraderie...it would all fall to the wayside as evolution found ultimate control.:: ::If there was a universe in which that would happen, it was this one. Evolution had taken the bodies, but had not effected the minds as some philosophers would have believed. Though the images of what was and what would be were invisible, sentience permeated space itself.:: ::It made no sense, except for that it made all the sense in the galaxy. Or universe. Or multiverse.:: ::A whisper crashed through the din of the silence like a wave on the rocks of Cape Horn.:: Unknown: Ressssst. ::The return of something, an answer, a directive, gave means to struggle. Against the lack of restraints there was fighting, and though nothing held anyone down, she was frozen. The questions froze with her, unspoken to the winds that comprised wherever this was.:: Unknown: Reconstruction has already begun. ::And with that, everything once again faded into nothing. The fond memories of a life left behind found her once more, albeit this time with an urgency that didn't exist before. It seemed to mean nothing just then, but in time, it would come to mean everything.:: TBC Unknown In an Unknown Universe where Nothing Makes Sense As simmed by Lieutenant Cayden Adyr Intelligence Officer/Command Advisor USS Apollo
  18. Either BSG or I'd make up my own sci-fi world/universe, which I have done in the past.
  19. ((Jamming Room – The Tower)) ::Nate had created quite a buildup of stunned guards, all of which had fallen unconscious at the top of the stairwell. Frankly it was becoming somewhat ridiculous. They had dedicated a significant number of guards to preventing them from deactivating the beaming jammer. However, the Starfleet officers had the superior advantage and it was beginning to come across as something of an “overkill” on their part.:: ::Nate allowed himself a moment to focus on the situation with his colleagues – Fi, D’Sena, Collim, even Gordo. They were all still alive.:: ::His comrades were all growing on him. He respected them greatly. He would hate for anything to happen to any of them. And even though he felt that this particular arena of combat presented now significant danger to them, he still would not allow his friends to be hurt in any way.:: ::It was during that moment of thought and hesitation, that Nate noticed he’d allowed one heavily armored guard to get to the top of the steps. The soldier was wearing some sort of sophisticated energy absorption armor, and was mounted with a chemically mounted, tank fed, flame throwing backpack.:: ::Fi screamed something to get Nate’s attention. He didn’t know what exactly, he simply heard a voice.:: ::His mind refocused on the flame throwing guard, and he instinctively fired, without taking a moment to aim.:: ::Nate’s shot was on spec, but poorly aimed, and the shot left a trail, which danced up the soldiers armor, glancing across his backpack.:: ::The chemical exhilarant in the tank was no match for the focused energy beam, and it super ignited. The shockwave rocked the man to his knees, and he screamed in pain as he was engulfed in flames.:: ::The soldier screamed, burning alive. He hadn’t meant to kill the soldier, but the shot had missed…:: Wilmer: No… no…! No!!! ::The man was screaming in agony. None of his compatriots were attempting to put him out. They were just letting him burn. However, it soon didn’t matter. A second or two after the explosion sent shrapnel into the soldiers back, the screaming stopped.:: ::The soldier was dead.:: ::Nate felt a moment of serious guilt pass his mind. In all his years in Starfleet, in all the time serving in the Dominion War, and in the many away missions since, he had never killed anyone.:: ::No one moved up the stairs. No more guards came. That one lethal kill scared the remaining guards, sending them retreating down the stairs in terror. No matter how much the soldier had meant to kill them all with his flame thrower, no matter how well intentioned Nate’s defense of his friends had been, he had killed someone.:: ::He would never forget that man’s screams as he burned.:: TBC Ensign Nathaniel Wilmer Intel Officer USS Apollo-A
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