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  1. Hello Michael! Greetings from another part of Germany! I am originally from NRW as well (Oberhausen) but have been living in Berlin for the last 17 years. Also, are you one of 'Them'? Do you really want to make us believe that you exist? Or are we talking with a construct you planted into our brains via 'them'?
  2. While during the last years I have often seen TBC and TAG I have rarely used them. In the beginning, I did because I thought it's like a must, but over the time I practically dropped it. On my ship people sometimes use it, others don't. I see it as a personal preference. As @Felderburg said you obviously saw that there are tags in the sim once you reach the end and to me, every sim is an open invitation to continue unless a comment is left that the plot is ended like for example ((OOC: Looks like a good spot to end it.)) The only time I actually use a TBC is if I write a JP (joint post) with someone and I know that someone posts another part after me, that indicates that the scene is not done but more is coming.
  3. Hey Marc, welcome to SB 118! I am Jess and I'm from Germany as well! I started a bit more than 5 years ago, nervous if my language skills are good enough and I worried for naught. Writing here also helped me to improve further. So, I'm sure you will do great and have a lot of fun
  4. Hiya, thank you for your question! I personally have written to first done the whole becoming an officer thing and later on went through remote training to become a host. That required a mentor close by which was another Trill character who was played by another player. That way I could do both without interferences and include another player in the process as well. The early 20s is a required minimum age, that does not mean it has to happen at that time, so you can become creative with that. Hope that helps!
  5. (( Nugra's Office - USS Gorkon )) :: Anyone that had spent any time around him knew that Nugra preferred everything ordered and in its place. The vacuum cleaner stood proudly in the corner by the potted plant and a 3 foot black triangle case that housed a secret that he was not yet ready to boot up. The Gorn had finally had time to clean up on their voyage back to a place known as Iana Station and also get access to subspace again. :: :: The place he spent more time than his own quarters were filled with screens that either displayed the lazily spinning logo of Starfleet or had the face of a commander or a captain on it. There was even a commodore on the far panel listening quietly to the conversation. :: Stoker: That's pretty much it, Captain Nugra. We've been tracking Orion movements through the northern part of the sector. Starbase 173 picked up a small cluster of cruisers making their way towards the general direction of Khazara. :: A Bolian commander wearing the yellow of a tactical officer ran his hand across his bald head. :: Gresk: And you think that Sicarian ship picked up by the Pakled freighters has nothing to do with it. We can't have the Orions in bed with Sicarius. :: For the first time, Nugra spoke up, his gravely voice silencing everyone. It was not like he did it on purpose, it was just the deep, raspy growl kicked some sort of defensive mechanism in mammalian species. :: Nugra: Sicarian presence in the Tyrellian sector is almost non-existent. The data shows that it is too heavily trafficked for them to want to use as a base. Everything we have found about them shows a tendency to live in outlying systems away from prying eyes. I think the Orion are simply sifting their fleets to handle the Romulan Empire which has been re-gaining their strength in recent years. :: Bother Stoker and Gresk nodded. They were both Chiefs of their respective vessels as as the Taskforce Security Liaison, it had been made his job to coordinate and keep the data flowing. The position was a new idea and the idea was that having such a freeflow of tactical and security minded people could help provide the right data at the right time for anyone functioning in the Tyrellian sector. :: Nugra: Anything else? Stoker: That's it for me. Same time next month? Nugra: Unless something comes up. :: The channels all clicked to the Starfleet symbol and Nugra turned to the Commodore who had remained silent for most of the time. :: Nugra: I hope you are doing well, Commodore Westhaven. :: The human woman with red hair smiled at him and gave him a friendly nod. :: Westhaven: I am Captain. Thank you for the opportunity to listen in. I'm hoping that with the information you provided, Starfleet Sciences & Technologies can consider moving a contingent in to examine and be available in case of an encounter with a hazardous object. :: Starfleet Sciences & Technologies or more commonly referred to as the SST was a special team of Starfleet personnel trained in the retrieval and clean up of powerful and alien technology. They made a name for themselves cleaning up the Borg cube at the Battle of Wolf 359 and saving seven of the wrecked Federation vessels. They had risked their lives to board a breaching ship and use their expertise to save the hull from destruction. :: Nugra: I am glad. I hope to see you here personally one day so I may show you around. Westhaven: I might take you up on that, Nugra. You have a good rest of your evening. :: Nugra remained silent at the use of his name. As a Gorn, to show respect was to use the properly earned title. That was why he had a tendency to use Mister or a persons rank, even though they were friends. Like Alucard Vess. He only called the man by his first name in private or close knit group of friends. He was still referred to as Commander or Mister Vess in front of juniors. It was his appropriately earned title. Now, when it came to his superiors, he forgave it as a sign of respect to their authority. :: :: The chime at his door rang and he turned wondering what was next on his list. He did not expect the buxom but willowy woman who strode in with arms clasped in front of her and a PADD held against her stomach. Her blond hair cascaded down her shoulders which looked strange against her green skin. Her blue eyes were even more striking as Orions were never supposed to have that color. The glittering insignia of a Petty Officer 1st Class. :: Nugra: Petty Officer Shedet. :: She shifted uncomfortably and glanced down at her feet. Shedet was a carefree and happy Orion woman that sometimes made Nugra sick to his stomach. She just moved too much at times. To see her quiet and respectful was not normally her stye. In a way, she seemed older since the last time they spoke. :: Shedet: Permission to enter? Nugra: ::motioning to a chair:: Please. :: She walked in and the Gorn caught a few crewman passing by take a quick peek at her. He had heard Orions could be provocative but that was something outside his understanding. :: Nugra: Mister Shedet. Do you know why you are here? :: Her skinned lightened slightly as she paled from his words. The Gorn did not blame her. The last time he had said something like that did not end well for her. :: (( FLASHBACK - 239202.15 - Ready Room - USS Victory )) Nugra: Enter. :: The door hissed open and Shedet's eyes immediately found the massive lizard that was working behind the mahogany desk. He was busy tapping on the computer. Shedet entered, but remained quiet. :: Nugra: Sit. :: Obeying, she immediate moved over to the chair across from his desk and sat down. For the next five minutes, the room was only filled with the sound of his razor sharp claws tapping away. Nugra finally clicked off the screen and turned to her, hands folded in front of him. :: Nugra: Mr. Shedet. Do you know why you are here? Shedet: I would assume it has to do with the invasion of the Victory while we were in the nebula? :: The Orion was not going to just walk into his waiting claws. There was no escape, but she was going to wiggle as much as possible. :: Nugra: Yes. Your actions, in the long run, saved the ship, but I am extremely angry about your hack of the Victory's computer systems. Only command grade officers are allowed to have the access you decided to give yourself and the intrusion could have weakened the system as a whole. Lieutenant Commander Sharpe's office has wound up having to go through each part of the whole ship's database to make sure there are no other surprises. You have cost this crew quite a number of credits. :: Shedet remained silent. It was standard procedure and there were probably a bunch of programmers cursing her name at the moment. :: Nugra: Furthermore, you threatened a non-commissioned officer and that is unacceptable. :: Shedet's left eyebrow shot up. She threatened somebody?:: Shedet: Sir? Nugra: You threatened Sergeant Major Kildare with your....::reading PADD::...brassier. Shedet: ::snickering:: Oh, yes. :: The cold stare from the Gorn stole any humor from the situation. :: Nugra: Now, it is time to deal with all of your issues, Miss Shedet. oO Ouch, he used my proper title. Oo Nugra: Your actions did save this ship and for that I am grateful. The ends do not justify the means and so I am hereby removing you from the chain of command. Shedet: Excuse me, sir? Nugra: Under Article 15 of the Orders of Court Martial, I am going to offer you the following administrative discipline. In an effort to improve your attitude and standing as a starfleet officer, you are going to be added to a 'Re-education' program of my own. You will temporarily loose all rank and privilege, you will be on 12 hour shifts 6 days a week with 1 day for a planned rest period. You will be assigned whatever job I see fit to improve your understanding on the procedures, and this will last as long as I am sure of your re-integration in to starfleet. Upon your successful graduation, you will be restored as a full lieutenant. oO Where there is a silver lining to this hell. Oo Nugra: Though you must voluntarily accept this discipline, I should advise you that my official action in a court martial will be to send you to a maximum security penal colony for 20 or more years. :: Shedet's heart was in her shoes. She was offered a hell on earth for an unknown amount of time, or a definitive hell in a penal colony for twenty plus years. Standing, Shedet spoke quietly. :: Shedet: I'll accept the article 15, sir. Nugra: Remove your rank. :: Taking off the jacket so she only was wearing her black T-shirt, she distinctively knew what that meant. She wasn't allowed to even wear the uniform till he decided. :: Nugra: Return to your post. Your new regimen starts tomorrow. Dismissed. (( END FLASHBACK )) Shedet: No, sir. I do not know why I'm here. Nugra: Because, Petty Officer. I'd like you to consider a position change. :: That had caught her off guard. He had looked into her history when he heard she was aboard and found that while aboard the USS Darwin-A helping then Captain Renos, she had voluntarily given up her commission to become enlisted. Since they she had a rather storied career with no blemishes. :: Shedet: Sir? Nugra: I'd like you to consider becoming my Aide in the Taskforce Security Liaison position. I need someone to help me with the administrative and someone who can think on their feet. There are some excellent candidates onboard but I want someone I know. Shedet: ::surprised:: I'm...I'm honored, Captain but I don't know with our past.... Nugra: I'm willing to move forward if you are. I was harsh on you and for that I do apologize. :: The apology seemed to be more stunning than the job offer. He was such a hard nosed and arrogant officer so many years before. His experience with the crew of the Hatsheput had taught him a lot. :: Shedet: ::beaming:: Apology accepted, Captain, though you were not out of line. I did hack the Victory's system and if Victoria had found out, I'd be in a hell of a mess. :: Nugra nodded to the triangle box and she glanced over at it. :: Shedet: No...You don't have her... Nugra: That's for another time, Petty Officer. If you want time to think about the position-- Shedet: No, sir. I'll take it. I'm honored you'd ask me. :: She stood and they both shook hands. A very human gesture that the Gorn and Orion had settled on as a way to communicate. She held his clawed hand for a moment and then patted it with the other. :: Shedet: I think she would be very proud of what you have become, Sir. Nugra: ::confused:: Who? Nugra: Talia Kaji. She did ask me to watch out for you if we were ever together. I'll be able to do what I promised. :: Nugra's stomach dropped slightly and then he gave a forlorn smile. His heart ached for a woman that he realized that he loved only after she had left. She was serving on the Obsidian Colony with a grant and from what he could tell, doing it happily. :: Nugra: Dismissed, Shedet...and thank you. :: She turned to leave and he went back to his desk. :: Nugra: Just please...don't strangle anyone with your brassier. I don't want to explain that one to the Admiral. Shedet: ::Grinning: Well, you've got to wear one to use one. :: The dead serious look made Shedet quickly clarify. :: Shedet: It's a joke, sir. I am fully aware of the clothing regulations. :: With that, she left. :: -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Captain Nugra Taskforce Security Liaison Publicity Facilitator The Archivist USS Gorkon, NCC-82293 V238008N10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  6. Welcome! I'm in Second Life too, have been for a long time Hope you'll have as much fun here, it's a great bunch
  7. This is the way we write our sims (RP Mails) someone starts a scene and begins a conversation then leaves 3-5 tags (which are the empty lines) towards another character. The player of that character then fills in the gaps and continues the scene in the same fashion. That way the people writing have something to go by when they write their sims. For example this scene: Started with action by Rajel and the lines of her. Milsap then wrote a sim in which he wrote his action and filled the gap before continuing leaving his own tags like So that Rajel (me) can fill in the gaps and continue the scene in my next sim. We make sure not to make decisions for the other character and there is plenty of room to bring in your own ideas, and ways to answer the tags you receive. Hope that helped a bit
  8. For me it is enough to get them via email, so I do not want Browser notifications, but they seem to be enabled once I pressed a "Allow" button once. I just figured if anyone else would like to turn off the browser notifications, this is how to do it in firefox: There is this little world globe in the address bar. Click on it and "Block" Show Notifications. Something similar is in Chrome, same location but it looks like a padlock.
  9. I personally use a simple Text editor, that does not support any formatting. Though seeing some sims that are very colourful and with different font sizes, this simple tut, is quite useful!
  10. Happy Birthday!

    1. Nugra


      Thanks! Sorry I missed this. :)

  11. Hi Ricky and welcome to SB118! Happy you found your way here and hope that you'll have just as much as we have (oh yes totally the royal we lol - kidding).
  12. Happy we were of help! And don't worry. It is awesome that you are full of enthusiasm! Always feel free to ask
  13. Yes that answers the questions, though Player chars (no matter if PNPC, PC or Mock Cadet) won't be played like NPCs by Academy Class Leaders or CO/FO on ships They are all played purely by the character's writer But NPCs can be played by everyone.
  14. Hi Leland! First thank you for your suggestion It does indeed happen that there are a lot of cadets at once, but that will help you later on a ship as there are usually 11-13 or so players that write themselves and sometimes even so called PNPCs (Personal NPCs). But the speed might vary from ship to ship and in contrast to the Academy class. Mock Cadets often make themselves known (I know I do) but I am not sure what you mean with "using them a bit more freely in terms of moving the dramatic tension forward", since that is what everyone can do, as the story is written by everyone in same parts That is why we call it cooperative writing. So you should not be afraid to step on anyone's toes. Keep your duty post in mind when you post if you are not sure about the toe stepping, so you can for example leave something in your idea for a department that deals with such things, that way you can include include the other players, so that everyone in the class can write your ideas with you And don't worry, you do not have to be perfect, and you will still continue to learn on a ship. It will become easier in time. I hope I could help you a little with this.
  15. Darn Raissa, you found us out. Spotties, we need a new plan! And welcome Ayiana, from one spotty to another
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