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  1. Jorus Cogud emerged from the airlock, he breathed in the air and looked around Starbase 118, it was the real thing, he was becoming a true member of Starfleet. He originated from Trill, he was roughly 6ft tall with a trimmed beard his eyes where a deep shade of green and his hair well groomed. His spots running down the side of him made him feel extremely proud of his heritage, he was the first member of his family to join Starfleet and felt an obligation to do well and give his family a name that would be recognized throughout the Federation. After much consideration Jorus decided to go and look around the vast station he was in, his flawless uniform seemed to glisten in the hustle and bustle of the station. Jorus looked around and noticed something immediately, a Ferengi Merchant was trying to sell fake Rubies to a Cadet, he knew they where fake because his uncle was a conman and taught Jorus many things about the trade. He slowly closed in on the Merchant and the Cadet. "Pardon me but, are those rubies real?" Jorus questioned the Ferengi. "Real, these rubies are as real as my lobes" The Merchant replied quickly. "Then your lobes must be fake, these aren't rubies, they are salt crystals died red." Jorus informed the Cadet, picking one up and crushing it with ease in his hands. Jorus was about to say something else to the Merchant but he had gone. "Thanks, you saved me alot there." The cadet said to Jorus, he was human and looked very fresh out of the academy, he was the only person with a more flawless uniform than Jorus "No problem, the names Jorus Cogud, and you?" "I'm James Aubery Stark" "What brings you to Starbase 118?" Jorus asked "I am assigned here for some hands on experience in a station, you?" James asked "I am preparing for my first assignment via the training program" Jorus explained "Good luck, I gotta go the Commander wants to see me" James said "Nice to meet you Mr. Stark" "You to Mr.Cogud and thanks again" James Stark stood up, entering the traffic of the station. Jorus looked around the station and caught a glimpse of a clock. It was time. Name - Jorus Cogud Species - Trill Height - 6ft Eye Colour - Green Hair Colour - Dark Brown
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