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Graduating Class of 238510.27

FltCapt. Sidney Riley

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This is an area for members of this training class to keep in touch with each other.

DATES: The class began on October 27, 2008, and ended on November 02, 2008.

LIST: sb118-academy4

COMMANDING OFFICER: Commander Sidney Riley

FIRST OFFICER: Lt. Commander Delinda Sharee


- Kane Mitchells

Congratulations to you all, and welcome to our fleet!

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Hi all!!

Thanks for your welcome, I'm very happy for having passed the academy and have entered the Starbas118.

I have updated my personal profile. But it is still incomplete and I'll update in the next few days. I like to give depth to my characters and personality. They must seem more than just typed letters.

I have also seen the wiki. I have created an account with which I'll develop my character (Kane Mitchells) more deeply. And maybe I dare to write any article in English .. although that is more complicated.

I've seen that I have sent to the USS Eagle, it is perfect because it's the kind of vessels (intrepid) I like most. I hope to start soon.

Thanks again.

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If you need help with the wiki, feel free to drop me or one of the other admins a note.

Eagle's a good ship. I've worked with it's First Officer before; she's a brilliant writer and always a delight to work with. From what I've seen, the ship has a fine captain too. Have fun over there. :)

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