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Ensign Madison Marsh - "Happy to Help"

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@Madison Marsh @Karen Stendhal Love the friendship that is building between these two characters. 


((Computer Junction B-47, Qo'Nos District, Starbase 118))

((OOC: My scenes of dialogue were unintentionally missed, so I attempted to patch this sim together to complete it for Madison. It happens to the best of us on occasion, all is good. Taybrim you are up! I have enjoyed writing with everyone and look forward to shore leave. 🙂 ))
Madison provided Karen with a comedic salute and flashed a contagious grin. She was without a doubt an expressive and extroverted woman. Her interactions fueled her with an abundance of energy at times. 
oO I'm glad that Karen feels that way. She is such a lovely and supportive friend. Oo

Marsh: Aye Aye Counselor Stendhal.

Stendhal: Aye Doctor Marsh.
She pressed her combadge gently with her soft and delicate hand. Madison was into self care and treated her skin with lotion on the daily. 

=/\= Marsh to Taybrim. Counselor Stendhal and I have escaped a holographic entity known as Lemoncable. Thank you for holding the door open for us sir. =/\=

Taybrim: =/\= Doctor Marsh, Counselor Stendhal, I saw your work in the systems.  Fantastic job, the both of you!=/\=

Expressing gratitude, Karen Stendhal remarked to the Commodore

Stendhal =/\=  Thank you Commodore! I must say, Doctor Marsh here was really on the ball. =/\=

A smile formed on her lips and it was evident in her friendly tone of voice. She had enjoyed working with Karen and wanted to make sure that the Commodore knew about it. Perhaps he would assign them as a tandem going forward during other missions. Either way, it was worth a shot in her opinion as she had nothing to lose with the hint. 


Marsh: =/\= Thank you sir, Counselor Stendhal and I make a lovely team. =/\= 

Taybrim: =/\= Yes, I think it’s time we cleaned this mess up and got some down time to recuperate. =/\=

Whenever Hael was 'around', Karen found herself adopting a somewhat informal, on-the-road manner of speaking.


Stendhal: =/\= We caught wind of a colossal explosion here! I mean, it rattled the rafters. Is everyone in one piece over there, safe and sound? Just thought we'd touch base to make sure everything's hunky-dory on your end. =/\=

Madison nodded her head in complete agreement with Taybrim's assessment of the situation going forward. She could lose a bit of downtime herself as it had been an exhilarating mission to say the least. Perhaps she could go relax on a beach somewhere or at least in the holodeck if she had to remain on 118 during her time off.  

Marsh: =/\= Sounds like a plan sir. 

Taybrim: =/\= ?

Stendhal: =/\= Can we lend a hand in untangling this situation? It seems like a real pickle, and four heads are better than two when it comes to sorting out a mess. =/\=
She nodded her head in agreement with Karen as she was willing to assist where needed.


Marsh: =/\=I agree, we are happy to help wherever needed. =/\=

Taybrim: =/\= ?

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