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Ensign Ksivi-Sava - I'll Be the Roundabout

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@Ksivi-Sava I just wanted to say that I highly enjoyed reading this sim. You did a fantastic job "creating" an experience for Ksivi-Sava that blended the current situation and memories of Haukea, even though I didn't have much for you to go on. Made me laugh and smile. ❤️

((Sannin VII - Cardassian Embassy - Corridor))

Ksivi-Sava: ::yelling, all the while waving at everybody in a sprawling gesture:: We all have to do better! We have to deal with this madness, because that’s what it is! Madness! Tell me you remember your mothers! Tell me with a straight face!

For the time being, Ksivi-Sava’s body was at least quite literally holding the insane reporter in check. However, he—no, she, it was Sherlock, for goodness’ sake—seemed to hold a much lesser grasp on the severity of what was happening:

Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava): ::to the real Ksivi-Sava while holding a flailing suspect:: Of course I remember my mother, she takes every chance she can to tell me how much she hates that I joined Starfleet.

No, your mother, not my father, Ksivi-Sava wanted to yell at Ksivi-Sava. After all, she had said “mother”… No, he had said “mother”; he was a he! That was right, Ksivi-Sava was here, not over there, talking neither about Ksivi-Sava’s mother nor Ksivi-Sava’s father, because that one wasn’t Ksivi-Sava. Sherlock. That had to be Sherlock, talking about Sherlock’s mother, not Ksivi-Sava’s father, and he was— Willow, right? But Willow had been to a beach before, so how come he hadn’t? She couldn’t really be Willow then, could she? Her nose hurt.

Iru: Oh my g- ::she cut herself off. one shouldn’t enrage the crazy:: Put. Me. Down. ::her voice was low. which added to the hooded look her pointed and sunken appearance already had.::

Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava): No! Not until you calm down.

Willow (as Sherlock): No. Put her down. Hands to yourself! ::tone much like that of a school teacher::

On closer inspection, that was probably Willow. Ksivi-Sava (because that’s who he was, by everything decent!) tried to take deep breaths, but awkwardly metallic blood interfered with her circular breathing technique. How was one supposed to practice proper mindfulness this way?

Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): ::grabbing hold of her head, progressively ruffling more hair while mumbling:: Keep it together.

Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava): ::pouting:: Fine, Lieutenant. I'll put her down.

And just like that, the scraggy figure plummeted to her posterior. Funnelled through Willow’s eyes and optical nerves, the bizarre imagery entered Ksivi-Sava’s mind right through some of the substantial cracks that had formed in it, like a rather neatly-fitting wedge shoved between the fragments. He needed a handkerchief for his nose.

Iru: You! Ugh!

While patting down Willow’s sides in search of a handkerchief, Ksivi-Sava noticed the odd stranger picking up a PADD that she somehow must have lost. He briefly glanced across the floor in search for a handkerchief, even a pack of tissues. Perhaps she would lend him one if he helped pick up her things… but alas, she didn’t seem to have lost anything that would help with his nose. Who was that poor lady, anyway?

Willow (as Sherlock): I told you we don’t consent to being recorded!

Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): How is that important right now? I need something for my nose, and there was another thing, too, something about the nose… ::briefly pondering, then rambling on:: Right, breathing, I needed to breathe, because of something really terrifying, something…

He blew out a remarkably substantial remainder of breath, considering he hadn’t taken any since the beginning of his objection. Some of the pressing reality of their situation dawned on him anew, prompting him to ruffle more of Willow’s hair and attempt to take more deep breaths. It was a confusing roundabout of mental and nasal congestion.

Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava): Response

Iru: Oh no - I’m not going anywhere - ::a few steps away for her safety.:: YOU ::an old witchy like finger jutted out towards the calmest of the three… except for the whole screaming for no reason she knew of.:: Take me to your commanding officer, now!!

Willow (as Sherlock): No.

Yes! That was it! They had a commanding officer. They were here in this pitiful state, more or less slowly losing their mental cohesion. Well, at least Ksivi-Sava knew she was, and that was something. That discontent lady was certainly well within her rights to see Ksivi-Sava’s supervisor as much as any Risian citizen or tourist was. And while that unfortunate affair of her plummeting on her behind would be discussed with the shift commander, they could just as well examine the other matter… right, her nose! Ksivi-Sava’s nose, that’s what it was.

Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): Well, the lady seems to have a point, and… ::pointing at Willow’s nose:: I need sick leave anyway. Say, could any of you, by any chance, lend me a handkerchief?

Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava): Response

Iru: Call him! ::there was a hint of desperation.:: Then I just call the Cardassian security. ::her threat was not hollow.::

Willow (as Sherlock): You do that and they will have to answer to Starfleet security.

What were they even talking about? Clearly, they were intoxicated, which might be an issue.

Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): ::in a tone sounding just off enough to be the opposite of reassuring:: Well, well, what’s this talk of Cardassians and Starfleet? Let’s just all take a few deep breaths and calm down here, shall we?

As hammered as those kids where, she might end up having to call for reinforcements at any point. But goodness, where was her communicator?  How in the name of everything decent did she lose her communicator, of all things? Had one of them nicked it from her? That was embarrassing… That’s what they had been going for all the time, hadn’t they? At least she still had her phaser. Of course, she would hate having to draw it, but if everything else failed… Tensely, she kept watching the situation unfold, her hand hopefully not too obviously close to her phaser.

Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava): Response

Iru: Response

Willow (as Sherlock): There are more of us where we came from. I can easily make a call and have a dozen more security officers show up. ::She was slightly fibbing but Iru didn’t need to know that.

So it was the short one that had taken her communicator! Oh, and the sheer insolence of bragging about it… Sure, the personal ridicule she could swallow, and would likely have to keep on swallowing for quite a while, once her colleagues got wind of this. But more than that, she represented Risa—their law, their state and their very way of life; not to mention that the theft of Risian security equipment was nothing to sneeze at. Only begrudgingly did she decide to shift into bad cop mode, but if she was to keep this situation under control, a show of strength was in order. Ksivi-Sava dropped all pretensions of her hand only accidentally resting near her phaser as she took a firm step forward and pointed a tense finger at the short kid.

Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): ::pointing a bloody finger at Sherlock’s body:: I would advise against that, little Miss Badass! Hand me the equipment now, or your parents will have to add a trip to the precinct to their holiday plans!

Parents? Hadn’t there been something about parents earlier? The thought escaped Ksivi-Sava as quickly as the kids decided this was a good time for another stupid move.

Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava): Response

Iru: Response

Willow (as Sherlock): Go on. Try me.

That was it. No amount of bluffing would do with those kids! They were nothing short of an immediate threat that needed containing. She had trained for this as passionately as she had always resented the prospect of ever having to go through with it—yet, they had left her no choice but to draw her weapon in a swift, well-practised move and point it at that outrageous menace to public safety.

Instead, Ksivi-Sava clumsily tried to produce Willow’s small and fiddly Type-I phaser until it dawned on him that something was off in much the same way that a vertical atmospheric reentry on full impulse was off. As he froze in shock, he happened to be staring right into the emitter of the phaser he had just awkwardly fumbled out.

Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): ::dazed:: Oh, dear. I think this is all wrong.

A driblet of blood from Willow’s nose also dropped into the muzzle.

Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava)/Willow (as Sherlock)/Iru: Response

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