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  1. And here's @Corey Wethern shedding some light on how Ops doctors are so uncannily effective at curing weird space conditions: 😏
  2. And without undue delay, here's another of @Rustyy_Hael's NPCs: Love some of those witty, little writing quirks. 😏
  3. Arguably a bit of a context-dependent one from @Nestira Aristren: I love how the door could refer to both the physical door they're about to step through and the earlier metaphor of a building representing another one's mind to Rodulan telepathy. Did she withdraw the hand? Flinch mentally? It doesn't matter. That's how well put it is.
  4. @Nestira Aristren as snappy Trovek Arys picking up @Madison Marsh's quote from above: And, of course, the one that made me creepily giggle on a subway train:
  5. The mental image of @Haukea-Willow basically meditating in @Lt Aine Olive Sherlock's body in the backroom of an embassy, completely oblivious to the bizarrerie unfolding around her, is hilarious enough... but then they pull this off 😂: In the end, I almost heard "Also sprach Zarathustra" crescendoing when Willow finally opens her eyes to proclaim: As we are glad to have you with us. 😋
  6. Well, she does have a background as a counselor, right? 😏
  7. @Sojtis Arake realizing the Federation might have done something dangerously reckless. 😂
  8. In my defense, the subconscious inception is likely Jamie's fault. I simply found myself physically incapable of resisting the urge once the opportunity arose. 😉
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