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Ensign Zenno: Zenno's Zeal for Zero

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The contrast between @Zenno's training flashback and his speech is marvelous. May we all stay at zero.


((Zenno’s Quarters, Deck 3, USS Arrow))


Zenno finished his assignments and sent them off to the Commander. Looking at the chrono, he had 15 minutes until disembarkation. 


He closed his eyes and tried to calm his nerves. His first mission. He had done all of the analyses very carefully. He was sure the work would hold up. But the feeling in his gut only got worse.


((Flashback: 6 months ago, Advanced Security School on Deneva Prime))


The rains were unrelenting. Four days it had come down in buckets and all of trainees were thoroughly exhausted and soaked. “Being from a race that evolved on a water planet does have advantages, but this is a lot, even for me,” Zenno considered as the downpour continued. The tactical deployment exercise had been going for five days in the field and Lt Nardello had been most annoyed with their performance.


The assignment had seemed simple. Escort this group of civilians from point A to point B. Get them all there safely. It was a four day overland trip by hovercar. But the vehicles had been sabotaged on the second day, undoubtedly part of the exercise. So they had to walk the rest of the way in a protective formation, subject to constant attacks from the Training Cadre with phasers on a setting of “This feels like I’m being actively mauled by a Sehlat.” 


Zenno was pretty sure that they weren’t supposed to get debriefed during the exercise but Lt Nardello had called them all together in a formation on the evening of the third day. The rain was merciless but Nardello stood under a canopy the Cadre had set up and just glared at them for a good while. And he was in a mood.


“You people spent 4 years at Starflleet Academy? Some of you probably spent 4 years in third grade based on your performance thus far. Mueller? Unsat. Coffey? Unsat. Vratak? Unsat. Kidox? Unsat. Grall? Unsat. Zenno? Most unsat of all.” Nardello paused and looked up. He seemed to be looking at something far off. 


“Your numbers are going to be too damn high. Did someone explain this to you? Your number? They should explain this stuff to you before you pick Security.” Zenno was quite sure he had no idea what the Lieutenant was on about. Seeing no response from the waterlogged trainees, he continued. “Read the logs. Read the stories. Your shipmates are going to die and it’s because of something you didn’t notice. Something you didn’t do. Your number right now is zero. Your goal is to keep it there. You… each of you and all of you… will fail. What we can teach you is how to fail less horribly… if you wake the hell up and at least try to follow the program while you are here. Because right now? It would be hard to do worse. When that counter clicks over to one and it was your Kal-Toh buddy, you will remember this talk. When it clicks over to two and it was that other Ensign, the one you were sweet on, you will remember. But I want you all to remember before the damn thing clicks over because that’s the only time it’s going to matter. Now let’s get it done. Strike your camp and prepare for a night march. And there will be no sniveling about it.”


((The present, Zenno’s quarters, Deck 3, USS Arrow))


The chime from the computer interrupted his thoughts. Zenno gathered his things. It was time to meet for the away team.


Zenno: Computer, new rule. Add to my daily wake-up alarm the following speech alert, “Ensign Zenno, your number is zero.” The number does not increment.


Computer: Acknowledged.


Zenno looked the Water Sculpture by the bed, turned and exited to go to…


((Assembly Area, USS Arrow))


He was the first to arrive. This was by design. Zenno preferred to be early so he could take in the space and greet each new person as they arrived.


He had only put down his kit when the door swooshed. Zenno turned to see the Doctor enter the room. He was so pleased at this turn of events, as he had not yet met her.


Zenno: Doctor! An agreeable day to you. We have not met yet! Zenno, Security. I am glad to be on this mission with you. And as they taught me in Security School, “May we complete this mission in the most boring way possible and free of the need of your services.” ::smile::


Ohnari: Response?


Zenno: I have read some of the history of the ship and of our past encounters with the Sheliak and the Ferengi in this region. I imagine it must have been something to experience it first-hand? Is there anything in that didn’t make it into the reports that I should know? oO Your number is zero. Oo


Ohnari: Response?


Zenno: Thank you, Doctor. I try to have all the information I can for the missions and sometimes there are things not in the report for whatever reason. ::beat:: I was at the awards ceremony. Congratulations on your promotion. Also, being in Security I have received significant intelligence reports that you are a source of profound culinary expertise on board. We may have had to break up a fight over some kind of fruit confection of your crafting. None were harmed but I did have to record the loss of a lemon square to what the Commander deemed I should call “shenanigans” in the report. ::joking smile::


Ohnari: Response?


And the door swooshed again as the others entered.




Ensign Zenno

Security Officer

USS Arrow



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