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  1. This whole JP was wonderous. An emotional and devastating end to a mission and to something else... (Part 1 is here.) Great work by @Nolen Hobart and @Talia Ohnari
  2. From the PNPC of @Maz Rodan, Thaon Brom. Hilarious! Also, I wish to note that it is official Security Staff policy, from your friendly Security Chief: no joking. 😉
  3. We have an NPC who has quite a bit of energy and personality who never fails to make me 🤣 And the interplay between Sparks and Brom is just A+
  4. I giggled and snorted when I wrote that line, knowing how it would land for you. I gig-snorted. 🤷‍♂️😆
  5. It turns out that @Randal Shayne has opinions about Holodecks! 😆
  6. I will be first in line to appreciate the sim of our new Vulcan Engineer doing his paintings! I love this! @Senak, please make it so!
  7. Sparks, an NPC by @Talia Ohnari This little exchange caused me to emit a "YeeHaw" and furthermore I observe that the use of "vittles" is A+ Just so fun!!
  8. New things only arrive on new starships on Tuesdays. This is canon. *Chef's Kiss* 😁
  9. I always appreciate it when we respect the fact that life doesn't have a reset button after the mission. So here is @Talia Ohnari dealing with the after effects of getting hit by a sleeping dart in a wonderfully comedic way. But she's also struggling quite seriously with how some portions of the mission went for her. Loved all of this. Also looking forward to seeing how our somewhat taciturn paramedic responds!
  10. @Talia Ohnarias MSNPC Kellan, dropping truth bombs. It did make me LOL!
  11. @Randal Shayne was thinking this as the new Ensign came aboard. It was all luck, Captain. All luck! 😆
  12. I found this self-examination to be very touching and a great solo sim. It gave some great insight into the character. She's also got some great references to other recent events that tie everything together very nicely. Sim by @Jacin Ayemet
  13. @Nolen Hobart puts an end to that whole conversation!
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