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Ensign Obsius Sill-con - on the rocks

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I enjoy writing Liz, but I absolutely adore reading Sill-con in this constellation. This sim is exactly my kind of humour and adds an amazing nuance to a very duty-focussed character. Well done! ❤️ 



((Promenade - Miranda VII))

Liz: 'Sup?

Well. What was rather... unexpected turn of events. It seems that thot target came right to them instead of the opposite, but he was not sure as to why she was staring at him so strangely.

McLaren: Tea please. Earl Grey, if you have it.

Liz: Yeah I guess. ::beat:: If not, I know for sure that we have whiskey. Basically the same thing.

His gaze remained on her. A contrast to the mellow and calming ray of sunshine that Solaris was, he was the stark contrast. A stone cold face. one that did not show aggression but was rather mute.

Liz: What about you, On The Rocks?

Sill-con raised a brow at that suggestion, and became even more confused when the lieutenant commander began to try and muffle out a laugh. Perhaps he should make his order with this... On the rocks.

Sill-con: I shall order what you call coffee... on the rocks. 

He added intelligently... well  intelligently  to himself.

McLaren: Thanks.

He looked to the direction she went after taking their order.

McLaren: I don't know what I was expecting, but that wasn't it.

Sill-con: ::eyes still looking away:: To bring fairness to this... She was not prepared for a presentation of her capabilities. but rock related humor was not on the list of skills.
He said assuming that her use for "on the rock" was for the sake of enacting humor at his expense.

McLaren: She is 17, so I'd expect the nicknames to continue...
It took a moment but surprisingly the orders came and were placed on the table.
McLaren: Your name is Liz, right?
Liz: ...No.
What was the start of what Sill-con would call an interesting interaction was worthy of his attention if he wasn't looking at his order... It was hot coffee... with ice. hot. coffee. With. Ice.
McLaren: I heard you had information. Valuable information.
Liz: Maybe?

Why? WHAT... was the purpose? Was this on the rocks? But ice is not a rock let alone an actual mineral, why call it on the rocks? What ridiculous terms do these people use!?
McLaren: If Im mistaken thats no bother-- I'll be on my way, but if not, Im sure we can negotiate.
Liz: Yeah. I do. It's a PADD but I don't have it with me.
Sill-con would lift the glass close to his face, analyzing the cup... Indeed. It was the fabled coffee. But with ice. But how could society come to this level of degradation? This spaceport's corruption culminated into this depravity of a beverage. Sill-con realized that the degradation of society caused the lack of sophisticated knowledge to know that putting cubes of ice in hot coffee was incaity. 
Liz: For example, I know where Terra Prime had their weapons from. And I can prove it.
Sill-con realized something... this place was not a place for a person to grow. this place takes away from you. A place to fester walkness from within and manifest into horror. Genetic humans? The dim and toxic air? He was unphased by such things, to him it was a display of weakness to realize yourself. but this? how could he allow such things to exist in this world?
Liz: We took some log-files. ::she paused:: But some of it looks Klingon-ish ::she paused again, realizing that perhaps this was already giving away too much:: But Terra Prime is gone, why do you even still care?
Sill-con: Because to live in a world where hot coffee is served with ice is a world that does not deserve to nurture people of your talend. ::he said with great conviction::

He blinked a few times before he realized it. That is indeed true... Why did he not just ask what "on the rocks" meant? His shoulders slumped slightly as his eyes looked down at the cup.

Sill-con: Ah... That is. Yeah that's true. ::Pause for a moment as he realizes he ignored the entire conversation... He may as well get to business:: Regardless of that. Would you like to join starfleet?
McLaren/Liz: response
why... were they looking at him in such a manner? 
Sill-con: pardon? Have I said something to offend you?
McLaren/Liz: response

[Ensign Obsius Sill-con]

[Security Officer]

[StarBase 118 Ops]




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This was really fun narration, excellent work @Obsius Sill-con!!

Now I feel the need to make someone gift Sill-con with a set of whiskey stones…

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