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Lieutenant Commander Etan Iljor - Escort Duty

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When great writers get together the result can only be good. @Karrod Niac just did to  @Etan Iljor that opening line from the show fame.

So now he is paying, not just in sweat but with a great sim :D



(( Etan’s Quarters - Deck 4 - USS Excalibur ))

The first clue that something was amiss was the blaring klaxon that resounded throughout Iljor’s quarters. His eyes snapped open as his mind went from deep sleep to sharp alertness in the span of a heartbeat. A second clue was that the ceiling of his quarters was much lower than he was accustomed to. As he turned his head from one side to the other, Iljor realised that he- along with his worldly possessions- were suspended in mid-air. The artificial gravity had failed. He rolled over in the air and gently brushed the thin duvet that he had been sleeping under away from his body.

He was about to call the bridge for a status update when he felt gravity’s pull- and he hit the deck a second later with an uncomfortable thud that sent dull waves of pain radiating across the right side of his body. Grunting through the discomfort, he had little time to take stock of what was going on when the doors to his quarters opened, spilling bright light in from the corridor, framing an imposing and brawny silhouette. 

Karrod Niac bellowed over the noise of the blaring klaxon.

Niac: On your feet Lieutenant, lets go lets go lets go! Welcome to Command Training Exercise 29-A! You’re going to demonstrate your knowledge of the interior layout of a Vesta class Starfleet vessel while navigating dynamic environmental conditions and hazards. This is a timed exercise, lets go!

A thousand and one vulgar curses exploded in Iljor’s mind as he shot to his feet, standing before the Tril Operations Chief in only his black boxers.  The only thing preventing him from vocalising the curses was his deep admiration for the man. Still discombobulated, Iljor tried to adjust to the new scenario as best as he could; adrenaline was now thundering through his body but the last vestiges of sleep clung stubbornly to his psyche.

Etan: S-sir?

For a moment Iljor thought that he saw the corner of Niac’s mouth twitching, as if he wanted to smile. A small voice at the back of his mind sarcastically commented that at least one of them was amused by the unwanted intrusion.

Niac: You are presently on Deck 4, Section 13. As quickly as possible you are to escort a mission critical specialist…that would be me…to the bridge without using turbolifts or transporters.

Setting aside all annoyances for a later date- Iljor switched his focus instead on what the man was saying. Crises could arise at any time (and often would aboard the Excalibur) and Niac was demonstrating this expertly.

Etan: Yes sir!::he responded as he reached for the black t-shirt that he had removed when he had disrobed for bed. His mind was already recalling the internal layout of the Excalibur’s auxiliary access crawlspaces.::

The expression on Niac’s face remained stern to the point of grim, but the man indulged himself in a mirthless chuckle.

Niac: Unfortunately your mission critical specialist needs a piece of equipment located in main engineering, which is on…?

Etan: Decks 11, 12 and 13, sir! Main access on Deck 12, sir! ::he said sharply.::

Though Starfleet was ostensibly the exploratory and scientific arm of the Federation when it came to the training of its officers and enlisted personnel, it was run with almost military efficiency. Despite wearing only a black t-shirt and underwear, Iljor stood at attention, his eyes fixed on a spot on the far wall of his quarters and his tone was clipped and militaristic.

In response to Iljor’s answer, Niac tapped the PADD he was carrying a number of times.

Niac: Correct. And that equipment will need to be retrieved before we make it to the Bridge. Timer started when I entered the room and doesn’t stop till I’m on the bridge with equipment in hand. So…::Karrod crossed his arms with a smirk.:: What do we do now, Lieutenant?

Etan: We should head for Jefferies Tube 14-Alpha and take it to junction 6-baker.

He was already recalling the quickest and most efficient route to engineering in his mind’s eye. Though the Excalibur was a much larger ship than the Resolution, he had still been determined to memorise its internal layout in his first days aboard. Learning the layout, in theory, would have allowed him to find shortcuts around the ship that might save time in a shipboard crisis- such as the one Niac was posing for him at that moment. Without waiting for clearance, Iljor crossed the room and retrieved the tricorder and phaser that he kept in the top drawer of his desk, along with a utility belt that he quickly wrapped around his waist.

Etan: Please stay behind me at all times, Commander, unless I instruct you otherwise.

Niac: Response.

(( Deck 4 ))

Without putting shoes on, he stepped across the door’s threshold and into the brightly lit corridor and began to make his way towards their first objective. Even at the late hour, the halls of the Excalibur were not empty. The two men passed several crewmembers who made studious attempts to avoid looking at Iljor, no doubt disconcerted by his lack of trousers. He paid them little mind, however, his thoughts solely dedicated to the mission that Niac had tasked him with.

He knew it was just a scenario and that there was no clear and present to either of them, but he would not allow himself to let himself relax or to drop his guard. His desire to be on the Command Training Program was genuine, as was his drive to expand his responsibilities aboard the Excalibur. If command was part of the path that The Prophets had laid for him, this was an opportunity to demonstrate his worthiness- and he would not mess it up.

Every few steps he would cast a brief glance to see if the Trill was still keeping pace with him. There was little danger in leaving the man behind given his bulk and the length of his gait but it was protocol to do so- regardless of the person you were escorting. Iljor could have been responsible for ferrying a Brikar and he would have still checked to see if they were still there.

They reached the Jefferies Tube within a minute of leaving the quarters and Iljor motioned to the alcove.

Etan: Please wait against that wall, sir. ::he said in a tone that meant business. Niac was now his responsibility and he would not have the man questioning his directives. Iljor was expendable. Niac was not.::

Niac: Response.

Once the Operations officer was in place, Iljor dropped down to the access port, angling his body so that he was between the man and whatever threats might present themselves. With one hand he keyed in his access code and the hatch unlocked itself with a quiet hydraulic hiss. In the other hand, he held his phaser, ready to defend the critical specialist if anything untoward approached. He pulled the hatch open to reveal the narrow crawl space on the other side.

Etan: Please proceed to the next junction, Commander. I will be behind you. ::beat:: If I tell you to drop to the decking, do so. ::After all, who knew what horrors Niac intended them to face during the exercise.

Niac: Response.

(( Jefferies Tube 14-Alpha ))

Once Niac was safely ensconced within the Jefferies Tube, Iljor holstered his phaser and Niac into the tube. As he did, he unclipped his tricorder from the utility belt. Opening the device he ran a scan of the surrounding area. The junction 100 metres ahead was clear of obstruction and showed no anomalous readings or life of any sort. 

Etan: Please wait at the end of this section of the tube, Commander. ::he took a moment to assess the space between the broad Trill and the walls of the crawlspace.:: oO It will be a tight fit. I hope he isn’t claustrophobic.:: I will need to enter the access code to open the hatch. Please make some room for me when I get there.

Niac: Response.


Lieutenant Commander Etan Iljor

Chief Science Officer

USS Excalibur

NCC - 41903 - A



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