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Ensign TK Cabrillo - A bright future with a chance of clouds

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OOC: I REALLY like @Jack Kessler's revamp of his PNPC Cabrillo's character, and even more so the dynamic between Cabrillo's jaded self and this fresh new Ensign.


((Main Engineering, Deck 11,  USS 'Oumuamua))


Nijal watched the program run through the diagnostics and Cabrillo expected that the diagnostic wouldn't do much other than acquaint them with the core and its structures and systems but that was the starting point for this new engineer. Every starship had it’s own sounds, quirks and variations that were unique to that ships. The ‘Oumuamua was no different and getting to know the quirks of this warp core was the first thing Cabrillo and Nijal needed to learn.


Nijal: Did you serve in engineering on your other ships?


Cabrillo: ::turning back to the console:: My first assignment was to engineering but I ended up spending the majority of my time stuck in either a shuttle bay or a cargo bay.


Nijal: I'm guessing that wasn't by choice?


Cabrillo: I got off on the wrong foot with my department head and is was cargo duty for a long time after that. ::beat:: My second ship I was transferred to the Tactical team since they were shorthanded. The Chief Engineer didn’t even care to give me the time of day. Now I am cross trained in both departments.


Nijal: Nice! I imagine that's a good double specialty, too. You can handle any ops department on the ship really.


Cabrillo turned his body to fully face Nijal. He did not want to give her the wrong impression, although he really didn’t care for the senior officer core anymore, he didn’t feel he should burst her bubble. Starfleet would probably do that on their own.


Cabrillo: Nijal ::beat:: I am not your typical Starfleet officer. The past five years I have seen things that have affected my career and outlook on Starfleet. I’m not going to paint this all-perfect picture that Starfleet does during recruitment or even in the academy. ::beat:: you need to be you, follow your path and no one else’s. Look to everyone for guidance but only take the best and use it to make yourself what you want to be.


Nijal: Oh. I-- I see.


Cabrillo realized he had said too much. His bitter outlook on Starfleet should not forced on this young Ensign. He started to regret what he said and was about to try and retract his statement but Nijal’s next comment caught him by surprise.


Nijal: We're still going to be friends, though.


A slight smile crept up on her lips and Cabrillo just starred back for a moment. Had he given her the impression that he did not want to be friends? That was not what he had meant to convey at all. He was certainly open to a friendship but really had only meant to convey that Starfleet is not this perfect utopian picture that recruitment paints, like all entities it has it’s dark secrets that no one wants to admit too. Again Nijal spoke up and snapped Cabrillo out of his worried thought process.


Nijal: If you don't mind -- if I can ask -- do you think Starfleet still has something for you?

If he were to be honest, he did not know. Starfleet and the powers to be had hit him hard with the one thing that he never saw coming, no loyalty to those who serve. Or at least that is how he felt after being thrown to the wolves for an action he was ‘Ordered’ to do. In all reality, he felt like he had nowhere else to go, there was nothing for him at home except scrutiny and Starfleet had left him to the lower decks for his actions. He did not know what Starfleet held for him but with nowhere else to go he figured he could still see different places as they traveled the galaxy.


Cabrillo: Me? I know I still have a lot to learn and I am sure Mr. Corelli can teach us both quite a bit. ::beat:: So what do you want out of Starfleet, Ensign Zimedia Nijal?


Nijal: Hm. That's a pretty big question.


It was a big question, one that every new Ensign is asked by a senior officer at one point when they come aboard. Cabrillo was not a senior officer but he knew she would get asked the question and so why not be the first to ask and make her think about it? The next time she would be asked, he knew she would have a better prepared thought.


Nijal: I want to be a chief of engineering, eventually, and then a captain, very eventually. But I want to achieve those things for me, to prove that I can, and for my people, to prove that a Cardassian can. You know, like Commander Nog for the Ferengi, or the late Ambassador Spock for the Vulcans.


Cabrillo: A noble sentiment and a great path to put yourself on.


Nijal: I know, it's a big dream.


Cabrillo: No. Not a dream Zi, a destination. One you will achieve if you put your mind to it.


She responded, however, with a radiant smile.


Nijal: I'm going to try my best. (beat, and then the computer burbled) Like successfully completing this diagnostic for my first task as a starship officer. It looks like -- everything's good.


Cabrillo: ::looking at the console readout:: Looks like we are out of a job today, everything’s in the Green.


Nijal: Exactly what I was thinking, so Lieutenant Corelli will be happy.


Cabrillo: ::smiling:: He will be pleased.


She turned to him once more, with a second and final serious look on her face. Cabrillo was not sure why the serious look and braced for a more serious question. One that was not coming.


Nijal: I'm glad we met, Cabrillo. This is going to be a beautiful friendship, just you wait.


Cabrillo: ::smiling gently:: I have offered this to no one else on the ship, as this is privileged only to those rare few I call a friend. ::beat:: and yes I would be honored to consider you a friend. Going forward, please feel free to address me as TK.


Cabrillo paused at what he had just said. He could count on one hand the number of people he had allowed to call him by his first name. This Cardassian had done, in less than an hour, what most people around him could not after months or even years of knowing him. This was unsettling to him, an individual who did not like to let others into his life, not after getting thrown out the airlock by Starfleet.


Nijal: Response


Cabrillo: ::meeting her eyes gaze back:: Let’s see what we can do to get you that Chief Engineer job and then we’ll focus on your next big plans. ::beat, smiling:: Consider me along for the ride and your right hand if needed. Together we will rule ::throwing his arms up in the air:: the galaxy. ::laughing at the gesture and the thought::


Nijal: Response


Cabrillo: I say lets go get a drink and then see where this ship and your future take us.


Cabrillo did not know what to think of Commander Rouiancet’s setup with this new Ensign but whatever the Commander was thinking had certainly changed Cabrillo’s day. For the better or worse he did not know but he felt some sense of responsibility for Nijal and if she wanted to be a Chief Engineer or even a Captain then maybe he could help. He didn’t know what to expect other than to back her ambition and give this Cardassian the support she needed. He and Starfleet already didn’t see eye to eye so if he needed to go head to head or toe to toe with someone to help her get where she wanted, then all the more fun for him.


Nijal: Response


Cabrillo smiled and nodded gently, motioning to the main entrance to Engineering the two headed out of the department an up towards 7-Forward. The day had been an interesting one thus far and Cabrillo realized that at the moment he simply felt relaxed. For the first time in a very long time, he was not despised at the world. Time to see what comes next he thought to himself as they exited Engineering.




Ensign TK Cabrillo


USS Oumuamua


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Thank you Ulasso. TK has been really fun and yet hard for me to develop because I am so not "jaded". I hope I can keep him entertaining you guys.

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