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Star Trek: Titan

Seph 647

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Been reading this book too; just got it this past weekend. I nearly fainted when I saw it on the book shelf at Barnes & Noble. Yeah, I'm pathetic...

From what I understand, the crew's going to be the most diverse with a wide arrangement of humanoids. Still in the early chapters; don't worry, I won't post spoilers (I'll be a good girl).


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Thank you for this thread. I have been waiting for a Titan book for the longest time, as Captain Riker is my favorite captain. I look foward to reading it, but first I have to finish Clancy's Teeth of the Tiger.

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:( I'm sorry to have to tell you this. But I found Titan ( Taking Wing ) a very boring read.

Lcmd Sam N Perkins

Second officer


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Personally, Ihave found alot of the new novels while intriguing in premise to be lacking. The last really good trek novel I read was the 134th Rule, It had the Ferengis going to war with Bajor.

It shed light on the what was normally considered to be comic relief, made them almost dangerous. But getting back on track. Star trek Titan was an interesting read, To me though it seemed a little too much like a desperate cling to the Next Generation, Just as The New Voyages of Voyager seemed to try to reignate what the fans loved about each series. But I think something was lost bringing it to paper.

I respect anybody who sits down and reads a book in this age of PDFs and Ebooks. But then again I am old fashioned. I was let down, I think they could have done alot better. But since I am a hard core trekker I thought it was a good try at rehashing old feelings.

But thats just my opnion I have been known to be wrong..

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