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  1. I think whatever they do they have to stick with a known Star Trek actor to drive old fans that did not like the Enterprise series back. Either a Titan series or movie...or a Chakotay series...or heck even a LaForge in command of the Enterprise series Series can be TV series or series of movies.
  2. I would like to see a movie featuring the Titan. This way you have two characters we know, and then the rest is totally different. Truthfully, I would like to see a movie having the Titan deal with it's first mission going to Romulus to act as the head of the negotiating team...but forget the books...go with something totally different.
  3. I am now on page 100 of this book, and I love it. When will there be more to come out at the rate I am reading, I will be finished before the weekend is overwith.
  4. Thank you for this thread. I have been waiting for a Titan book for the longest time, as Captain Riker is my favorite captain. I look foward to reading it, but first I have to finish Clancy's Teeth of the Tiger.
  5. This is a total bombarment of what Enterprise is all about. I hope this does not fall through.
  6. Tactical wise, I have to disagree with you Riker was on of the best officers. Janeway stinks worse then a skunk, and Picard had Riker that's why he was good.
  7. I loved the Enterprise D sequence. I loved how it just bravely fell into the planet surface below.
  8. People have to remember that even though it may seem that the technology used in Enterprise is much more advanced then in the Original, you also have to think that today the producers have a more advanced special effects technology to work with while back in the days of TOS they did not have all the special effects that we have today. So yeah, they are going to use it because we have been used it through out the movies, Voyager series, and Deep Space Nine.
  9. You don't know Scotty, you don't know McCoy. This is a grave unjustice. Please, I beg of you to atleast watch all the original Star Trek movies and watch these two men. These two are legends, we all owe it to ourselves as fans of Star Trek to know these characters. Although this is not a joke, I do not mean to insult you. I'm not a big fan of Voyager so I don't know all there crooks and niches.
  10. CO: Captain Benjamin Sisko FO: Commander William T. Riker Second Officer: Captain Archer Ops: Kira Tactical: Worf Asst Tactical: Tuvok Security: Odo Science: Lt. Commander Data Medical: Dr. Crusher Ast. Medical: McCoy Councilor: Troi Helm: Paris
  11. I'm sorry, I have to diagree with you. I voted for Benjamin Sisko. I believe he has the right kind of diplomacy-fight mix so that any officer would follow him. He doesn't give in, but he doesn't go out looking for a fight either.
  12. McCall hate to say it, but as far as TNG movies: I liked both Inserection and First Contact the other two didn't need to be made though. Especially Generations...althought it would have been a fitting series finale, but not a movie.
  13. I have no liking to see a movie that does not have characters from the series that have already been played. They've gone nuts.
  14. Easy, I have to go with my main man, Riker. He's the best all around captain in my opinion.
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