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Fleet Captain Oddas - Breathtaking View

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As you probably know, our crew is currently in the process of transferring to Denali Station. This sim from Fleet Captain @Oddas Aria manages to give a great description of the city as well provide insight into the Captain’s thoughts and feelings. Loved it!


((CO's Quarters, Anchorage, Denali Station))

It had turned out that an entire section of wall in her new quarters simply slid out of the way, changing what she had thought was a small balcony into a large open space including what would undoubtedly become her main seating area.  Stelek had made the discovery and, naturally, pulled the large wall effortlessly to the side - folding it into near nothingness in the corner of the room. The wide-open area of the space was breathtaking in every definition of the room.  

The opening of the space gave the impression of being outside, with the sound of air currents and - she thought - the sound of some sort of avian species speeding by.  The steelglass had provided a level of tinting, which was now gone - filling the space with the bright yellow-white light of the midday sun.  Aria squinted, even as Stelek casually stepped onto the balcony, her color washing out in the bright sun.  Aria's eyes struggled to adjust.

Stelek: Aria, I think you would appreciate the view!

Almost absentmindedly, the Vulcan had extended her hand behind her and leaned on the short rail made of some sort of metal and glass.  At that moment Aria realized she had not moved more past her spot several meters inside where the wall had been deployed from.  It was irrational, but she did feel, well, less than comfortable, moving outside - the safety of the building made her feel like she was in the ship, as if she had more control.  

oO This is ridiculous. Oo

She pushed her feet forward, focused on the woman and balcony in front of her.  This was an irritation, nothing more.  Aria counted her steps, it wasn't too bad, and by the time she got to thirteen she was outside - holding the warm hand of Stelek, who squeezed and glanced at her before looking back towards the horizon.  The touch, electric as it was, had a calming effect and she looked to where Stelek was looking.

The Administrative district was not in the center of the city.  The exact center of Denali was halfway situated between a large mountain range and an ocean coastline, with the Administrative district between the center and the ocean coastline.   This mean that from the Anchorage windows and balconies, if you squinted and looked past several of the taller buildings, and were strategic with your view, you could make out the ocean.  

Of course, the view between Anchorage and the ocean was amazing in and of itself - a collection of buildings of every-size and shape in a dizzying array of colors.  Corridors of metal, stone and other materials she couldn't identify, and for functions she could not begin to imagine.  From her vantage she could look down at miniature artifacts in the park, and in the distance she could swear she saw a large statue of some sort - several stories tall in the distance looking down at something.

Something was wrong - her chest was tight, and her breath was hard to push in and out.  Her heart - sharp pain, she clutched it and her knees buckled.

Stelek: .... are ..... need ....

She couldn't see - everything was black, except for bright flashes of yellow, and fell toward the ground, instinctively she reached for something to break her fall, but only found fabric and something soft.  Her shoulder hit the floor, but her head didn't.  Aria began to breathe even more heavily, more panicked, even as she registered she was being dragged toward the shade - her skin cooling.

Stelek: =/\= Stelek to Medical ... =/\=

Oddas: No! Wait! 

Aria forced herself begin breathing in and out - assess her body, her eyes were squeezed shut and her body was folding in on itself.  Her heart was acting fatigued - it had happened once before since her procedure, but not from simple, stupid, thoughts, and thoughts of ... what? panic at being outside.

The Captain was still chiding herself when she managed to open her eyes and saw the Vulcan looking down at her, worried, pretense gone.  They were back in her quarters, Stelek curled on the floor arms around the Bajoran - Aria's head on her lap, instinctively rubbing her chest and trying to take deep breaths.

The Vulcan's worry was quickly turning to skepticism.

Oddas: I'll be ok, it's just my heart, the transplant scar, it will just be a second.

Stelek: ::raising an eyebrow:: I can have Doctor Indobri here in moments, there is no reason ....

Oddas: I was told this could happen, there is no reason to bother them.

oO Breath in, and out. Oo

Aria concentrated on her breathing, and in turn the pain in her chest began to lessen.  She bit her lip and tried to forget about the embarrassment she was feeling creep in.  In..... Out..... In..... Out.....

Stelek: I doubt the doctor will see it that way.

The Bajoran smiled and buried herself in the other woman's arms, who reciprocated by squeezing and pulling her close.

Oddas: Thank you, very much.

They sat there together on the floor, huddled together until her breathing had calmed down, and her chest had stopped feeling like it was being stabbed.  Still, she stayed clutching Stelek for some time afterward.


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