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  1. @Serala, Leyisa Yhanne thinking like a real Ferengi 😄.
  2. If @TLea speaks from experience, that doesn't bode well I'm afraid 😁.
  3. Having met @TLea's mother, Raivus, Kendrick totally understands how she feels 😁.
  4. ((Corridor, Denali Station)) Kettick did not look away from his PADD, and did not give any exterior sign that he had even acknowledged the presence of the two humans he had just walked past. What he did, however, was mark the time and his location. As soon as he had turned the corner, his walking pace became noticeably brisker, short but fast strides taking him towards the Security Department. He *had* to report this, a life was at stake. ((Security Department Upper Level, Soldotna)) The Upper and somewhat more public level if the Security Department was bright and inviting, almost too cheery for the gruesome report he was about to make. Walking towards the Klingon crewman at the closest workstation, he spared a nod for the sake of politeness before stating his purpose. Kettick: I would like to report a possible conspiracy to murder. The crewman did a double take, but showed commendable professionalism by pulling up a suitable form, before silently inviting Kettick to continue his deposition. Kettick: Suspects are two human civilians I overheard talking in one of the corridors. Sending you the time and location. The Klingon acknowledged reception with a nod. Sec. crewman: Excellent. This way we will be able to check the surrounding camera feeds. No names? Kettick shook his head. Kettick: Sadly no. But the intended target is named Holly. Tentatively identified as a Human female, probably civilian contingent. The crewman frowned. Or at least it was Kettick's impression. The ridges made it rather hard to tell. Sec. crewman: Definitely human origin, but Holly can be a first or last name. I'll run a search. Anything else, sir? Timeframe, possible M.O. ? Kettick: The presumed conspirators were talking about the end of year festivities. Mentioned that since it was their first year at Denali, they wanted to, I quote, "go all out and deck the halls with the bowels of Holly". The Klingon cursed quietly. Sec. crewman: Gre'thor. That's graphic, and the description makes it sound like there is a ritual or serial aspect to it. Kettick did not comment. He was not familiar enough with human traditions to offer any insight on the matter. Sec. crewman: That whistling sound was this report rocketing so far above my paygrade it left the galactic cluster. I'm flagging it red and sending it up. In the meantime, can you spare a few more minutes? Kettick nodded. This was important enough to override his other missions for the time being. Sec. crewman: We have several Hollies on record, both as first and last names. Our best chance is to identify the conspirators. Would you be able to ID them on a security feed? The Remmilian hesitated. Kettick: I saw their faces only in passing, and humans are sometimes hard to differentiate. But I will do my best. Sec. crewman: Thank you. ::He gestured:: Please move forward to the console. Tags/TBC -- Ensign Kettick Engineering Officer USS Juneau G239107LR0
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