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PNPC Ensign Dunamis: Reasserted Gravity

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The ending of this sim nearly made me cry it was so sweet, and heartwarming. <3. I 1000% loved writing this scene between Sheila and Dune. We are certainly going to miss you Sam. Can't wait til you come back. 


((Sheila’s Quarters, Habitat Ring, Starbase 118))


Without a single shred of doubt, the good doctor and her loyal canine companion were by far the highlight of his otherwise dreary bordering demotivating day. He loved her personality, he loved her spirit and he loved the dynamic she shared with her dog. And he loved the dog too, of course; the canine penchant for loyalty and dependability transcended even planetary borders it seemed; Sheila was a lucky woman, no two ways about it.

Dune: Of course. I’d love to have an Alistair of my own, but- ::chuckling:: I suppose that isn’t quite possible, is it. No dog can attend training or pen reports for me, yes?


Bailey: A dog attending training? Penning a report? The idea of such a thing seems silly.


Dune: Correct – but the idea of my own Alistair is still funny! How about a clone?


Bailey: They aren’t a clone. But I agree it certainly would be nice if such a thing was possible. It would give me a break if it was. 


Dune: Indeed.


Bailey: Anyway. I believe our tea has gone cold. Should we make some more or should I get out snacks instead?


He would’ve loved to ask for both, in fact, and talk with her till the wee hours of the morning. Being with this Elaysian woman was a joy, plain and simple, and he would’ve been content to revel in her company as long as possible. That being said, though, he was tired and did very much want to go home and rest; as chief medical officer knowing that she’d have chided him for it, too.  Without rest he would not be able to go about his day the next morning and that helped no one.


Dune: I think I shall pass on both for the time being, doctor – thank you for the tea and the offer nonetheless. I have had an absolutely wonderful time with you and your dog.  I really should be going for the night…


Bailey: Well you’re more than welcome to stay for dinner but I don’t want to keep you if you have others to see and places to be. Though I’d certainly love to see you again sometime. If you’d like of course.

Dune: ::chuckling:: I would be delighted to see you again. Simply let me know when and where. Until then!

He didn’t want to go – but he couldn’t stay forever, of course. After one more quick wave to Sheila and her dog and returning the cup she’d been so kind to lend him, he made his way out. Somehow or other gravity reasserting itself made him feel heavier inside, too, as if the weight of the world had once more settled within him – a heart-breaking feeling, really.

He couldn’t wait for the next time they’d meet. Maybe then he’d get to spend a little more time with her then.

Ensign Dunamis
Tactical Officer

Starbase 118 - USS Narendra

OOC: This will likely be my last post for Dunamis for now! Thank you to everyone who’s made him so fun to play and introduce around, and I’m so glad that you all enjoy him as he is! This won’t be the last time you’ll see of him, however, he’ll be back when I’m back from leave, and I promise when he is he’ll seek out everyone he’s known since!

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