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  1. Hi, everyone! Dunamis' writer here! Having read my own sim (yes, after I've sent it and it's been featured for all of you to read) I've realized that I didn't mention that Dunamis is a Kelpien (who has passed vahar'ai)! I am aware that the species is awaiting inclusion as a player character species depending on how their PNPCs play and I hope that he shall be the one that propels them to that very status! May he be just as enjoyable for you all to read (especially for my fellow writers in Ops) as he has been for others elsewhere!
  2. So! Hello fellow Trekkies! I'm Samuel, hailing from the Southeast Asian island nation of Singapore. I am a paralegal in training, currently in my final year. My interest in Trek only began about two years ago, when I came across little short clips on YouTube of TNG, DS9 et cetera, and I have been hooked ever since. I like every series equally; no real favorite among them, acknowledging that each series has its flaws and its merits. Because of this I have plenty of trouble understanding or feeling the divisiveness or dislike that other members of the community seem to embrace over certain shows, or aspects thereof. I found this place through your Discord channel, which in turn I found after looking for Trek roleplay servers. By all standards I believe my hobbies and habits regarding are somewhat unusual. I prefer trading card games or collectible card games; Shadowverse, Hearthstone and Cardfight Vanguard are especially close to me in this regard. Unlike most I do not keep up to date with most of the latest games - I have no plans to own a Switch despite the hype over Pokemon Sword and Shield and Animal Crossing, and I doubt that I ever will over the course of my life. I will never own an XBox or anything similar for the same reasons as the above.
  3. Keeping himself from grinning from ear to ear was a supremely difficult affair for the sprightly-framed, lightly tanned Bajoran as he stepped off the transport onto the cool metal deck plates of his destination: Starbase 118, at long last! The beeping of the base's equipment, the ever-present bustle of the starbase's crew, soon-to-be crew and his fellow cadets, people of a veritable plethora of species just waiting to be met and talked to (preferrably over a good glass of spring wine.) It was every young explorer's dream - and he was living that dream here and now. Some lesser folk might have crumbled a little at the enormity of the realization that here, their life was about to change forever, but he was damned ready. First things first, though. Shouldering his cadet's travel bag, he reached with slender fingers into his right pocket, and out came a PADD with instructions as to where to go. First things first: quarters on the lower decks. Good. Golden time to settle in, stretch out a little, all six feet and two inches of spry muscle that he was, and probably annoy whichever unlucky sod had the fortune of being put with him by talking his ear off and remaining completely unruffled throughout at the other person's protests. Then, to the holodeck at 1900 for formal introductions. He was so looking forward to showing off his tracking skills and prowess with a phaser rifle to the rest of his fellow cadets. Maybe he'd challenge one of them to a target shootoff someday for fun, just harmless competition with no stakes. Ever the extrovert, he opted to join the larger stream of cadets heading into the starbase, smiling, talking and laughing to them whenever appropriate. Little bit of lightheartedness never failed to ease tension. One of his fellow cadets, a Bajoran woman by the name of Minna, however, looked utterly terrified - green eyes darted around at the people around her and the expansiveness of the hangar bay, pale-skinned hands clutching the straps of her bag like a lifeline. Every so often her hand reached up to her earring and twisted the crescent that hung from the end; a habit he himself had picked up whenever he felt nervous. "Hey there," He greeted in his usual level tone. "It's okay. We're all here for you, no need to be afraid..." "I'm scared. The place is so big and everything is so new and everyone is so new and I'm probably gonna screw up sometime and get sent home or blow up an EPS conduit or or or-" Yep, at this point she looked fit to burst into tears, the poor thing. "All is as the Prophets will," He said gently, laid a comforting hand on her shoulder for a second and a half, maybe, before pulling away. One wondered how exactly he stayed so relaxed in circumstances such as these. "They've got a plan for us, just you see! Work hard, give of yourself all that you can, and you'll be rewarded. Everything, including failure, happens for a reason." Her trembling calmed somewhat as she gave him a nod of confirmation. Seeing that, he chuckled and looked ahead as they stepped through the airlock, into the start of their new lives, he and all his fellow cadets. Their journey was just beginning.
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