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PNPC LT JG Nyka Wyss - Not for you!

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OK, I couldn't let out the second part of the "Ham Sandwich" situation that T'Lea created for Wyss.

Beat you again Doc ;)

Oh and no relation to the Dwich from the Res :D



(( USS Grace Hopper - Sickbay, Deck 10))


Walked back to the bio bed, Wyss didn’t want to let go of Indobri’s helpful arms, but eventually was pried free.  She flopped back on the bed, and got all glassy eyed about something thoughtful and warming.


Wyss:  Hey, Karise?


Indobri: Mmm?


Wyss: I might puke little.


Indobri: You puke in my sickbay … well, it’s not my sickbay. :: turning to the nurse :: We need a puke tray here. I’ll get her a dose of promethazine.


Nurse: Yes, Doctor.


Over the next little while sleep took hold, and Wyss dreamed about many things, one of which was eating a ham sandwich.




Nyka sat on her bed with a giant ham sandwich sleeping next to her.  It was everything she wanted in a ham sandwich.  Soft rye bread with a crusty, chewy top.  Mayonnaise lathered between the slices.  Golden cheese peeking out of the corners.  And it was piled high with thin slices honey smoked ham.  The sandwich slumbered and softly snored in the more adorable way.  Flaps of bread fluttered with each purr of sleep.  It looked so peaceful, so sweet and so very, very delicious.


Rolling onto her side, the Red Head delicately caressed her hand across the spongy bread, and then dipped a finger in the mayo for a taste.


Wyss:  Mm… I could just eat you up.


With a scoot closer she leaned in for a bite.


Ham Sandwich:  Um.  Excuse me?  What do you think you’re doing?


Wyss jerked back on the mattress and her eyes popped open wide.  The lips of the bread moved like a mouth and the thick layer of ham waved like a silky tongue.


Wyss:  Holy snikes!  What the-


Ham Sandwich:  You were going to eat me weren’t you?  Eat me in my sleep, without my permission. 


Wyss:  N-n-n..nyes.


Ham Sandwich:  I told you already.  You can’t have me.  I don’t want you in that way.  We’re just friends.  Friends don’t eat friends.  Got it?


Its breath even smelled good, she thought.


Ham Sandwich:  Stop smelling my breath.  I just woke up.  I haven’t had time to gargle with mustard.


Wyss:  But I don’t like mustard on my ham.  Its too spicy.


The giant ham sandwich bent its bread-body upright towering over the small Red Head.  It’s short cheese arms smartly landed on its mayo hips.


Ham Sandwich:  How dare you!  Stop trying to change me.  I will always have mustard, and you’d be better off just accepting that and moving on.  There’s a nice bologna on white that lives two doors down.  Why don’t you try eating him.  You like mustard on bologna don’t you?


Wyss:  Yes.  But I want ham.


Ham Sandwich:  But you can’t have ham.  Didn’t I make that clear?  Ham is not for you!


Suddenly the giant Ham Sandwich turned angry, and then opened its bread-mouth and devoured Wyss right where she sat.  She screamed and fought against the powerful ham tongue and cheese arms, but it was no use.




With a yell of fear, and a sharp gasp, Wyss awoke to the bright lights of sickbay.  Her eyes darted around until she realized that she was safe and had not been gobbled alive by luncheon meat.  However, on the side table was a covered dish.  She glared at it suspiciously, eyes narrowing like she was about to go into battle.  Flexing her fingers outward she reached for the cover and lifted the lid off the plate.


Ham Sandwich:  NOT FOR YOU!!


The small sandwich leapt off the plate and attacked her neck.  She swatted and wrestled with it, and then fell off the bio-bed.


((End Dreamscape))


((Sickbay – No, Seriously, For Real This Time))


With a loud, hard thump, Wyss was on the floor of sickbay, awaking to a dull pain in her rear and shoulder. 


Wyss:  Ow. 


She glanced around, but Karise was gone.





PNPC Lieutenant JG Nyka Wyss
Engineering Officer
USS Grace Hopper

simmed by

Lieutenant Commander T’Lea 
Historian/Archaeology Specialist 
USS Juneau
Author ID I238301T10

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Once again, Sil beat me to this. 😄 Great writing here!

And yeah - no relation to Hamsan Dwich. 😄

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