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1stLt Wes Greaves – Bonding

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@Wes Greaves ALMOST makes me want to become a marine.

Almost. 😉

I love seeing the slice of marine life in Starfleet!


((Marine Quarterdeck, Deck 9, USS Thor))


A smile crept across Wes’s face as he surveyed the abnormally cramped quarterdeck.  From the doorway of his office, he had a perfect vantage point of the detachment assembling into the room.  Every single Marine had been given their assignments, and non-commissioned officers barked commands while their staff non-commissioned officers watched in satisfaction.  Even the pilots and mechanics were present.


Looking to his left, the detachment’s Sergeant Major gave Wes a nod, which he returned. The action triggered more shouts and the nearly 80 assembled Marines began to disperse into the halls to make their way toward the turbolifts. All of the turbolifts.



((Main Corridor, Deck 3, USS Thor))

Simultaneously, every lift on the deck opened and unleashed a torrent of Marines in matching dark green running gear. With a smooth and practiced choreography 80 men and woman of various races sprinted into three columns, nearly 30 ranks long, at the aft end of the deck. At their head stood their detachment commander.




80+ Voices: MARINE CORPS!


At the same instant, 80 feet slammed into the deck as the Marines began to jog together.  Science officers were forced to leap and dive out of the way in some cases as the train ran past. The sound of feet hitting the deck made for a rhythmic beat and after a few moments of running, a deep voice began calling cadence.


Greaves: Loooooooooow, riiiiight, laaaayoooooo.


80+ Voices: Loooooooooow, riiiiight, laaaayoooooo


In unison, the detachment sang out a parroted reply. Their voices shook the doors along the corridor. Many offices and work stations opened with a hiss, heads popping out of doors to see what was going on.


Greaves: Mama told Johnny not to go downtown!


After each sing-song cadence call, the detachment would return the same reply in their chorus of voices, punctuated by the beat of falling footfalls.


Greaves: Marine Corps recruiter was hangin’ around!


Greaves: Johnny went downtown anyway!


Greaves: To see what the recruiter had to say!


Greaves: Recruiter asked Johnny what he wanted to be!


Greaves: Johnny said I really wanna be a Marine!


Greaves: Johnny caught a trip to Duronis 2!


Greaves: There he fought some people called the Romulans!


Greaves: Killed a hundred men with his phaser and blade!


Greaves: God only knows how many lives he saved!


Greavess: Looooooooooo right laaaayyyyyoooooooooo!


Greaves: Johnny was bold, and he was brave!


Greaves: Johnny jumped on a photon grenade!


Greaves: Saved the lives of the men he led!


Greaves: But poor old johnny, he was dead!


Greaves: Loooooooooow, riiiiight, laaaayoooooo.


The snaking mass of bodies had run the entire length of the deck and halfway back down by the end of the cadence, and with a smile Wes let out a new command.




80+ Voices: OOOORAH!


80 men and women broke off in various directions, sprinting toward the turbolifts again, Wes in hot pursuit with smile still plastered on his face.


((Main Corridor, Deck 4, USS Thor))

With an impressive choreography the Marines stormed the next deck and reformed into the running formation. Their sing-song voices again resounding through the halls to the beat of their running footfalls.


Greaves: Sec’rity, Sec’rity, I'm in doubt!


Greaves: Why your belly’s sticking out!


Greaves: Is it beer or is it wine!


Greaves: Or is it the lack of PT time!


Greaves: Singing lo right lay-o!


Greaves: Lefty right lay-o!


Greaves: Lo right lay-o!


Greaves: Left in double time!




80+ Voices: OOOORAH!


Once again, the mass of bodies broke off in every direction, some Marines now opening laughing as they ran to move on to the next deck.



((Marine Quarterdeck, Deck 9, USS Thor))

Two hours and 26 kilometers later, the Marine detachment completed their run, having shouted down every major corridor in the ship, and heckled every department aboard. Back at the quarterdeck, the Marines laughed, joked, and were otherwise in high spirits, despite the demanding workout. They had made a friendly jab toward the other departments, and it had brought the detachment closer together themselves. They were finally beginning to come out of the funk of the last several months and come together as a team.  Wes smiled to himself once again before disappearing into his office.



First Lieutenant Wes Greaves
Marine Detachment Commander
USS Thor - NCC 82607

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i just came here to drop this here too due @Wes Greavesmade a hell of a job here, as usual. Now if we lost our skill to turn the ship, i know we have the marines as back up force ;)


Awesome as usual, man!

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