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1stLt Wes Greaves – Take Two


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Greaves:  Dear god! Sir! Photon! They're photon grenades!

I could just put that as the summary of this sim and just with that it could be awesome, but, as usual @Wes Greaves have a increasingly amazing skill for action scenes, a perfect timing on those and the appropriate dose of humour. A GREAT sim as he uses to pamper us.

Good job man :D



1stLt Wes Greaves – Take Two


((Near Bunker Entrance, Akorem Laan, New Bajor))


Teller: Lets get out of here and we'll have a nice long chat.  We can handle this situation like civilized beings.  


Almost as soon as the words were spoken, a thin beam of orange light shot out from the darkness of the bunker.  Wes, standing in the open and with rifle in hand, was hit squarely in the chest by the phaser blast before he could even react.  The energy of the blast dissipated violently on his armor and threw him to the ground.  Even before he hit, Wes was shouting warnings out of sheer instinct and training.


Greaves:  Contact front!


As he hit the hard concrete ground Wes felt an odd sensation of surprise.  Surprise at still being alive.  His neck stung, his back hurt from the impact, and something acrid in the air burned his lungs as he breathed, but otherwise he felt alright.  Rolling quickly onto his stomach Wes snapped his rifle into position and returned fire.  More shots flew out of the dark bunker entrance and Wes did his best to place his return fire at their origin.


Teller:  Get down over here!  Greaves, don't move, we're coming.  Dar, get over here and don't let the Governor out of arms reach. 


It was as if the Commander was far off.  His voice barely reached him through the din of cycling phaser blasts and Wes's concentration on return fire.  He dare not stand up and move to cover as he'd make a big slow target in the open for the enemy gunners.  No, his only real option was to stay put and pour fire into the opening.


Dar: What the hell is going on here, who are they?


Tidak: I apologize for the inconvenience, but I'll gladly come with you to clear my name if you'll kindly start shooting.


Teller:  That's very gracious of you.  Dar, give me some cover fire on that door.  ::Another phaser bolt hit the planter, finally shattering the far side and causing an eruption of dirt and plant matter to cover them all::  I'll drag him clear and then we beam out, understood?  


Dar: Yes Commander. :: She looked at Tidak. :: Don't move or you won't have to worry about them killing you.


He'd been firing steadily for thirty seconds.  Despite the sensors built into his rifle, he was essentially pointing and shooting into the darkness.  The shielding on the bunker was too thick to provide any useful targets.  Even still, Wes considered himself a good marksman, but the incoming fire wasn't slackening. Either he wasn't as good of a shot as he thought, or there were plenty of shooters in that bunker.


Greaves: Need a little help over here! I'm sorta pinned down if you haven't noticed!


The stinging on his neck was subsiding, and the acrid smell was gone altogether. Suddenly a shot from the bunker impacted just in front of him, and the blast threw chunks of concrete into his face and helmet.  A wet trickle from above his eyebrow told him that the incoming fire was getting more effective, and Wes redoubled his efforts to pin down the entrance.  Expending a flurry of blasts into the open door got the attacker's heads down for at least a second.


Nearly as soon as his shots had fired, Wes heard pounding footsteps behind him, and then unexpectedly, a hard yank on the handle on the back of his armor nearly lifted him off the ground. Nearly.  Raised up a few inches, the force let go, and Wes slammed back into the concrete.  The attackers had turned back to the offense and were pouring fire onto his position now, and Wes steadily depressed his own trigger toward their sources as fast as they appeared.


Greaves: Whoa! Hey, didn't anyone tell you not to draw fire! It really irritates everyone around you!


Three tiny metal canisters sailed over his head and it was as if the moment went into slow motion.  First he wondered where three photon grenades had come from.  Then he wondered who was standing above him while he fired from the prone.  Finally, it occurred to him that someone, likely Dar, was trying to pull him out of the courtyard and threw his grenades.  The voice of Commander Teller shouting next to his ear came as a shock.


Teller:  Were those stun grenades or photon grenades?  


Greaves:  Dear god! Sir! Photon! They're photon grenades!


Teller:  Dar, COVER NOW!


The next thing he knew, Wes had 80 kilos of weight collapse on his head and upper torso, completely blocking his vision and crushing his rifle stock painfully between the concrete and his chest.  He could feel the writhing limbs of their XO as the man scrambled to shield Wes with his own body.


A second later, a deafening boom bellowed out from inside the bunker entrance, followed by smaller secondary explosions and a great shifting of metal, stone, and soil.  The shed was obliterated, and the 'escape' tunnel it had served was rapidly collapsing, filling with displaced earth.  The energy weapon fire had stopped and, as a massive plume of dust began settling around them.


Teller:  You alright, son? ::Geoff noticed him looking at the small crater they'd created::  If anybody asks, I'm blaming that on you.  ::Geoff smirked, and offered the man a hand to get back on his feet::  Ensign Dar, report?  You and the Governor ok? 


With the executive officer no longer crushing him and the enemy fire silenced, Wes took Geoff's offered hand to stand and unbuckled his helmet.  Running a hand through his short hair, he knocked concrete chunks to the ground, and caused a mist of gray dust to puff out.


Greaves: You can blame the mess on me if I can tell Doctor Quen you're the reason I new shoulder reconstruction (smirking).


He turned his attention toward their security officer as she spoke up.


Dar:  In one piece Commander...for the third time today.


The pair of them stepped out of the center of the courtyard and approached the Governor.  Wes rubbed his neck and found the skin tender.  Looking down, he could see the fabric of his armor burned away, revealing the lattice-like crystalline plate underneath, which had probably saved his life. It was charred but intact, which accounted for the burning acrid smell from earlier.  Flecks of molten crystal probably were the cause of his tender skin as well, but he wouldn't be sure until he could look in a mirror.


Teller:  So, Mr. Governor... you were about to tell us all how you were being... held captive, was it?  


Tidak:  Response


Teller:  Oh, is that so?  Well then, what do you two think?  Ensign Dar - do you think your friend Mr Landor would accept that explanation? 


Dar:  I don't think he would, I mean we could always take Tidak to Landor he used to be quite good at interrogation I mean if you are ok with sparring a few digits and maybe teeth?


Teller:  Hmm.  Lt. Greaves - do you think that's a satisfactory excuse for your team's impromptu swimming lesson? 


Greaves: (Glaring at the man) No. Not. At. All.


Tidak:  Response


Dar: You don't get about the people on this planet as much as you could give a damn about Bajor.


Wes glanced at the woman as she paused and shuffled her feet a little.


Dar: You damn well nearly got him killed as well.


Reaching out she grabbed him by the scruff of his coat for a brief moment before letting go.


Teller: Response


Dar: No difference between a politician and Vole...


Wes looked between the two.  He felt Dar's frustration as well, or instead he thought he did.  Who knew what deep-seated resentment a Bajoran might hold for what was essentially a traitor to their own people.  Turning back to Commander Teller, Wes considered their options and settled on one. 


Greaves: Commander, if I may, I would like to continue what I was doing before I was so rudely interrupted by…. (motioning toward his burnt armor) …this.


Tidak: Response


Teller: Response


Greaves: (Smugly).  Aye aye, sir.  (Turning to the Bajoran man)  Governor Tidak, you are hereby under arrest…


Tidak: Response


Greaves: (Continuing without pause)  …For conspiracy to commit murder, for obstruction of justice…  


Tidak: Response


Greaves: (Continuing without pause) …and for the subversion of a Federation member world.


Tidak/Dar/Teller: Response





First Lieutenant Wes Greaves
Marine Detachment Commander
USS Thor - NCC 82607


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