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Counselor R'Ariel - Oh My Little Kitten

Maz Rodan

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I loved this sim by our very own @R'Ariel. We don't often get such an in depth glimpse into the mind of our Caitian/Deltan counselor like this, and I thought this sim was lovely. For a character who often describes herself as 'ugly' and a 'mutant' because of her genetic heritage, she most certainly is not. I love the bloody bones of this character!




(( Unconscious - USS Arrow ))
R'Ariel: NO!
Everything was wrong.  She wasn't fast enough.  Maybe she wasn't smart enough.  Maybe her telepathic or empathic abilities were just not deep enough.  
The pain unleashed on those security officers... she certainly was empathically connected enough to feel that pain.
Slumped against the wall, she felt pain, like a knife to her throat, and it ached on her head.  Almost like she was bleeding.  She reached back and felt the gooey sensations of a gashed-head.  She was bleeding.
oO If I am bleeding... Oo
She looked around the room.  Why was no one moving?  Why was no one talking?  Why was the room so dark and devoid of detail?
Stranger: One bump on the head and you just lay there?  Come on, get up!
R'Ariel blinked in surprise.  In the shadows a hand reached out to her.  She looked up.  At the length of the hand was a smile and very kind eyes.
Stranger: Come now, get up.
She tried to get up, but her whole body ached.  Her head pulsed with pain, like she could feel her heart beating in her wound.  The pain arched through her body.  She felt numb.  Her muscles refused to move.
R'Ariel: I'm very sorry, but the pain...
Stranger: My little kitten, let me help you.
The stranger moved closer, shadows concealing most of her features.  Her voice was soothing, and the air around her seemed to ebb and flow with a gentle that relaxed her soreness.
Stranger: Take my hand.
R'Ariel: I can't seem to move.
The hand reached out and touched her.  The stranger sighed, and took a clear audible deep breath.  She felt her heart beat almost redoubled within her chest and with each beat the pain began to subside.
Stranger: Better now?
R'Ariel: Yes, that is amazing.
R'Ariel reached out to the stranger empathically, searching, but found nothing, nothing at all, but her own feelings, her own doubts, her own insecurities.
R'Ariel: Um, are you real?
The stranger smiled warmly, with a hint of mirth, she responded.
Stranger: Very real.
R'Ariel: Buy why can I not sense you, at all?
The stranger re-offered her hand and helped R'Ariel to her feet.  A hint of laughter was in the stranger's voice.
Stranger: Come now my little kitten, sure you can.
The stranger lead her from the shadows into an undefined light, in this undefined space.
R'Ariel: All I can feel is myself though.
Stranger: Look at me.
The stranger's appearance became clearer as they moved from the shadows together.  She was tall, beautiful, and every facet of her appearance portrayed a happy and cheerful lady, about R'Ariel's age, though perhaps a bit older, and completely bald in all the best ways, a true Deltan by all appearances.
R'Ariel: Your'e a Deltan!
Stranger: True, but so are you.
R'Ariel: Sort of.  Half Deltan, and...
The stranger interrupted, briefly pausing in their walk together.
Stranger: ...and Half Caitian.  So am I.
R'Ariel: Really?  You don't look half Caitian.
Stranger: Neither do you.
The stranger giggled, with a sound that married laughter with music.
R'Ariel: Tell me about it.  I wish I looked like you.
Stranger: Why?
R'Ariel: Why?  Why? Because looking like this, I don't belong.  Look at me.  As a Caitian, I'm hideous.  I am missing way way too much fur and hair.  I look like some cat woman animation.  As a Deltan, its even worse I...
The stranger interrupted again, pausing again in their walk.
Stranger: ...As a Deltan you have way too much fur and hair.  I know.
R'Ariel stumbled briefly, her legs feeling a little wobbly.
Stranger: Careful now, you are still bleeding, I only took the sensation of pain away, the cause and the problem is still there.
She felt the back of her head, indeed she was right.  Her knees started to buckle, and things started to get a little shadowy again, as the kind and bubbly Deltan gently helped her rest back down.
R'Ariel: So that's what my pain-easing abilities are like?
Stranger: Of course, we will talk later.
R'Ariel: Wait, don't go, who are you?
The Deltan stranger laughed and shook her head playfully.
Stranger: Oh my little kitten, I'm your older sister.  We will talk later.
(( Sickbay - Deck Four ))  
R'Ariel's eyes bugged open wide, and the wider her eyes opened, the further away the Deltan became.  Replaced by the familiar scene of the USS Arrow. Her eyes blinked, trying to adjust to the different in light.
R'Ariel: Don't go. ::her voice was weak and full of emotion:: please... don't go.  
She closed her eyes, full of tears.  To the observer in the real world, the tears on her face would be quite visible,  to the cause for them, it might be construed as pain.  Maybe it was.  It was very confusing separating reality at this point.  Her outward condition, flickering only briefly on the conscious side of this world.
TAG - Sickbay
Lieutenant (JG) R'Ariel
USS Arrow


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