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  1. R'Ariel waved at the transport pilot, as she stepped out into one of Starbase 118's many shuttle bays. The trip from Starfleet Academy had been uneventful, but enjoyable. The transport had brought more than a Cadet passenger fresh from the Academy who was (mostly) eager for her Cadet Cruise, but it had also included a young pilot, unsure of himself in his new marriage, and ended with a more confident, self-assured, slightly-counseled Pilot, who had enjoyed his unofficial session with R'Ariel during the trip. "I know you will do great, look at all you have accomplished so far", R'Ariel r
  2. "Hello Here!" Everyone calls me Kat. I am a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. And shocker, I will be playing a diminutive Caitian Deltan hybrid, and chosen position - Counselor (so original). It is great to be here!
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