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JP: LCDR Genkos Adea & (PNPC) LT Cory Stoyer - Mending Bridges - Parts I & II

Jo Marshall

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*ahem*, it's been a long road, getting from there to here...

@Genkos Adea and @Cory Stoyer - Really enjoyed this! The pinnacle of their grievances and great character development. Well done guys!


JP: LCDR Genkos Adea & (PNPC) LT Cory Stoyer - Mending Bridges - Parts I & II

((Stoyer Ranch, foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Earth))

Cory finished packing his bags up and tossed them on the bag.  His bereavement leave was over soon and he was headed back to the Gorkon.  The time away from there and the time to process everything had done wonders for him.  He realized that he was the biggest idiot in the universe.  Putting barriers against his friends and those he considered family.  He knew that he would have to work hard to get those friends and family back.  Looking around to see if he missed anything.  Cory saw MacPurple bound through the hallway toward the kitchen.  Lesu must be back from the back 40.  The beagle had taken a liking to her.  Must be the attention and mainly the treats.   The feeling was mutual.  He already decided to leave the puppy here with her.  Sitting down at the computer, Cory entered his credentials and keyed up the communications.  He would start repairing the bridge today.

Stoyer:  Contact Lieutenant Commander Doctor Genkos Adea onboard the USS Gorkon….

Computer:.......Unable…...Lieutenant Commander Doctor Genkos Adea is not stationed on board the USS Gorkon.

oO What? Oo

He never thought that doc would leave the Gorkon ever…...Cory looked up at the ceiling.  He hoped he wasn’t responsible for another person leaving the Gorkon.

Stoyer:  Computer….locate Lieutenant Commander Doctor Genkos Adea and establish communications.

Computer:  Stand by…..Connecting…..Establishing connection.

The symbol for the USS Resolution appeared on the screen.  Cory smiled, his stomach was doing backflips.  He treated Doc like garbage even when Cory was in the wrong.  He had a lot to make up for.  Then Doc Adea’s face appeared.

Stoyer:  Hello Doc.

Genkos sat on his bed cross-legged, his mind meditating whilst his eyes drifted, unfocused, around the room. The sudden beeping from his communication screen brought him back to space with a jolt, and he blinked rapidly. Seeing it was a call from Earth, he answered, swiftly pulling a white and turquoise striped gown over his bare body. He was just tying up the rope and sitting down as Cory Stoyer’s face came on screen. The briefest flicker of confusion ran across his own visage; the last time they’d spoken, Cory had been less than cordial. He spoke with as much enthusiasm as he could muster, although it was tempered by caution.

Adea: Cory! ::he brushed his grey forelock out of his eyes:: What can I do for you?

Stoyer: I..I...I see that you transferred to the Resolution. How are you doing?

Adea: I’m well, thank you. Settling in nicely.

Stoyer: I am glad.  Ahhhhh…..the reason I called is….::a sigh::....I wanted to apologize to you.

Adea: Apologise? ::he smiled softly:: Cory, that’s really not necessary. 

Cory returned the smile, his stomach still in knots.

Stoyer: No, I have to. I blamed you for everything that happened when it was all my fault. You did what you were supposed to do, something I would have done in your situation.  

Genkos ran a tongue around his top teeth as he listened to Cory; it seemed that this was something Cory needed to say, even if Genkos didn’t feel he needed to hear it. Before Cory had undermined his authority on Væron, Genkos had counted him as one of his closest friends aboard the Gorkon. After that little misstep, Cory had gotten himself demoted, and blamed Genkos for that. Genkos had been confused at the time, but with hindsight understood that Cory had an external locus of control in the immediate aftermath of an event - nothing was ever his fault. However, it seemed that Cory had grown in the past few months and seen his actions in a new light. Hindsight was twenty-twenty, he’d heard a human say once. Genkos assumed that was a reference to the year, which he’d heard had been a catalogue of catastrophes on Earth.

Stoyer:  I have had time to think and process everything.  I ruined too many great friendships, ours included.  

Adea: Our friendship isn’t ruined, Cory. It was merely… put on hold.

Cory paused for a bit.  The speech he had in his head was not coming out properly.  He had rehearsed this over and over, but he was stumbling.

Stoyer:  I understand if you will not forgive me.  I really do.  But I did not want things to continue without saying, how sorry I was on how I treated you.

Adea: Cory. What you did was unacceptable; you questioned my authority in front of lower ranked officers, and made me feel very uncomfortable in my leadership role. However, it was a very stressful situation and I understand why you felt what you did was necessary. I will admit that I felt anger at you both at the time and after, and therefore this apology is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Cory hung his head in shame at those words.  He described the incident in detail.  But as Genkos accepted Cory’s apology, he looked up at his friend.  

Stoyer: Thank you.  I don’t deserve it, but thank you. So… 

Now the hard part; repairing their friendship.  After all of the anger and silence, what to talk about and catch up on.

Stoyer:  So…...OK, I will talk about the elephant in the room.  Why are you not on the Gorkon?

Genkos furrowed his brow; "elephant in the room" was one of those dreadful human expressions that he understood, but didn't like. His face softened as he thought about the Gorkon and the friends he'd made there, including Cory. 

Adea: Ah, now that is a question. ::he steepled his fingers and leaned back in his chair:: Well, to be completely honest with you Cory, I hadn't been happy on the Gorkon for a long time. Going back to the Skarbek universe turned me into a drunken monster and that dependency carried on when I returned. Then Ghant's betrayal and the fallout from that, coupled with everything that happened on Væron, well…

He shrugged and let out a sigh at the same time, his whole physical presence seeming to deflate. He brushed the silver lock of hair out of his eyes.

That was a surprise to Cory, Doc always seemed happy onboard.  Yes, the Skarbek mission messed a lot of people up onboard.  Him included.  Now, Ghant’s betrayal?  That was something he never heard about.  But that was a story for another time.

Stoyer: Yeah, the Skarbek missions were a mess, believe me I know.  Does the silver in the hair a gift from the Gorkon?

Adea: This? This was the final straw. Looking in the mirror I saw someone much older than I and I knew I had to get out. I love the crew very dearly, I speak to them most weeks, but I'm afraid of that ship. 

Stoyer: Afraid of the Gorkon?  Doc, that boat saved our lives more than once.  How, could you be afraid of it?

Adea: I don't know Cory, I wish I did. There were simply too many bad memories on that ship and I was running to keep up. But still, I kept my dual role as CMO and Second Officer aboard the Resolution, and it's a much smaller ship. ::he grinned cheekily:: You wouldn't like it my friend - the whole thing would probably fit in the Gorkon's hangar bay.

Cory smiled at the joke.  The Gorkon was the second Sovereign class he served on.  

Stoyer:  Well….maybe.  I did serve on the Victory and she was small.  I know the Gorkon can be a train wreck, believe me I know.  The Skarbek missions were a mess for those involved.  It ruined my life and started me on the path I am on now.  Maybe a fresh start onboard a different boat would be best, but I can’t leave things the way I left them.  I have to go and mend fences.  

Genkos frowned; he remembered the saga of the Cory-Petra-Ayiana triangle, but he had thought that was behind them all. Cory seemed to have moved on, so had Ayiana and Petra had, well, literally moved on to a different ship.

Adea: ::raising a pale, slender finger to create a pause:: How many fences did you tear down?

Stoyer:  Jo and I were at each other's throats, I ghosted off the ship without talking to anyone.  I am sure Ayiana will kill me when I get back.  Once again I made a mess of things.  Plus, I have a “half pip” to earn back.  Mainly I have the skipper’s trust to earn back.  

He looked Doc in the eyes when he said the last part, and Genkos' ebony orbs stared right back. He twirled his grey curl round one finger. 

Adea: Well, when you put it like that… It's good of you to go back. The galaxy's a big place and you could have transferred anywhere you like so going back to the Gorkon is brave. Confronting your past mistakes and missteps.

Stoyer: Thanks Doc.  I am glad to be heading back. 

Adea: I think the fact that Quinn has accepted your request to come back shows that on some level she trusts you to be onboard. She's not one to hold a grudge.

Stoyer: I know.  I am ready to face whatever happens.

Adea: Incidentally when you see her, do give her my love. Well, the whole ship really; Quinn, Jo, Erin, the whole gang. That's what I miss; the people.

Stoyer: I will.  That is what I missed while I have been home.  The people.  That is what makes a boat a home.

Genkos’ eyes creased into a smile and a sad tear trickled briefly down his face. He quickly brushed it away and turned it into a hair pat. He had belonged on the Gorkon but now he felt that he belonged to the Resolution. The smaller ship had swiftly become home and he had realised he was definitely a ‘fleeter at heart, and it was glorious to be enjoying it again. He remained silent however as Cory seemed to want something else.

Stoyer:  Doc, I want to say, you are a hell of an officer.  I was happy to serve with you and under you.  

Cory’s mind flashed to Nassau and Doc shouting “Stun her!!” to Kyrrha and him.  That brought a smile to his face for more than one reason.  

Adea: And the same goes for you my friend. Cory, if you ever need an ear or a friend, I am always here. ::a chirrup signalled he was being contacted on his ship:: But, I must go. In good faith, Cory. ::he winked at Cory as he ended the transmission. The screen went blank, and he spoke quietly as he faced himself in the black mirror.:: In good faith…

Stoyer:  Take care Doc.  


Lieutenant Commander Genkos Adea MD
Second Officer & Chief Medical Officer
USS Resolution


(PNPC) Lieutenant Cory Stoyer
USS Gorkon

simmed by

Lieutenant JG Ian Kerensky
USS Gorkon


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