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Nurse Orsi Laan - The Path


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The Walsh saga keeps going on, after a couple of hopeless and devastating sims (which I strongly recommend you to read in Thor's group because of the wonderful @Geoffrey Teller and @Wes Greavesknow-how about writing drama) it seems that there is some light at the end of the tunnel.
Here Teller displays an excellent prose, and a wonderful new point of view of this micro-history within the mission intermingling a select handful of cultural and spiritual references of our beloved Bajorans, creating again a deep, dramatic and highly recommendable scene to read, introducing us fully into the world of Star Trek.  Another Good Job Guarantee for sure  @Geoffrey Teller  ;)

((Surgical Recovery Ward, 0330 hours, DS9))
The massive influx of patients from the Thor had finally ebbed and most of the recovery ward has become mercifully empty as officers and crew were discharged to quarters or transferred to other facilities, with one exception.
Orsi: Jia'kaja, tre'nu'tol'a rem... La'por i'lanu kos... I'nar tan'a'tali nor...Elizabeth Walsh...
Standing a lone vigil at the foot of the biobed, Nurse Orsi Laan stood with her arms raised and repeated the litany with a passion only known to the deeply faithful.  With each graceful repetition, she begged the favor of the Prophets on behalf of the woman on the biobed.  This child, hardly a third Orsi's age, had already survived more than anyone thought possible.  Over nine hours of emergency surgery. Her heart had stopped twice.  But something about her simply refused to let go.  
Orsi: Jia'kaja, tre'nu'tol'a rem... La'por i'lanu kos... I'nar tan'a'tali nor...Elizabeth Walsh...
It had been hours since the last surgery and the damage to Liz's body had finally been mended, but the blow to her system had been enormous.  No one on the medical staff would say it outright, but none believed the young woman, or her child, would survive.  With one exception.  
Orsi: Jia'kaja, tre'nu'tol'a rem... La'por i'lanu kos... I'nar tan'a'tali nor...Elizabeth Walsh...
When Orsi was a young woman not even Liz's age, she had taken a terrible fall on her family's farm and hit her head on a stone.  Their limited resources meant the local doctor was little more than a occasionally sober herbalist who dispensed the same remedies for pox as he did for fevers, headaches and foot cramps.  When he had done all he could do, her mother stayed by her side, repeating her prayer.  
It had been nearly three days before her eyes reopened, and in that moment Orsi had felt the touch of the Prophets.  She gave herself over to the path they laid out and over seven decades, they had guided her deftly. As they had guided her to this poor, wounded girl.  
Orsi: Jia'kaja, tre'nu'tol'a rem... La'por i'lanu...
Her litany was interrupted by an unexpected summons to the comm.  
Del:  =/\= Ops to Nurse Orsi =/\=
Taking a deep breath, Orsi lowered her arms and stepped back, not taking her eyes off the small resting figure.  Stepping behind a nearby monitoring console, Orsi tapped her comm badge and replied quietly.  
Orsi:  =/\= Infirmary here, this is Nurse Orsi =/\=
The slightly befuddled voice of a junior operations officer working the night shift came over the line.  To Orsi's ear, the young mans voice barely sounded out of its teens.  
Del:  =/\= Crewman Del here, ma'am, I'm sorry to bother you so late but I've got a strange data conflict up here.  =/\= 
Orsi smiled warmly at the uncertain tone in his voice.  
Orsi:  =/\= Well that's dreadful, Crewman Del, but I fail to see how I can help.  I'm a bit useless with computers.  =/\= 
Del: =/\= Oh, no, sorry ma'am, it's just...uh.  Do you have a patient named Walsh? =/\= 
Her brows knitted together in mild confusion.  
Orsi: =/\= Yes I do, Crewman.  Elizabeth Walsh.  Specialist First Class.  =/\= 
Del:  =/\= Uh, are you sure, ma'am? =/\= 
She let out a gentle laugh.  Orsi's gaze was still fixed on the figure on the bed.  
Orsi: =/\= Yes Crewman, I'm looking right at her.  What's this all about?  =/\=
Del: =/\= Well, that's the thing ma'am.  I was assigned to reconcile the casualty lists from all the ships and facilities that got patients from the Thor today, but I hit a snag.  I have Walsh, Elizabeth, Specialist First Class listed as confirmed deceased.  There's a witness recorded and everything. =/\=
Orsi huffed a bit at an entire universe that seemed determined to hurl this poor girl into the Celestial Temple alive or dead.  
Orsi:  =/\= It must be some sort of error in the manifest - it's certainly been chaotic enough today for it.  Where did you receive the report from?  Starfleet? =/\=
Del:  =/\= Yes ma'am, from a vessel called the USS Indefatigable, huh...that's weird....=/\=
The young man trailed off and Orsi could only hear the sounds of a computer being hastily interrogated through the comm.  After a few moments she cleared her voice with some vigor. 
Del:  =/\= Oh, sorry ma'am, it's just that the witness on file is also named Walsh.  Crewman Second Class James Walsh.  The file lists him as her husband.  =/\=
Within the hermetically sealed and climate controlled environment of a space station, Orsi Laan felt a warm breeze caressing her shoulders.  The Prophets were with them.  
Orsi:  =/\= He's alive?!  Crewman James Walsh? =/\=
Surprised by the urgency in her voice, Del checked the file to be certain before responding.  
Del: =/\= Yes ma'am, it says here he's expected to make a full recovery. =/\=
Orsi gasped.  Her faith in the Prophets had been affirmed once again, as she always knew it would be.  
Orsi:  =/\= You have to tell them - he has to get here as soon as possible! Quickly, child, quickly! =/\=
The confused young man promised to contact the ship at once as Orsi glided back to the foot of the biobed, her smile vibrant.  
Orsi:  Hold on, my child, hold on.  James is coming.  All is as the Prophets will it, and they seem to have a special fondness for you.  Hold on.  
Her arms raised once again Nurse Orsi resumed her litany with renewed fervor.  
Orsi: Jia'kaja, tre'nu'tol'a rem... La'por i'lanu kos... I'nar tan'a'tali nor...Elizabeth Walsh...
On the biobed, softer than a whisper, a single word formed on Elizabeth Walsh's lips.
Walsh: ....James.
[To Be Concluded!]
Nurse Orsi Laan


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