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Lieutenant Commander Ben Garcia - Calling home

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((OOC:  I think this small, personal scene has a tremendous amount of warmth and heart.  The characters are wonderfully familiar and the whole tone of the thing is pitch perfect to me.  Great job, @Ben Garcia))


(( Ben calls home from his quarters 05-1202, U.S.S. Thor. ))

Samantha: Where are you? The room looks smaller? Ben?

Garcia: Hi mama.

Samantha: (Shouting over her shoulder.) Thom! Thoooaaaaaom!

Thomas: (Muffled in the background.) Always the rush! (Shouting.) Coming!

Samantha: I read the email Ben – is there two ships now? Both named Thor?

Garcia: I’m on the Thor now. The crew got reposted from the Embassy to the Menthar Corridor – we took the Thor with us. The posting is ship bound now, ma.

Thom cut across the frame, blocking the screen with his hip.

Thomas: I’m here, I’m here.

Samantha: (To Thom.) He’s on the ship, it’s moved. They’ve left the planet behind. Oh the beach Thomas … we’ll have to plan something else now.

Ben craned in towards the screen.

Garcia: Hi?

Samantha pulled her husband onto the settee. The surprise of the weight nudged Samantha’s pillows making her head wobble.

Thomas: Alright Ben, I’m here.

Samantha: (To Thom.) He’s in a corridor, that’s why the room is small. (To Ben.) Right Ben?

Garcia: No, we got re-assigned to the Thor permanently and we travelled to the Menthar Corridor.

Thomas: Which is …?

Garcia: A region of space between the Cardassian Union, Breen Confederacy and Tholian Assembly –

Samantha: (To Thom.) Is he at war – is our Ben at war?! (To Ben.) Is this war Ben?

Garcia: No, nothing like that ma.

Thomas: (Shaking his head.) Let him speak Samantha.

Anger and worry crimped across Samantha’s face.

Samantha: I knew this would happen. I said – I don’t want Ben in a war.

Garcia: The Thor is an exploration vessel. There’s no more trouble here than where you are ma – don’t worry. (Ben laughed.) It’s busier and there’s a lot going on – but it’s just folks going about their business.

Samantha clasped her hands on her knees. She was less agitated now, but the worry of combat had unsettled her. She shuffled to the edge of the couch and then stood up.

Samantha: I need a drink. (Nodding to Thom to keep the conversation going.)

Thomas: So, how has the reassignment gone? Settled in?

Garcia: It’s a gear change from being planet side. (Beat.) For all my uncertainties about being stationed on a planet right out of the Academy … I sort of miss it.

Thomas: Understandable, son.

Garcia: We’ve got the hollo-deck. But. Before, I had the gardens, the beach, the forest (Ben’s eyes widened.) continents.

Thomas: We’ll it makes sense, it’s a planet Ben.

Ben huffed in amused exasperation.

Garcia: Paps.

Thomas: So, you’re not settled?

Ben shook his head and touched the back of his neck.

Garcia: It’s not that. I wanted a ship, I got a planet. (Ben shrugged.) Now I’ve got the ship

Thomas finished the sentence in unison with Ben.

Thomas: -- you want the planet.

Garcia: I want the planet.

The pair laughed. There was a warmness.

Thomas: It’s just change, Ben. It’ll settle.

Garcia: I know. Cheers pa.

Samantha’s voice could be heard from off in the background. As she got nearer, the hmmm and duuumm of her tune came into focus.

Garcia: (Loudly, with a wink to his dad.) There was some news, pa.

Samantha: (Calling from the back of the room) News? Ben –what news? Hold on –

Thomas shook his head and wagged a finger in feigned rebuke at Ben. Now Thomas’ head wobbled as Samantha surprised the couch with her weight.

Samantha: (With arched eyebrows.) News? Come on! Let’s hear.

Ben ran his finger along his collar, stopping at the new half pip.

Samantha: (Her eyes widening.) Promotion?!

Thomas cusped his ear as Samantha screamed.

Thomas: Well done Lieutenant ...

There was a pause and Ben filled in the blank.

Garcia: … Commander pap.

Samantha: (Punctuating the sentence with her hands.) Lieutenant Commander Ben Garcia.

Samantha clasped her hands together and kissed Thomas on the cheek. Thomas gave her a squeeze back.

Samantha: We need to organise a celebration! Let me pull the diary up.

Ben sat back in his chair. Thomas smiled.



Lieutenant Commander Ben Garcia
Second Officer/HCO

USS Thor NCC-82607
Author ID number: G239102MR0

SB118 News Team

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