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Poll of the Week: Pick Your First Officer!

Randal Shayne

Poll of the Week: Pick Your First Officer!   

29 members have voted

  1. 1. Which First Officer would you chose to serve as your second in command?

    • Spock
    • Will Riker
    • Kira Nerys
    • Chakotay
    • T'Pol
    • Someone else? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Congratulations! Starfleet Command has seen fit to request and require you to take command of the illustrious USS Insert-Overly-Used-Starship-Name-Here. This is a proud moment for us all, but the challenges are just beginning. Your first command decision must be the selection of a crew from scratch, and what crew selection could begin without bringing on an executive officer?
You have a variety to choose from; each is willing to serve under you. Spock, a half Vulcan, is renowned for his effective performance and coldly logical approach. Will Riker maintains that devotion to duty, but appreciates much more informal surroundings. Kira Nerys, a former Bajoran freedom fighter, is known for her quick temper and tough-as-nails constitution. Chakotay, though having resigned previously from Starfleet to fight with the Maquis, is a kind soul wrapped in a stern countenance. T’Pol, a Vulcan woman, has begun to explore her emotions, and attempts to integrate them into her otherwise uninhibited reasoning.
This week’s poll asks you to name your choice. It should be a decision that reflects your personal idea of what a first officer should be, and how you’d want yours to behave and look at situations. Give us your vote, and let us know your reasoning in the comments section!


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I absolutely loved Rebecca Romijn as Number One/Una in the second season of Discovery!

Marked my answer as a spoiler, just in case it could be considered one for someone who hasn't watch Star Trek Discovery yet :)

Edited by Caitríona Cayne
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I was absolutely in love with T'Pol when Enterprise was on...I think in many ways, I still am...so anyway, easy choice for me. 😅

Putting infatuation aside, next in line would be Spock, then Riker, closely followed by Saru.

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12 hours ago, German Galven said:

I'm gonna have to agree with @Caitríona Cayne on this one. Her don't give a flip attitude towards the end of the show was amazing! 😂

Praying for a spin off! Just to have more of her 🙌🏻

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I have an idea for a future poll:

You have an opportunity to take part in an officer exchange program. Where would you like to serve?

1. Klingons
2. Vulcans
3. Tamarian
4. Jem'Hadar
5. Bolians

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