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  1. So what you're telling me is... you dont have faith... oF THE HEAAART!! ::air guitar::
  2. Faith of the Heart. The only one I can really jam out to.
  3. The view screen snapped into focus on an impossible sight and a voice from Lorian’s past speaks to him and him alone… He looked in awe as, in front of his very eyes, his cat was sitting on the bridge of another vessel. In the captain’s chair no less! The aptly named Captain Patches had gone missing a year ago, presumably to join the cat uprising. Lorian spoke up, a hint of confusion in his voice. “Captain Patches? This is Captain Lorian Lovar of the USS Doolittle. I-” he was cut off by a loud meowing from his former cat. The universal translator took a few seconds, but was able to
  4. It was alright, in the words of Data, nothing to write home about.
  5. Lorian is sporting a science officer blue suit jacket along with a white shirt and grey pants.
  6. Riker because of that sweet sweet beard. No other reason. I would not pick season one Riker for he does not have the beard.
  7. I chose counseling because Lorian can barely handle his own problems, let alone others.
  8. Greetings, My character name is Lorian Lovar, a Vulcan science officer who strangely has a sense of humour. He sees humour as a logical step towards better relations with his crewmates. He is 28 and experienced in public relations as well as the ways of science. I hope to be seeing you all soon LLAP, Lorian
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