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[sb118-veritas] Ensign Geoffrey Teller - Eye Opening Power

Ryan King

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An excellent post by Ensign @Geoffrey Teller on board Veritas. Coffee aficionados of the world, unite! 

((OOC:  During shoreleave, a few days after the awards ceremony))

::Between the full repair schedule and the personal project Teller had been working on, he hadn't had much time for sleep in the last few days.  Exhausted and wiping his hands on his crumpled uniform pants, Teller took a moment to look around the converted conference room that had so occupied his waking hours with a smile.  The place didn't look like much yet, but the parts he'd been able to scrounge or build had come together nicely and the crew had been enthusiastic to help.  A few empty transport crates stacked two high and three across serving as the bar at the rear of the room, with folding chairs and transport crates covered in spare emergency blankets serving as seating around the room.  A large, stylized rendition of the Vertias itself was stenciled on the bulkhead covering the rear wall and, Teller hoped, caught the eye as you walked in.  It would distract from the otherwise utilitarian setting, at least until they made their way to the serving station.  Teller inspected the converted atmospheric pressure monitoring gear anxiously, making sure the unusual array of tubing and cables still didn't show any signs of leakage or trouble.  Content that things were as ready as they could be, Teller headed behind the bar into the small hydroponics bay he'd created out of a disused storage closet.  Teller smiled at the small bushes which had already born their first seeds, the very same ones that were rattling through a combination tumbler/roaster he had assembled out of a geological mineral analysier that had been slated to get reclaimed for replication mass.  The room smelled of nutrient fluid and the bright lights were well balanced for the needs of growing plants, but Teller could already see he'd need to expand this part of the shop soon or they'd be opening a new arboretum on this deck.  The beds themselves were amazing technology and had cut the growing time of the trees to a tiny fraction of what they'd need in soil on a planet, he just hoped it wouldn't affect the flavor badly.  As he inspected the readouts on the hydroponic beds the tumbler/roaster chirped successfully and ejected a vacuum sealed canister out one side.  Teller looked at it apprehensively.  Either this canister would contain the thing he'd been desperate for since he came aboard or it was another failed experiment and he'd have to try again with a completely new batch.  Opening the seal gingerly, Teller took a tentative whiff of the freshly roasted beans, judging their color and casing with a practiced eye.  Eyes widening in surprise as the heady aroma of the caffeol, Teller smiled widely.::

oO Oh these will do just fine.  These smell better than anything the replicator can spit out on its best day.Oo

::Teller took the beans back to the bar in the main room and poured a portion into the grinder he'd assembled.  One part modified ore sample processor thanks to a colonist on Havelys Hope, one part molecular analyser lifted from the remains of a tricorder, the grinder automatically calibrated itself to produce a grind perfectly tailored to the bean, not too fine or coarse, or so Teller hoped.  He had started this project with nothing much more than the dream of a decent cup of coffee on his mind but, like most projects, this one had sprawled and took on a life of its own as soon as he started building.  Tapping the controls on the side, the grinder whirred to life and began crumbling the beans down into a fine powder.  While he waited, Teller resealed the precious beans into their storage container and tapped a few buttons on his makeshift pressurized water pump and brought the temp to 91c and the pressure to 58kg.::

oO I'm going to need to train a team of monkeys to run all this for me, or I'm going to need to get to my shift an hour early.  I wonder if anybody on this ship knows how to run a bar. Maybe once these poor people have a real cup of coffee, they'll start lining up to do it.  Yeah, right.Oo

::The grinder completed its work and dispensed a perfectly formed puck into the waiting filter basket with a chime, smoothly tamping down the edges into what used to be a biological sample collector, now re-purposed.  Lifting it away from the grinder and connecting it to the pump, Teller was pleased to see his machining skills hadn't degraded in his time at the academy.  The flush connection between the pieces looked perfect and Teller could see no liquid or steam leaking from the seams.  Teller went to draw the first shot but then realized he had forgotten something critical.::

oO I didn't make any mugs!  Replicator has made me lazy, it always provides the cup and the drink at the same time.  Hmm... Oo

::Teller walked to the replicator embedded in the wall and considered his options briefly.  The catalog had a wide variety of cups and containers he could choose from already on file and with time, he could design and fabricate his own design from scratch.  Looking around the room again with a smile, his sights set on the stylized Veritas behind the bar.::

Teller:  Computer, load image file 'Teller theta six one.'  Resize and apply it to mug design sixteen, variant c and produce two dozen, half tumbler sized, half full sized.  Execute. 

::The computer churned on the request for a moment and then materialized a tray of mugs, each bearing the artistic Veritas in silver on the black vaccum flasks.  Teller was pleased, these would keep peoples coffee piping hot all day and wouldn't spill on a duty station due to their sealed lids and adhesive base.  He hoped the Captain wouldn't mind the bit of artistic license.  Lifting the tray, he returned to the bar and stashed the mugs underneath.  Setting the pump for a quadruple shot, he placed a small shot glass under the dispenser and hit the switch with crossed fingers.  Within moments, the rich aroma of dark brewed coffee began to fill the small space and Tellers smile spread further. Checking the pressure gauge, Teller was pleased that the deeply re-purposed gear was performing as hoped and within 20 seconds, the very first real shot of espresso ever brewed aboard this ship was ready for him::

oO Looks good...got three bands of color from light to dark, a nice crema on the top...nice even blend.  Only one thing left to do. Oo

::Teller inhaled the aroma of the shot with a happy sigh, brought it too his lips and took a hesitant sip which quickly turned into a desperate gulp.::

oO Perfection.  Absolute heaven in a cup.  I haven't had a cup this good since I left the yards.  Old Jan would be proud. Oo

::Energized by his success, Teller began drawing additional shots into the newly printed mugs.  Teller briefly considered making a cappuccino or a cortado, or even a 'Vulcan Hello,' but stopped himself. He had traded for some 'milk' from the colonists as well but he didn't think he was up to that much experimentation just yet, especially when the coffee itself had come out so perfectly.::

oO Alright, I need to make good on my promise now that I'm relatively sure this won't kill anybody. Oo

::Senses buzzing with the infusion of caffeine, Teller finished making drinks and shut down the apparatus.  Putting the pump and grinder into a cleaning cycle so they'd be ready for the next customer, Teller looked around his little contribution to ships morale with a deep sense of satisfaction.  Teller decided now was as good a time as any.::

Teller:  Computer, where's the Captain?

Computer:  The Captain is in her quarters.

Teller:  =/\= Teller to Captain Rahman =/\=

Rahman:  =/\= Response =/\=

Teller:  =/\= Sorry to disturb you Captain.  Wanted you to be the first to know I've completed the project we discussed at the party and I've got some very promising results I'd like to share.  =/\=

Rahman:  =/\= Response =/\=

Teller:  =/\= Understood Captain, I'll be right there. Teller out.  =/\=

::Teller grabbed two of the sealed mug and the vacuum sealed container of beans, then headed out of the converted conference room.::

oO I really need to think of a name for this place.  Maybe...Veritas Brewing?  Nah.  Core Breach Coffee?  Nah.  Warp Plasma Roasters?  Damn, this was going to be harder than building the place. Oo

::Teller headed to the turbolift at the end of the hall, whistling off key to himself, an extra bounce in his step.::

((A few minutes later, Outside Captain Rahman's Quarters))

oO Hope she likes strong coffee.  This stuff could take the paint of a hullplate but damn if it isn't tasty. Oo

::Teller depressed the call button on the Captains door and was asked inside.  The Captain was at her desk working, a cup of replicated coffee cooling at her side.  She stopped working on her console long enough to look up at the diminutive Ensign and the items he was cradling.  Teller snapped to attention as if in a parade line.::

Teller:  Captain, thanks for letting me run with this.  I hope you're as happy with the result as I am.  

::Teller placed one of the vacuum sealed tumblers on the Captains desk reverently and took a respectful step back.::

Teller:  What do you think, Captain?  Good enough for the Veritas?

Rahman:  Response

Tags & TBC

Ensign Geoffrey Teller
USS Veritas - NCC 95035
Capt. R. Rahman, Commanding


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