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Luna Walker: "Bent, Not Broken.. Well Not Anymore"

Rune Jolara

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::As the two women walked off the bridge, the captain called out to the engineer.::

Rahman: Commander Walker, you have the con.

:: Time froze with the Captain's words. Luna forced herself to blink.. :: 

((Luna's Mindscape/Bridge))

:: Luna paced across the back of the bridge.  Her bright yellow hair somehow writhed with worry above her head. :: 

F. Walker: NO!  We can't do that!  Dad was in charge.. he died.. Ben was.. and now he's as good as dead.  What if something goes wrong?  We tried this before.. and we ran from the Atlantis.. and look what happened to Capt. Blueheart.  He's now just a doctor.. They are all going to see we don't know.. 

:: The terrified rant was broken by the sudden impact of a large water balloon, followed immediately by a maniacal laugh.  Sitting at the tactical station, a rainbow colored Luna shook her head and slowed her laughter to a chuckle:: 

T. Walker: Are you crazy?  This is going to be a blast!  Everyone will be dancing to our tune.  :: Chuckling:: And at worst?  We blame something else for anything that goes wrong.  Stop planning for the worst and look to what we can do.. 

F. Walker: Oh sure.. great chances for the trickster.  But who has to deal with the fallout from your "brilliant" plans?  Me.  Maybe we can just avoid the damage for once? 

T. Walker: Heh.  Hey, didn't you used to be taller?  You look like someone's not been feeding you so much lately.  Besides, aren't you going to panic if we don't take charge too?  

:: A quiet clearing of the throat came from across the bridge.  At the science station, an aqua hair colored Luna stood quietly at attention. :: 

L. Walker: While I disagree with Trickster's methods, logically and historically her assessment is correct.  Fear of both action and inaction is within your bailiwick.  Further, we have no control of the results if we are not engaged.  Therefore, logically, our only reasonable action will be to acquiesce to the Captain's order. 

:: The rainbow haired Luna pumped a fist in the air in excitement. :: 

T. Walker: Way to go Logic!  :: Turning to the yellow haired Luna :: In your FACE fear..  

:: Pulling her hair out of a dismantled console, face smudged with dirt, pink hair similarly smeared, Luna spoke from the engineering console. :: 

E. Walker: Someone make a decision here ok?  The ship can't take this for much longer.  A decision must be made.  Then I can finally get back to work.  Counselor? 

:: All of the other Walker's turned to face the blonde haired child with the similarly sized dark haired doll.  She started to say something before stopping and putting her ear to the doll's mouth.  After a moment, she nodded with childlike wisdom:: 

C. Walker: Danni says we can do it.  She thinks we're a lot stronger than Fear says we are.  She also thinks that Trickster is right.  But she's being very naughty suggesting we transport water balloons on all of the senior staff.  :: She turned toward the doll and shook her head:: No Danni!  Including the entire ship is not an improvement.   :: She turned to the others and smiled sunnily:: Listen, we can do this.  All we gotta do is keep things running for thirty minutes..

F. Walker: You shut up!  You don't know what we could do... :: Her hand swung out, preparing to slap the child as she'd done many times in the past. Only to find a strong hand stopping her. ::  You?  You can't do that.. 

:: Luna, in her normal uniform and style, threw her arm back and stood between them.  Her face was calm, through obviously upset. :: 

Luna Walker: No. You may beat us all up for things we do wrong... And maybe we need that.  But you will not touch her again.  You know she's our heart, the best part of why we do things.  :: She took a breath before turning to face the others. :: Fear is right about part of this.. we screw up.. people may suffer.  People may question us.  

:: She reached out to the yellow haired woman without looking and pulled her in, unable to stop from shuddering slightly as she did so. Her eyes were a bit wild, but she forced herself to continue:: 

Luna Walker: :: She inclined her head slightly to the blue haired variant and walked over toward her. ::  Logic has the right of it for the response. If we are involved, Fear's concerns are lessened.  :: This time when pulling the other woman into her, her posture straightened and her eyes took on a more controlled look. :: 

:: She turned to face both the Trickster and Engineer:: 

Luna Walker:  If we are doing this, we need to know what can go wrong, and a plan to deal with it.  You two handle the details. 

T. Walker: Team supreme!  Let's do this.. with Style!

E. Walker: :: Chuckling slightly:: Oh why not.. physical laws are more of a guideline anyway...  

:: As the two high fived, she pulled them into herself with a smile before turning to the remaining Walker: 

C. Walker: :: Leaning in toward the doll, before turning to face Luna:: Danni says she's very proud of you, you know?  

:: Luna fought the tear that threatened to leak out, but nodded mutely.  Her childlike avatar reached out and patted her hand:: 

C. Walker: You can do this you know.  Everyone out there?  They wouldn't do this just to prove you wrong.  Besides.. Raissa's there.  She's cool and will watch your back.  :: She [...]ed her head to the side. :: Hey, Fear's haircut.. writhing hair and stuff.. how do you think she avoids tangles? 

:: Luna snorted in laughter and hugged her close, feeling warmed as she pulled herself together again. :: 


Walker: Of course Captain.  I have the conn. 

::As the captain and first officer disappeared, Raissa looked at Luna and smiled. She then pointed at the center seat.::

Moonsong: I promise… it will not bite.

:: She smiled tightly at Raissa.  Hopefully she'd not picked up on her initial response to the order. :: 

Walker: That's what they say. 

:: She knew the list she'd come up with and started giving orders.. she'd make mistakes, but she'd make them her way.. and find a way to make them work out for the best. :: 


Lieutenant Commander Luna Walker
Chief Engineer, USS Veritas

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