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LtJG Rosek - Catching Up With Friends and Family, Part III

Tonya Lang

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((Rosek's Quarters, USS Gorkon))

::This was the conversation Lael had least been looking forward to. So much so that she'd put it off until the last possible minute. With the majority of the holidays over with, she felt safe that even her mother's worst tantrum couldn't ruin one of her happiest Christmases in recent memory. Yes, she missed her friends and younger brother dearly and wished she could be with them. But Christmas with Jansen--she grinned. It was the happiest she'd been since the divorce. She was head over heels in love and, for once, wasn't fighting it. No doubt her mother would know something was up. She sighed. It was probably just better to endure the Inquisition to come and get it over with.::

L. ROSEK: Computer, open a communique to Adelynn Rosek.

COMPUTER: ::chirps in acknowledgement:: Connecting... ::another chirp:: Call in progress.

::Within moments, her mother's familiar face appeared on the screen. She tried to smile, but she was certain her expression showed her nervousness. She'd never been able to hide anything from her mother. All the more reason she was certain the truth about her new relationship with Jansen would come out today whether she liked it or not.::

L. ROSEK: Hey, Mom.

A. ROSEK: ::arches an eyebrow:: Lael. What a pleasant surprise. I thought for certain you'd forget.

::Lael exhaled heavily, fighting to keep her temper under control. The jab was intentional, of course. It spoke volumes of their relationship. It had always been rocky, but several serious events over the years had deteriorated it further. It was a shame, really. She'd hoped as she got older, things would get better between them.::

L. ROSEK: No, I didn't forget. ::pauses:: How are you?

A. ROSEK: ::snorts:: I just found out recently that my last hope for grandchildren has decided to follow in his sister's footsteps. How do you think I am, Lael?

L. ROSEK ::stiffens:: Mom--

A. ROSEK: ::waves her off:: No. No. I'm sorry. ::exhales heavily:: That wasn't necessary. ::pauses:: I'm fine, dear. How are you doing? I heard from your brother that you broke it off with that Doctor, Jasel--

L. ROSEK: ::sighs:: Janel, Mom. o0Great. What else did big mouth tell her?0o

A. ROSEK: ::waves a hand dismissively:: Janel. Whatever. ::points a finger chastisingly:: I told you he wasn't good enough for you. ::rolls her eyes:: Of course, you're so stubborn. You never listen to me and always end up wishing you had.

L. ROSEK: ::murmurs:: Not always. ::sighs:: What else did he tell you?

A. ROSEK: Nothing else. :: narrows her eyes:: Why? What else is going on?

L. ROSEK: ::sighs::o0Might as well get it over with.0o ::smiles nervously:: I met someone.

​A. ROSEK: ::arches an eyebrow:: Oh? Tell me about this someone.

L. ROSEK: ::exhales shakily:: Well, he's a doctor. But he just recently switched roles to Ship's Counselor.

A. ROSEK: A shrink?

L. ROSEK: ::grimaces:: Not quite. He's...different.

A. ROSEK: Oh? He must be a smooth operator if he has you so enraptured when I know for a fact that you detest counselors.

L. ROSEK:​ ::blushes:: He was a doctor when we first met.

A. ROSEK: Which was when exactly?

L. ROSEK: ::murmurs:: A few months ago, when I first transferred to the Gorkon.

A. ROSEK: You've known about this that long and you're just now telling me?!

L. ROSEK: ::shakes her head:: There was nothing to tell. We were just friends...until recently.

A. ROSEK: You realize I'm going to want to meet him.

L. ROSEK: ::rolls her eyes:: I expected nothing less. But he'll call you when he's ready. Don't go pestering him. At least let me give him the head's up.

A. ROSEK: For you, my darling daughter, I'll wait.

L. ROSEK: ::snorts:: Only because it'll benefit you.

A. ROSEK: ::feigns offense:: Why, Lael. Is that what you'll think of me?

L. ROSEK: ::laughs:: Well, I'm on shift soon. I should get ready.

A. ROSEK: All right, dear. Promise you'll have your Jansen call me.

L. ROSEK: ::arches an eyebrow:: I never told you his name.

A. ROSEK: ::smirks:: Didn't you?

::The screen went blank and Lael stared at the screen, not sure what to think. She rose and began to get ready for her shift.::


LT JG Lael Rosek

HCO Officer

USS Gorkon


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